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  1. You sure he'll have time between kissing <deleted> in China (for a fee) and hustling Ukraine (as in blackmail). I'm amazed anybody thinks this old guy is of any use to anyone for anything let alone running the most powerful country on the planet. How many back pockets can one man have?
  2. Only somebody seriously affected by <deleted> could think the information on Hunter Biden's hard drive is not of national interest. I suppose Clinton allowing the Benghazi consulate to burn, ISIS to flourish and delivering a 747 jammed with $100 bills is also of no interest? Never mind thousands and thousands of secure emails on her private server and the hard drive bleached. Perfectly normal practice. Nothing to see here, move along...Let's impeach Trump, again......
  3. You mean your comment, the Trump dossier or the Biden hard drive confirmed by the FBI NOT to be interfered with by the Russians?
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