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  1. Thanks for replying. I have 90 day stay until 2 May but will return 31 July. 10 years ago I went through the process at C.W. Took me a day to get a few squiggles entered in the new p.p.
  2. Cheque in question is a GBP cheque not US$. Obstacle is that the account is not 6 months old. I don't care how long clearance takes.
  3. Lucky you with your bank. We sold shares and payout can only be by cheque and not to a bank account. Puzzles me but they this shows how behind times some companies are.
  4. Please does anyone know if I can just show old p.port with non-imm Metv and new passport at immigration? Old p.port got "punched" by the embassy when I collected the new one. I have this letter from the embassy about new p.port. After a car accident I get about on crutches. It is tough to go to C.W. to find my way round. Could an agent do this on my behalf or could I use Suan Plu? Thanks
  5. As an update to my question: Bangkok Bank accepts GBP cheques to be deposited into a THB account. However, the account has to be used for min. 6 months before they will accept a cheque. Brit. cheques seem to be valid for 6 months only. Same wiith an FCD account. My husband isn't sure if he just got fobbed of with the 6 months rule or whether it really exists. He described the person extremely rude with a "go away and don't bother me attitude".
  6. It's not iffy outside the more expensive hospitals, more iffy inside the expensive ones. I had excellent treatment at Chula for a skin condition where Bumrungrad doc shrugged his shoulder and charged me 2200 Thb.
  7. What you said in your last para. is no better in an expensive private hospital. Try Bnh if you want really rude and hostile nursing.
  8. a) Life cert. Yes, this applies to UK. Have you tried getting it signed by an undertaker, police, chiropodist, bank etc. in Thailand? Pls let me no who this Tom Cobbley is in Thailand other than a notary who charges 4000 THB? b) Embassy staff don't pay enough tax to finance their own salaries plus. Or are you so well paid these days? c) with better organisation there would never have been need for long queues. Instead of a queue one now waits for 2 months for an appointment for a residence affirmation. What has improved?
  9. If the diagnosis I was given at a hospital nr Silom/Sathorn Rd. had been correct, I would not have left the check up centre alive. My GP back home just commented: this is Thailand. However, in the less fancy hospitals in Bkk I've had very competent treatment over the years. Twice now I got a 2nd opinion in Singapore on a Bkk medical recommendation. Twice the recommended op wasn't necessary. Once about my knee, recently about a blocked tear duct.
  10. I was going to redeem my 1card points at Central. It was not possible because the card was registered under my old p.port no. 10 yrs ago. Can I bring my old p.port? 3rd attempt, different staff, points were redeemed. I'm not sure what gets into Thai heads sometimes. Why not simply say: go away, come back another day.
  11. nor is it world class (care you get), at least not in some of these "world class" hospitals. Billing is world class.
  12. How useful is a certification more than 2 months away? In other embassies you just walk in and wait for your no. to be called. We had our home bank doing a Swift confirmation. Now Bangkok Bank can't find it.
  13. I've been trying to book an appointment for residence confurmation to open a bank account. Started looking on Sunday. Only appointment is on April 12 at 8.20 am, nothing before or for weeks afterwards. How is this possible? Wait over 2 months to get a stamp and a signature. At other embassies you can just walk in and wait your turn. May be an hour wait but so what.
  14. I would challenge you on your statement. I did work behind the scenes in my younger days. We did provide service. Most embassies still do way more without prior appointment than Brit. embassy does. E.g. life certificate. Civil service forgets that their income comes from the taxpayer, the ppl who are a nuisance to deal with in civil service eyes.
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