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  1. Every day I read of another department I’ve never heard of. The list below is just from this one story about adding another department! Natural Resources and Environment Ministry Environment Quality Promotion Department Health Department Health Emergency Assessment Division Provincial Environment Office Health Emergency Response Bureau Pollution Control Department Disease Control Department Emergency Operations Centre (TBA) My favourite is the Environment Quality Promotion Department. What do they do? Probably as much or little as the other pollution control departments judging by the continuing failure to deal with the issues. Somewhere in Minburi is a government building the size of Chang Wattana that houses a Department of Directory of Departments, with a flowchart the size of the Baiyoke Tower. Thailand the Hub of Departments.
  2. Went to one of the Finnish restaurants behind Big C Extra over a week ago. Found the interior festooned with No Smoking signs in a place with a completely open frontage. Everyone was sitting outside at the handful of big tables. Inside had two customers. I can see the Finns co-operating on this new clamp-down. Not! One of the staff said the threatened fine is 20,000 to the Finnish owner and 5000 to the customer. Betcha Thai owners aren't worried. The proof was in a nearby Thai owned place with similar setup serving westerners. No signs, no worries.
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