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  1. gppower

    Altercation with a taxi driver

    Never during the whole scene did I raise my voice nor did I respond to his gesture of slapping me. I was fuming yes, but I did let it show. I am polite and treat everyone with respect. Clearly this doesn't pay off all the time. The only person who raised his voice and his hand was him. I wouldn't have posted my frustration if I had been a complete b@$#rd with the taxi driver in the first place. Do I speak basic Thai? No, you are right. Did I give him unclear directions? Possibly, but who is the local taxi driver and who is the paying customer? If I had seen the turn inside soi 56. I would have told him to stop or turn around, basic Thai or not. The lay out of soi 56, as you describe, is even more aggravating as he didn't even try to go back that little distance. He just wanted to take the money he didn't deserve and get rid of the dead load in his taxi. Underpaying him was my little revenge... In agreement with all the others who replied to my post, it is not worth getting hurt over pennies. I think I am not at fault though...
  2. gppower

    Heartburn from thai bottled water

    LOL...I do enjoy my holiday meal, indeed. Nevertheless, I never eat spicy food. I really can't stomach it. I have learned very fast the words "mai pet"... Now, you might comment that I am missing out on food experience...this could be the topic of another thread....
  3. gppower

    Heartburn from thai bottled water

    Definitely sweating more. In my case though it is not a matter of how much water I drink. As I mentioned, just one sip of the water from Foodland and my stomach is on fire....
  4. gppower

    Heartburn from thai bottled water

    I probably drink more because of the heat. I don't force myself though. Actually, funnily enough, I sometimes hold back to avoid that annoying heartburn waiting to come across a fruit juice street vendor...
  5. I have tried a few thai bottled water and all of them give me heartburn. Back home I do not suffer of any excessive gastric acidity nor reflux (if I do not go to bed straight after a meal). The worse water is probably the one served at Foodland. They pour it from a jug but I know it comes from a big bottle, can't remember the brand. Just a sip of that and my stomach goes on fire. Have you had the same experience and have you got a brand to recommend? Can this be caused by chemicals dissolved in the water to sterilise it? I am safe with Evian, but being imported it is very expensive.
  6. A few weeks ago I had a taxi ride from Asoke to Sukhumvit soi 56. Before setting off, I explained to the taxi driver that the exact destination was on the third sub-soi (yak) off soi 56 and off we went. When we turned into soi 56, I kept repeating that we needed the third sub-soi but he kept on asking for the name of the building which I did not know. He drove on, missing the turn, to the end of soi 56 and then he stopped. He refused to turn around to look for the sub-soi, claiming that I did not give him the name of the building (even if I did, in order to have a chance to see it we should have been on that bloody yak 3). He told me to pay, get out and take a motorbike taxi. Things started to heat up. In principle, I did not take a taxi to end up stranded in an unknown neighborhood at dark and pay another extortionate fare to a motorbike taxi. On the other hand, I was also very aware of the context: I was a farang in a dark alley in Bangkok, out there just to be ripped off. Nevertheless, I thought I would give him a bit of a hard time, so I told him that I could not pay him if he didn't take me where I wanted to go. At that point, he raised his open hand threatening to slap me mumbling something in Thai and went with the classic line: "you pay now!" . I was not that impressed by his physical threat, as he was quite old and not in shape, but after weighing the multiple consequences, I decided to pay. Not the fare on the meter though, which he had kept running for the whole discussion, but I knocked off 10 baht, just to piss him off. I was upset for the rest of the evening, thinking that I had been ripped off for the 100th time and even physically threatened. What were my options or what would you have done in the same situation? 1) Respond to his threat by raising my hands 2) Walk away without paying 3) Call the police (yeah right...) I feared he would pull out a knife and/or call for the help of fellow nationals to beat the crap out of me, so I swallowed the pill and payed. It was not for the money, because the fare was around 100 baht, but it was a matter of principle. But then again, how many fights/beatings between farangs and thais happen over just a few hundred bahts...