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  1. Residency letter,old licence back and front,passport pages
  2. Ok,went there today with the wife,her renewal was September,mine October.Arrived 6.30am.There was 30 Thais in front of me,but the guy who was doing his thing,says foreigners stand in right hand line.So I was no.4,my wife was 31 in Thai line.At 8.30am my no was called and after checking paperwork told to come back 1130am.My wife had her paperwork checked and straight into the video room.My wife had her licence at 1045am and after all the shenennigans the farangs went for the video at 1200.I finally left the place at 1.30 pm with licence.Felt sorry for a couple of the old boys who could not work the remote control in the test and colour test.They were told to come back next day.If you know how to use app you can book you're appointment online.Also No Doctors certificate needed for 5 year renewal.I got one because I didn't want to be sent away,just in case. Place is a circus,but it's only once every 5 year,whatever!!
  3. Anybody been to get 5 year driving licence renewal at Pattaya recently.What's the best time to get there in the morning and do I need a doctors certificate.Also how long can you wait to renew it after you're birthday to get the extra year.Birthday falls on the weekend
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