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  1. Not my home. Hoping the Cambodian or Viet borders will reopen next spring or summer.
  2. 90% closure rate might be an exaggeration but not by much. From noon to 10 pm, all I see is a great emptiness. Yes, massage shops, some bars, some restaurants, some odds and ends shops, some electronic stores, and some pharmacies are still open. But there's precious little foot traffic most of the day. One night, from my perch at R-Conn Bar, it was hard to believe I was sitting on Soi Buakhao. With so little motorcycle and pedestrian activity, it felt like some distant back soi. Since moving back to Pattaya, for a break from Bangkok, two months ago, I see mostly devast
  3. Seeing the reactions to my very first post, I think I caused some confusion with my wording. The TV report said that Cambodia was ranked 84th and said, in error, Cambodians achieved "very HIGH proficiency." That's contradictory, of course. The EF rankings specifically rate Cambodia as having "very low proficiency." I do find that rating hard to believe, though, based on my experiences living there and visiting many times. I rate Cambodians considerably superior in English ability to the Thais.
  4. I may have worded my reply badly. The TV news report was wrong in using adjective "high". The EF rankings describe Cambodia as having "low proficiency." That's not me rating them. But I agree, Cambodians in Phnom Penh and elsewhere certainly have better English skills than the Thais. By a long shot.
  5. Incorrect for Cambodia. It should be 84th, very LOW proficiency. But it did gain 10 places from the previous year's ranking.
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