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  1. the level of english spoken here is horrendous.........i go to neighboring countries where its more english................here they dont know even one word of english except NO
  2. im finished withthe islands too many backpackers as it is. i hope they build an airport and free up the mainland for folk like me that just want to hang with locals in peace. you all can fight it out
  3. the reality is that thais want tourists with money not poor folk its just reality. but cambodia will welcome you
  4. you cant be serious building a bridge from the mainland??????omg u know how far that is............silly talk..............ive been coming to these islands for over 15 years. and ive had enuf. im finished. too many backpackers as it is..........do we want more ?? the islands are only so big and only if they pull a chinese idea of building up a shoal into a usable island can more come as it is.................im finished. kind of like lipe years ago. so many people the place got ruined. instead of new airport how about quotas. less people not more
  5. im confused you have an onward ticket to bali. so that is good enuf? thats how i see it. in fact many times in bkk immigratiion when i come from usa. they dont ask for onward tickets at all. i would be more concerned boarding in dublin . they probably want to see it their...........kind of stupid all these airline tickets ,, why cant one just say they are taking a train to cambodia or malaysia.. and not produce a ticket. ?? dont they trust us
  6. i invite all thai gold diggers to find the op and have a hay day with him
  7. you cant really be serious with this post,,,,,, it dont matter what you wear........ give some money to a poor guy repeatedly small amounts. that is how you impress a good woman......but since you dont care about guys,,,, then give the money to a poor babe woman ....... if you are that superficial
  8. vaccine will be made . us pharm companies willl make one and charge top dollar for the shot
  9. fair enuf but i hope the thais know their are other countries that want tourists too. viet? phil?
  10. i know not many farang in surat thani........i am wondering about songklha ..........i wonder if a foreigner would have a good time their? sometimes i just fly into a city that has an airport and just go exploring. kind of nice to be the only farang around.......has anybody been to songklha. is their a strong muslim feel in that city
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