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  1. Here's the sign on the wall of the Jomtien Imm Office listing the TM28 requirements. Just photographed 2 weeks ago. No. 5 is Rental Agreement. I was not asked for Nos. 6 or 7. This is possibly because I was renting a condo apartment from a company (as opposed to a private owner) whose name is on the agreement:
  2. Just recently saw six-month-old Tiger beer around town, beach side and Darkside, bottled in February. Twice it tasted awful and I returned it to the lady owner. She had bought leftover beer stock from a bar closing down. It was truly disgusting. Got Leos as a substitute. To be honest, never had a spoiled Leo. Of course, Leo outsells Tiger so likely fresher. In the recent past, i.e., pre-pandemic, I could not believe how awful the Tiger was at times. The Tigers at a selection of 7s, Lotus and bars all came with fill dates of six months past. Here in Bangkok, haven't had a bad Tiger beer in years. I am guessing Pattaya bars get the brewery rejects at a discount since Pattaya margins are so small.
  3. The rapacious Americans are laughing in their labs and penthouse offices.
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