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  1. It's easy to get a 1-year extension with a agent but as some poster said very risky if things change. You use an agent now, then some reshuffling happened in the top in the local immigration office your agent use. You come next extension and want to be legit but your bankbook is blank for that time it should not be. never was any 800k for 5 months and 400k the rest of the year. Then you are in deep shit, its all up to the new boss and his staff but if and I do say if they would follow the law and rules then you are the big crook here as of course, they will claim you as a foreigner doing bad things, not the agent and the officers involved before, they always go free. Heck not even have to be by the law, he just doesn't like your face or he pissed that you do not use an agent so he can make extra money, whatever shit that can happen. So IMO agent is now a very very bad idea. But of course, up to each person how that want to live here.
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