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  1. My wife has 2+ years left on her Canadian multi entry visa. We want to move to Canada this summer. Should we apply here now or should we just go to Canada and have her apply when we are there? She has been to Canada many times and has multiple degrees.
  2. I am trying to download documents from the Canadian Gov't web site and it says I need Adobe 10. I have Adobe DC and it won't read it. I uninstalled Adobe DC and tried to install Adobe 10 but it seems Adobe DC just reinstalled itself. I have tried it on 3 computers in my house and it's all the same. Any ideas on how I can download PDF's from the Canada Gov't web site?
  3. I am thinking of moving back to Canada with my Thai wife and kids (all Canadian citizens, born here). We've been married (happily) for 14 years. My wife has multiple degrees and diplomas and speaks English fluently. She has 2 or 3 years left on her current Canadian tourist visa. Her last one was for 5 years. I have googled it and found the "Govt of Canada, Immigration" section and downloaded their "sponsor a spouse" and "application for permanent residence" for my wife. However, I have heard their are a number of gotcha's in there. I'm wondering if anybody has any words of wisdom to help massage the process before I get into it?
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