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  1. 33 minutes ago, CeeGee said:

    When we submitted a few months ago,we did not print out the application form and it was not asked for.In addition,I think you can print out the barcode separators beforehand yourself to save any messing about when you are in Trendy.(perhaps someone can post the link).


    Can you clarify where you saw this

    "I believe that you can cut out the need for the barcode separators by scanning/submitting the documents on the VFS website before the appointment"

    I printed the barcode separators, god only knows where they go, and I have printed the application form just in case, 10 pages!!

    Will let you know how it goes tommorow.

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  2. Wonder if anyone can help. In the process of applying for a visitor visa for the wife. Filled the application form on online and submitted, appointment for Trendy made. 

    On the UK visa site it says just download the application form for your own reference, no need to print.

    On the Trendy site it says print the application form and bring it with you to the appointment. 

    What is the correct procedure please?

  3. Make sure if you are granted the visa that you take all the paperwork relating to the child with you to the uk. Also it would pay you to have it all in Thai and English.

    We took our niece with us to the UK in march and the I/O at Heathrow wanted all the paperwork related to her application, even though it stated on her visa that she was to be accompanied by  my wife and myself.

    Good Luck with your application





  4. The thing with this is that the mother will not be present at immigration, these are the people you need to convince. How did you get on when you got your daughter her visa? Was there any mention of her just travelling with you?

    The other problem you may have is when you get to immigration at your destination, they may well question you there. When we took our niece without her permmision letter, the Thai immigration officer made a note in her passport that he had spoken to her parents but told us there was no gaurantee that she would be admitted.

    I do hope all goes well for you for all your sakes.

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  5. 20 hours ago, DLang said:

    MFA have confirmed they cannot do it.


    Rang the Amphur in her home district and they have no idea about it. Never heard of it. Never given one.



    Which may be to our advantage. Might be able to print out an example, send copies of everything from all ID's and passports and tickets and birth certs and marriage certs to her family and maybe they can get them to do it. 

    When we got the letter for our niece only the parents went to the amphur. They took with them copies of my passport, my wifes passport, her ID card,the tabien bann and the childs birth certificate. When they issued the letter our names and passport numbers were stated in the letter. The letter was in Thai so we had to have it translated for her visa. When the visa was issued our passport numbers were on it stating that at least one of us must accompany her.

    On exiting Thailand we showed them the letter of consent and when we got to the UK the immigration officer asked for the consent letter but then saw that our passport numbers were on the visa so we did not have to show it.

    So to recap, only the mother needs to go to the amphur and copies of your passport should suffice. 

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  6. I would say yes. My wife does not work and any money in her bank comes from me, so we did not enclose any bank statements for her first application. The application was refused because they did not believe we were in a proper relationship even though we enclosed our translated papers. They were concerned that she had enough money to take care of herself whilst she was in the UK even though we told them I was paying for everything. So we reapplied enclosing her bank statements showing I made regular payments to her a/c and the vida was granted

  7. 23 hours ago, rasg said:

    My reason for asking is that the last time we applied for a visa some documents were not returned to us and this caused us difficulty in getting them replaced and we are reluctant to enclose the house papers and the house book.


    Did you supply copies last time? Maybe they kept the originals because you didn't? Just a thought.


    I just had a look at the Gov website and there is nothing to say that you need to supply originals. You are only the second person I have heard of where paperwork wasn't returned. I had a look at what we supplied for my wife's two visit visas in 2015 and we sent originals and copies of her passport, tabian baan and divorce papers along with the translations. A copy was made of her ID card and she was asked to sign it at VFS after they had taken a look at the original. Copies only of my passport and visa pages.

    I supplied copies and originals, we asked for originals to be returned, one birth cert and our translated marriage papers, certified by the mfa ,were not returned. Look again on the gov website, it states originals and nothing about them being retuned by request. 

    By the way first application was 12 months ago , jan 2016, things have changed since then.

  8. Am in the process of applying for second visitor visa for my wife. Having downloaded the application and checklist it asks for ORIGINAL documents . I know her passport has to be enclosed and we have had the following supporting documents  copied and translated, the Tabbien baan ,

    House ownership papers and our marriage certificate. I have also copied my passports showing our trips together and my status of Thai living.

    Do we have to enclose the original documents or just give sight of them?

    My reason for asking is that the last time we applied for a visa some documents were not returned to us and this caused us difficulty in getting them replaced and we are reluctant to enclose the house papers and the house book.

    Many thanks for any help from someone who has had recent experience






  9. Does anyone know if it is possible to obtain a UK settlement visa for our Thai niece.

    My predicimate is as follows, our Thai niece who is six years old lives with us and we fully support and take care of her. She has visited the UK with us before on a visitors visa  and traveled out of the country with her parents permission. 

    My elderly mother lives in the UK and  needs heart surgery.I am going to the UK to take care of her and would like my wife to accompany me. We think the care required would be long term so I have thought about applying for a settlement visa. The problem is there is nobody to take care of our niece so we want her to come as well. As this could be long term we are concerned about her schooling so we thought if we could get her a settlement visa as well she could go to school in the UK.

    As I am living here on a retirement visa we would go down the savings route instead of employment and I have adequate finances to cover this.

    Do you think it possible for us to obtain a visa for her?

    We visited the adoption centre yesterday to seek information about that but we were told that could take up to two years.

    Any help/advice would be most welcome. Thanks.

  10. My wife obtained a visitors visa for the UK in march this year and we visited the UK and returned to Thailand on 30 April. Her visa expired on 5 September.

    My elderly Mother who lives on her own requires heart surgery and I will return to the Uk to care for her. This is scheduled for October and I would like my wife to accompany me.

    So my question is would she be allowed to apply for another visa or is there a waiting time?

    Many thanks for any help

  11. 58 minutes ago, Foreign Jim said:


    Lost in translation:  My family surname is transliterated incorrectly.  (It's only a couple of syllables) This is not the first time this has happened where someone has incorrectly put the wrong Thai vowel on a document.  These mistakes are so frustrating because now we have to spend more time and money getting my passport translated again, so another government agency can redo my daughter's birth certificate.  There's no consistency in translations here, and while it's easy to point the finger at the translators, some of whom work in offices right in the same building, I also blame the brain-dead, middle aged, pencil pushing morons who are employed to handle an issue like this.  Does calling out minutiae make them feel like they are doing their jobs?  What could possibly be wrong with fudging a little grey area as one <deleted> vowel, a mistake they made?  We were there with all the correct documents. It takes a lot of effort to travel to that place with kids.  I had to take time off of work, spend money for taxi rides,  spend money for another 'proper' translation of my passport, and eventually will have to make another visit.  We will go to a different location, one in a mall that my wife knows about and try to get this done.  I just have no faith in Thais or their system, and getting out of here for a bit will certainly do me good. 

    Ok, I understand what you mean. We went through something similar when we had translation done for our marriage papers. They rejected the submitted papers, said my wifes name was not translated correctly. There are a couple of ways to spell her name and the traslation company asked her to write down the correct version and she did but the mfa rejected it. Had to go through the whole process again.

    I know how frustrated these things make you but it just seems normal to them.

    Maybe a good thing to try another place where there does not seem to be so much "officialdom" with them. 

    Good luck, and try to keep calm.

  12. What exactly went wrong? We went with our nieces mother ( who is far from the sharpest tool in the box) to get her passport and I was amazed at how helpful they were. How did translation come into getting a Thai passport when all the required documents are in Thai? One thing that sticks clearly in my mind is that they asked the mother how her name should be written in English script and she did not have a clue so the passport official wrote it down and told the mother that is how it should be written on all papers that require anything but Thai script.

    Maybe try again at a different office. There is one opened up near us at a Big C superstore.

  13. Fot the passport you will need the childs birth certificate and ID card(if she has one) , the blue book where she is registered and the mothers ID card and blue book. You can get the passport from changwattana, we went to Bang Na, but I think it has moved from there now. Cost 1000 baht and 35 for ems to send the passport to you. It is  a pretty straight forward process and they take the photos so no worries there.Turnaround is a couple of days, but allow a week if you are having it posted to you


    For the permission letter you have to go to your local amphur with your wife, her Id card and the blue book. Take your passport as well because they will name you and use your passport number in the letter. Again it is pretty straightforward, they give you the letter and register it in their book. You will have to get it translated into English.

    You may also need to show the letter to Thai immigration before you leave Thailand with her so keep it handy.

    Hope this helps


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  14. On 25/08/2016 at 8:04 PM, smellyskater said:

    I'm still looking for advice if anyone can share an experience. Or do people avoid traveling with sons and daughters?! 



    This is our recent experience, not with a daughter, but with our niece who lives with us. The father makes no provision for the child. To obtain the passport he had to attend the passport office with the child and her mother. This was a couple of years ago and he did co-operate.

    Earlier this year we wanted to take the niece with us to the uk. We stated and provided evidence that the niece lives with us and we were her sole providers and the mother and father lived apart. We went to the amphur with her mother and obtained a letter stating that she gave permission for the girl to travel with us. In the uk visa guidelines it states that the PARENT/GAURDIAN must give permission( note singular) We then submitted the application and before doing so I asked at Trendy if one parents permission was enough, they said yes, only one parent.

    The application was refused because the eco wanted both parents permmision, although we had stated in the application the father was not  around.

    We then had to try and get him to go to the amphur. Things were not going too well so we said if he would not co-operate he would have to provide for the child whilst we were away. He then went to the amphur and did the same permission letter as the mother . 

    Obviously we had to pay again so I would suggest do all you can to get this permission letter

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