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  1. Why is it difficult to believe? Allow me to rewrite the headline for you "Noppadol Kannikar said Sunday that 75.3% of 1,102 (military) respondents"
  2. Agree with all the comments above but before we go all high and mighty. Which is entirely justified. Ever wonder why your Embassies and Consulates are annoyingly disinterested and unwilling to support you in Thailand? Why Consuls work so hard for so little in return? Just €1100 per annum. I read an interesting article from Transparency International about diplomatic corruption and the secretive Diplomatic Passports and Bags. This went some way to answer many questions I had.
  3. Joab's comforter. I doubt very much if the unfortunate girl had a license and a helmet the outcome would have been any different. Naff post award.
  4. Knowing Thais rarely make a mistake and never admit to it your lucky you weren't arrested for theft or impersonation.
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