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  1. 33 minutes ago, CeeGee said:

    When we submitted a few months ago,we did not print out the application form and it was not asked for.In addition,I think you can print out the barcode separators beforehand yourself to save any messing about when you are in Trendy.(perhaps someone can post the link).


    Can you clarify where you saw this

    "I believe that you can cut out the need for the barcode separators by scanning/submitting the documents on the VFS website before the appointment"

    I printed the barcode separators, god only knows where they go, and I have printed the application form just in case, 10 pages!!

    Will let you know how it goes tommorow.

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  2. Wonder if anyone can help. In the process of applying for a visitor visa for the wife. Filled the application form on online and submitted, appointment for Trendy made. 

    On the UK visa site it says just download the application form for your own reference, no need to print.

    On the Trendy site it says print the application form and bring it with you to the appointment. 

    What is the correct procedure please?

  3. Make sure if you are granted the visa that you take all the paperwork relating to the child with you to the uk. Also it would pay you to have it all in Thai and English.

    We took our niece with us to the UK in march and the I/O at Heathrow wanted all the paperwork related to her application, even though it stated on her visa that she was to be accompanied by  my wife and myself.

    Good Luck with your application





  4. I would say yes. My wife does not work and any money in her bank comes from me, so we did not enclose any bank statements for her first application. The application was refused because they did not believe we were in a proper relationship even though we enclosed our translated papers. They were concerned that she had enough money to take care of herself whilst she was in the UK even though we told them I was paying for everything. So we reapplied enclosing her bank statements showing I made regular payments to her a/c and the vida was granted

  5. 5 hours ago, scooterboy said:

    About 2 or 3 weeks ago I bought an MXQ 4K Android Box from Lazada (recommended by one of the TV moderators, I think). It works very well and I have no complaints whatsoever.


    It came loaded with apps and Kodi - but easy to remove the unwanted things. Ordering and delivery very easy.






    Yes i use lazada. The only thing with that box that i can see is that it only has 1gb ram , i was looking to upgrade to something with 2gb, thanks any way

  6. 14 hours ago, johng said:

    @williewolf  Can you tell us the exact make and model of your Android box please.

    Yes its a himedia q1. Bought it in the early days of kodi. It has always been a bit tempremental, but has served its purpose until now when i want to add fonts!!



    What box are you using? 

  7. 3 hours ago, Berty100 said:


    It is not possible that when installing any kodi version it shows as a different version. If it shows as Kodi 14, that mean that version is somewhere on your box and you have to uninstall it first.


    Go to Android>setting> apps and try to locate that app in any of the sections, then uninstall it from there.


    Failing to find it in the apps, you will have to use Rootexplorer or ES Explorer to manually locate the folder and delete it.


    Anothwer option is to install SPMC from Playstore, as it is a fork of Kodi ( actually the exact same thing) and they can operate next to each other on the same box.


    For the media folder in SPMC you select com.sempermax.spmc instead of org.xbmc.kodi


    You should download either SPMC(old) or the new version, but in the latter case you have to go to settings>appearance>skin and change the skin to confluence.

    Update: I have installed spmc and exactly the same thing is happening, no choice of fonts in subtitles. The only thing is when I added them to spmc and restarted kodi it did not keep kicking me out. So now i have two kodi,xbmc & spmc, at least i can keep one version stable with a build on for viewing and mess about with the other one. I am now sure the problem lies within the box, so maybe its time to update it.

    I think i will start a new thread on box reccomendations as a lot seems to have changed since my last purchase. Thanks again everyone for helping, at least I can now watch a movie with subtitles if i want on my laptop

  8. 14 minutes ago, johng said:


    Maybe the file system on the android box is mounted  read only ?     I have had that problem before  you copy files over  it looks like it worked  but  refresh the view files are not there,

    Could also be permissions problems  but normally that throws an error up.

    Yes i think so, please see my reply to berty as well


    1 hour ago, Berty100 said:


    What is the exact problem with your box?


    What box are you using.


    Any Kodi installation can be removed by uninstalling in Android settings> apps.


    It is not possible to have 2 version of kodi on one box, unless it is a minix and the other version is the minix modified xbmc, version


    To copy and paste the fonts folder in to your .kodi>media folder you need Rootexplorer or ES Explorer, and have hiiden files enabled in the app. You can't do this with Android file explorer.


    I'm nbot sure it makes a difference, but the folder should be named fonts, not FONTS or Fonts


    Put the fonts folder with all te required fonts inside on a usb drive. Open Rootexplorer or ES Explorer and copy the fonts folder on your usb drive, then paste the folder into Root>sdcard>android>data>org.xbmc.kodi>files>.kodi>media


    To edit an .xml file again you need one of the two apps mentioned above, then long press on the .xml file, and select open with text editor.


    The problem i have is i cannot get the choice of fonts to show in the subtitles menu, it just shows arial or teletext fonts.

    I have re1installed kodi many times and after unistalling it it shows kodi helix ver 14 (although it will not open)

    I have followed exactly the procedure you gave many times but the fonts dont show. If i power off the box when it restarts i cannot open kodi, thus having to re install it and go through the whole procedure again with the same results, so i am just going round in circles.

    Now the interesting part, you asked what make the box was, well it just says "himedia" i dont remember the model number so i googled himedia and i think its h8. I came across a thread , himedia.ca. jarvis16, and it seems from that a lot of people have had trouble and there is a firmware upgrade to eliminate this.

    The only thing with that is its close to the weekend and i like to watch the football and if i make any mistakes there will be no football!,

    So i think i will leave it until monday and have a go then. If you have time would you care to look at the thread and give me your opinion please

    Many thanks


  10. On 17/08/2016 at 8:19 PM, Berty100 said:


    Keep in mind you need to create a folder "Fonts" in the media folder and paste the font in that folder you just created.


    I also tried the ArialUni font, and the file I have is much larger actually than the one posted here (23Mb), but it worked only certain Thai subtitles where the AD-TT-Garuda works on all Thai subtitles regardless how they are coded.

    Thanks. I tried your font on my laptop, works fine and took just a couple of minutes to install and see it working. The android box, well, still no joy. I am going to have one more crack at it today and if its no good b#lls to it, it has started to take over my life lol.

    My box is a couple of years old and when the new version of kodi is released i think i may struggle even more.

    I even tried editing the xml file but it would not let me , so i think something is rooted to the box. I have tried clearing everything from the box as far as i could but there is an old version of kodi still there

  11. 7 hours ago, Berty100 said:


    Arial.ttf is available in the standard Kodi installation and does not support Thai fonts.

    The one you need is AD-TT Garuda Regular


    Create a folder named Fonts in the Kodi>Media folder, then copy and paste  the ttached file into it. Next open Kodi and in System>video> subtitles select AD-TT Garuda reguler.ttf



    Thanks for that, but i was replying to the person who posted the font, he had renamed it ARIAL, (note the capital letters to differentiate). 

    The font i have working on my laptop is arialuni. 

    I will try your font tommorow, thank you

  12. 17 hours ago, Peterw42 said:

    Were are you located williewolf ?

    Bangkok. I think the problem lies within my box. I deleted everything to do a fresh start but an old version of kodi was still there. I think that this must have come pre loaded on the box and i cannot get rid of it and it is causing a confliction in the program. I am now looking at different ways to back up and transfer from my laptop to the box. Its an old android 4.2 box and when kodi updates to version 17 i think i will have more problems so it may be a case of a new box

  13. I downloaded your attachment to a usb stick. I then followed your procedure exactly. When I looked in the fonts folder i had pasted all that was there was the ARIAL.TTF font. I am running kodi 16.1

    This is so frustrating because as i said i have got it working on my laptop so i have double checked all the settings against that. The only thing different is on my laptop i have three choices of fonts but on my box only two. 

  14. 4 hours ago, scooterboy said:

    Sorry, been away for some time, so haven't followed this thread. OK - here we go :


    FIRSTLY. download the (hopefully attached) "fonts" zip file and unzip it. You will need to transfer the unzipped fonts folder to a USB stick or SD-CARD. Make sure the USB/SD is inserted into your Android Box before you switch on.


    1. If you're NOT using ES Fi;e Explorer, then install it - so that we're "talking" about the same things. Different explorers do different things in different ways - and tend to screw up any communication. You can uninstall ES later.


    2. Start ES and allow ES to use your USB.

    On the LEFT ES panel click on USB or SD-CARD1 and find the folder "fonts". Press on

    the folder name for a few seconds until the bottom status line changes to COPY....etc.

    Click on COPY.

    On the LEFT ES panel click on HOME - not the FIRST HOME, but the one underneath. Now you have a list of files and folders on the screen. Click on "Android", then on "data".


    3. Look for the folder "org.xbmc.kodi"
    Click on this folder, then on "files", then on "kodi", then on "media".
    This is where you have to place the "fonts" folder.
    Click on the PASTE icon on the bottom status line. The folder will be inserted
    so that you can see "fonts",  "SKINDEFAULT.jpg" and  "SPLASH.jpg"
    in the "media" folder on the screen - nothing more.

    4. Start KODI and click on SYSTEM, Video, Subtitles - and in "Font to use
    for subtitles" you should now be able to choose from the arrow menu.
    Choose ARIAL.ttf (YES - with capital letters!) - this is the same font you downloaded.
    In "Languages to download subtitles for" choose English, Thai (and any other
    languages you need).

    5. Now you should be able to see any Thai subtitles.

    IF this doesn't work the first time, then try closing down and starting KODI


    Hope it all goes off OK. :D




    Followed this to the letter, still no joy. When I opened the media folder it was empty so all that is there now is the "ARIAL" font??

  15. On 13/08/2016 at 4:04 PM, scooterboy said:

    Heh - yep, priorities......


    I'd given today (Saturday) as the last chance (for the moment) to fix this 'small' problem. Yesterday, I finished off my Kodi session by installing the fonts directory in the (hopefully) correct place with 2 new fonts (1 JohnG's, 1 from another site) and leaving things until today.


    Still couldn't get anything to work at all today - couldn't even download subtitles from ANY source, though it was possible to CHOOSE a subtitle. Hmmm.....that meant looking at the error log, which is divinely full of very cryptic messages. I could only guess from the log that there was something wrong with the download subtitle path (even though there wasn't one specified) so I reckoned it was necessary to set everything back to default, after taking a backup. Oh - and my file explorer had "View hidden files" turned on (by default), by the way.


    That apparently helped, as I was now able to choose JohnG's font under KODI System/Subtitles. After choosing several tv-shows/movies, all with a weird Rick Astley video (just what IS that thing?) I finally managed to choose a movie and download a Thai subtitle - it worked! Thai subtitles displaying, so the wife is very happy. I have to take another backup (just in case) - and to make a full "How-to-do" description -  and that's my lot for the next few days (other things call).


    Many thanks for your immense help Peterw42 - and to JohnG for his arial file - and to all for your excellent advice and comments. Hope others can succeed in getting their Thai subtitles to work, too.


    Cheers - and good viewing. :D





    Where exactly did you put the font on the android box please?

  16. Update. After trying all day yesterday I have finally had a bit of sucsess. My android box was getting rather slow due to putting too many things on so I decided to have a go on my laptop and BINGO! Finally got it to work on the laptop, showing a choice of three fonts now, the original two plus the one I added.

    So now I still have to tackle the android box or is it possible to back up the laptop to a memory stick and transfer to the android box??

    Again any help is extremely gratefull

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  17. On 11/08/2016 at 6:02 PM, Peterw42 said:


    Happy to help, it was a while ago, but i think I can remember.

    First you need a app like es file explorer to go to directories, copy etc. The path is something like sdcard\android\zbmc\files\kodi\media\fonts.

    Put the font in there, restart kodi, it will then be available in the system setting, subtitles in kodi. I used Arialuni.tff as it has does lots of languages.

    I set it up years ago and promptly forgot, from memory you need to show hidden files and depending on version of kodi, you may have to add the fonts directory.


    Let me know how you go



    Well i tried all day yesterday, added fonts to kodi and also to the skin but still no joy. On a plus note i got the subtitle search up at the start of the film and the subtitles are there but still just show as boxes after downloading them. Any more ideas? Totally stumped with this. I think the problem lies with the subtitle settings in the skin as there are only two choices, arial or teletext. I also downloaded and added a set of fonts that are supposed to eliminate any problems reading them but still no joy

  18. On 10/08/2016 at 0:47 PM, Peterw42 said:

    There is a great kodi system services add on called auto subs, it searches for subs every time you play a movie. As others have said, you need to put a thai font into kodi.

    How do you put the thai font into kodi? (Using android box), been struggling with this for ages so thanks for any help you can give.

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