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  1. To drop quarantine would be foolish. It could be shortened by a few days.
  2. Some countries offer single entry tourist visa. Has nothing to do with STV. Seoul (if you live there) may well be on the list.
  3. I would get a 2nd opinion. After I was advised surgery in Bumrungrad I went to Singapore to see another specialist. He told me to leave it alone and get physiotherapy. Also had acupuncture for pain management. I followed his advice. 7 years later I'm pleased I didn't follow Bumrungrad's advice. However, no 2 tears are exactly the same. Get another opinion. Bangkok Hospital Bangkok has an excellent knee surgeon.
  4. not too long for a longstay tourist. Gives you time to get over jet lag
  5. I'm sure there are many not rightminded ones. Me e.g.
  6. You require a PCR test. Either swab or gargle. Latter are these DIY ones in my part of the world. Mainly used with school kids or with mass screening as you din't need a medic to do it. Anybody can time 2 mins. But results are no quicker.
  7. Many businesses worldwide made the mistake to rely on for ever more tourists. The small town where I'm stranded in EU had 1.5 mill Chinese yearly. All highend shops were set up for them. It is quiet these days.
  8. Who says ppl have no money outside Thailand? Or all eggs in one basket? But did you never misjudge a situation ever?
  9. Plenty "snowbirds" every year. They will do quarantine. Why do you decide for others?
  10. There are many more peoe in the same boat. J'm kne of them. Have lived in TH since 2004. Went back to Europe in Jan for family matter. At first my country shut the airport, then TH did. My possessions are in Bkk. I wonder if an OA visa would be possible to get? Or with EU FoM live in a low risk country for a few months, register residency and apply for this new single entry visa from there?
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