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  1. Look at EU. You can sue the company in the US for millions, in EU the stuff is considered safe. Talking about glyphosphate. Some EU countries have tried to ban it. But Brussels says they can't.
  2. You should get a card when you apply. Got one in Tax Office in Bkk, Pathumwan.
  3. At least the motorbikes go slow. I have no problem with them. They are more considerate than any of the cyclists in my home country.
  4. You get good and bad with every colour. In 15 yrs in Bangkok I had very few bad ones - less than 10. Nothing to worry about and not worth any hassle for a few Baht.
  5. What's wrong with baggage system? My priority bags comes as priority in Bkk while back in Europe it comes last. My in comparison small arrival airport in Europe takes min. 20 mins. for bags to start, Bkk is fast.
  6. Dumping trash is not unique to Thailand. Go to anywhere in Europe and you find trash wherever you walk, go hiking. I hope you bring your cotton bag when you go shopping? I see mostly farangs still getting their goods packed in plastic carriers.
  7. Big question is will you find an insurer to cover you once you passed the 65 mark?
  8. I spent 4 days in hospital. They had the guarantee of payment from the insurance. I could not leave until money was in the hospital account. There was no way to get past the nurses station. How do others do it?
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