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  1. Pollution improves my foot, ooops I mean my lungs. Does the PCD Chiang Mai office have windows, do they ever look outside?
  2. In my experience, Thais are absolutely enthusiastic in organizing discussions, plannings, workshops, anything that involves travel to meetings in some fancy hotel with aircon and dinners and pretend that something is being done. The problem is that almost nothing ever materializes out of these meetings. Reading the article, it's easy to see that this will be the case also in this instance.
  3. You may be surprised how many of us would actually be so stupid to run into the water to save some stranger's life and forget about our wallet. And, we have no idea how it was in 1950.
  4. If that was only remotely true, I for one would vote for alcohol ban all year long in Chiang Mai.
  5. ok, so you can google, good. now go one step further, and try to find how many of these concerns road rage incidents.
  6. Amazing how many on TVF can type but cannot read.
  7. Luckily for the driver she wasn't wearing stiletto heels on that day. Anyway I admire her, she did what I can only dream of doing to the red buses.
  8. I agree Gibraltar, although it is an oddity, should determine its own fate and that so far they voted to stay with the UK. Small detail however: they also voted almost unanimously against Brexit. Let's see what the spokesman has to say about nuisances when the Brexit dust settles.
  9. I believe it because over the years I have left several times my scooter, worth well more than that, with the keys inside the ignition for hours at the mall or even overnight some place, and I have always found it there. At least speaking of CM. I think they first took a picture when the guy went to the police station, that's a policeman. Then they located the owner. I hope she was fair enough to give him a reward.
  10. As you know Bridge is illegal in Thailand, a Large Bridge could get us deported.
  11. No computer comes loaded with Google, maybe you mean loaded with a browser and bookmarks to the usual sites including some search engines. Anyway thanks for the clarification, I also didn't know what is a passport card, frankly I would never have searched for that as I assumed it was another way of saying passport. btw, here in Thailand for normal checks I just carry a a scan of my passport in my phone. Except that often I don't have the phone with me
  12. I was told 400k also for being married to a non-Thai.
  13. I am not on extension based on marriage, but I read many posts of people who complain about the difficulties and I don't know why you want to discard their experiences as nonsense. Surely the perceived level of difficulty depends on circumstances. Your record of 11 extensions doesn't mean much if it's done always in the same place, with the same officer, with the same wife, with a short trip to the office which is not an incovenience for either of you and everybody knows each other. I would rather trust the experiences of 11 different persons with a mix of circumstances. I think the increase in the scrutiny is real and due to the many abuses and fake marriages, I can understand that as I understand the increase in financial checks in the retirement extensions.
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