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  1. Go to a supermarket or food shop anywhere in Europe. Watch how they handle unpacked food. I have the same rule in Europe as I have in any 3rd world country: don't eat what you can't cook or peel. A tough one for me as it is now berry and apricot season where I am.
  2. Do you trust Cambodia to return the money? 3000$ covers nothing in a private Thai hospital.
  3. Is there any info how to go about getting medical entry permit? Hospital told me they are awaiting govt. info. Embassy has no info either.
  4. EU citizens can travel within the bloc with some exceptions. Not all EU countries are open to UK travellers.
  5. Nothing is going with non-O ME. Just had reply from Thai Embassy Vienna.
  6. May happen if we let ppl from high risk places in. E.g. UK.
  7. You may not be able to enter Germany without neg. test
  8. Some ppl go on holiday outside Thailand. Even retirees do.
  9. Crazy thing is that you need "fit to fly" i.e. neg. test to apply but you may need to wait for 10 days to get approval acc. to Thai website in Austria. By then the neg. test is no longer valid. Or do I get something wrong? Just for info: They only issue B-visa, no other.
  10. It is not about what he wants. EU has to want the same. WTO has a say as well. Nobody forces him to trade with EU.
  11. There never was a genuine quarantine. It was self isolation. You either acted responsibly or you didn't. Nobody checked what you did or not.
  12. This is wishful thinking on BoJo's part. Many European countries don't allow Brits. UK herself should first become low risk before they start picking and choosing countries.
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