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  1. Thailand seems to be betting a lot on Chinese tourists coming back but the situation in China is very dire. The gigantic floods are decimating the farmlands and many cities. The last thing on their list of priorities is a holiday in Thailand. Western countries could also face now a long deep economic recession, maybe even depression.
  2. Older Brits and Germans especially seem to be most unhappy. They have this idealized version of their home country in their heads and continuously compare Thailand to that fiction. On the other hand Thais and Asians in general are not the most open people to foreigners and can be quite xenophobic.
  3. It seems in certain immigration offices it is possible to apply for a new ED visa without going abroad. I think this has been only possible until recently for government schools and universities but maybe now more leniency given for private schools...
  4. Just keep on giving us those Amnesties. Until end of this year would be nice. I don't even mind paying a bit of extra as long as it is "legal"
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