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  1. Hi, I met folk in Thailand who are based there and work abroad in e.g. Africa or work online consulting but for work for companies outside of Thailand. The issue with O&G is you need the magic 10 years to be given the ticket to go anyway (in most cases). I was offered an interview with a Norwegian company to work in Norway for 1 year. It was good money but didn't want to leave the kids or bring them with me (too expensive - worked there before). There seems to be a few job flying round for Europe but trying to get to the US or Asia seems like its a privilege. I also
  2. Thanks for the reply, Yes looked at Fircroft, Orion etc and it seems due to low oil price and covid i will be competing for 500 other folk anyways if a job ever pops up. That combined with an apparent Thai locals only regime its seems impossible. What do u think, keep trying or find another route (ie Asia but just not Thailand, teach :), or retirement fund)? Regards, Chris
  3. Hi there, Taught English in Thailand 10 years ago, moved back to UK with family to get wife passport. Got MSc, Wells Completion Engineer - 7 years. Want to move back to Thailand. Literally seen 2 jobs in last year on oilandgasjobsearch.com, oilcareers.com, linkedin. Can anyone recommend the best places to look for onshore oil jobs for Thailand. Any advice for my predicament - fancy living in Thailand instead of other well known oil areas worldwide. Don’t want to teach again. Regards, Chris
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