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  1. yet to see any competition to trump other than biden . Hillary the hag is over
  2. would you have tried to save the victim or just criticized the rescue from afar?
  3. thais should allow us to friend people a day or two of our visa stay . I would give him one day of mine.
  4. this guy putting the fear of god in to me? i come i nov. i stay 2 weeks i go vietnam a month. i come back 2 weeks i go india one month i come back in jan and stay 50 days with one extension.........then i go phill. and come back for a week and then go home. done this for 15 years.........i think under no circumstance i would have an issue? i never stay the full 30 days. thats a plus for me. also i have a history on computer doing same thing. i will say that this last time when i got extension at a small immigration office they put a stamp in my passport that says i must report every 60 or 90 days. (forgot if it says 60 or 90) i think that was just a mistake by the officer as i dont even plan on staying more than 50 days . i never stay a full 60.
  5. thats because the thai mafia controls transport in bkk. go to hcmc. order a grab taxi or moto and its their in moments. to think how much money is lost in revenue due to transport difficulites in bkk is ridiculous. also ban those damn tuk tuks . what a ripoff and they are massive polluters
  6. dont eat fish fishing boats are huge polluters of the sea. dont support them
  7. u know how your computer has agrhythems sorry for spelling well the thai immigration has computer programs now that can detect funny business i think...........like said from others. if you stay the entire 30 or 60 days. they probably start to suspect you.
  8. if u go in wee hours u dont need to take the toll road anyways
  9. be wary of traffic to don mueng sometimes traffic in 9 am time frame can be hell
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