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  1. It is a matter of "we protecting each other" if we both wear a mask. Droplets and aerosols travel further than 2 metres without a mask. Even further when you speak loudly. Therefore, in Singapore on public transport you don't talk unless necessary. Food for thought: how did Japan with 126 million ppl, many old ones, keep infection/death rates so low? Japanese wear facemasks, don't shake hands, hug.
  2. If Thailand wants to avoid a serious infection wave then they should keep most European tourists out. I'm stuck in Austria which got a grip on things early and avoided high infection rates because people were disciplined. With bit by bit opening too many think the virus has gone away. Too many ignore rules which are still in place, like no masks in public transport, shops, no distancing. Does Thailand want tourists with this attitude?
  3. If Thailand is concerned about importing infectious cases, why even consider countries like e.g. UK, Sweden, Russia.
  4. Well done. Good to know that there are some caring people out there. In Europe ppl complain that governments don't do enough. Yet they all have 3 meals/day.
  5. A mask and glasses are no problem. The mask needs to fit tight around your nose (just shape the metal wire accordingly. I see ppl with fogged up glasses and notice the mask is open around the nose. It also helps to direct your breath downwards when exhaling. I have no problem.
  6. Majority is still of working age unless you retire everybody at 55. It may vary from country to country but in my neck of the woods the oldies are a minority.
  7. Too late for this. Too many people have been infected, and the virus spread too far. Different situation to 2003 ans SARS.
  8. Just like anywhere else in the world. Except Sweden, UK of course. But nobody wants to go there anyway.
  9. Why does UK have such a high fatality rate then? And a good no. of no risk cases died.
  10. You were not talking rubbish at all. Aerosols escape from under this shield. The statement of this Thai doctor is exactly what doctors worldwide say. You need a mask as well. Singapore school kids wear shield and mask.
  11. No, they don't play the fear card. They are cautious. Same here in Europe. Why are borders closed? I can't go to Germany from Austria unless I'm German or have PR. To go to Austria I need neg. test and quarantine. If I come from non-EU country, I can't enter Austria. Don't just pick on Thailand.
  12. That why UK has such a high death rate, isn't it?
  13. How would the restaurant know you live in the same house?
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