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  1. Nationalists have such a repugnant mental disorder. However compassion has to be applied or one would be a hypocrite to those that do such corrupt methods towards humanity. ‘I’m I free to travel ? Only with a Passport, Only with a Passport’ !!! - child ‘King in New York’. Well since that movie a 101 things of other power flexing ideas.
  2. ... and woe to any pavement walker being breathised. gotta bring in those revenue streams. yet still do not crack down on the motorists who drink and drive. It’s a sham !!! Kint on a motorbike who was over the limit zooming down the outside lane like a bat out hell hit me nearly a year ago, Police in their report are saying we are both at fault. Yeah right <deleted> is all that about ! In so the kint is seeking compensation again <deleted> !
  3. How so poignant, currently documentation being finalised for a road incident report to be sent to the Thailand Public Prosecutors Office in Chiang Mai as not being a victim of the police first tier of injustice. nearly over a year now when the young guy who by his blood sample was 80 mil over the limit decided to place himself his partner pillion, and other road users in the posibily to ruin their own lives and others. unforunatly for him (3 broken ribs and a punctured lung) his partner a hairline cracked pelvis. At the speed he was doing when he made a irrational out of nowhere overtaking manovere sideswiped the front right and wing as I had just began to turn right over a ‘canal bridge’. Apparnatly him being under the influence at 80 mil still gives him the right to seek compensation. The police have said we are jointly to blame and has been logged as such in their ‘unbiased’ report that will be sent to the court for review. Yeah like also here the mind is attempting to understand such, well need I say the word. So having to report back to the Police on the 21st to see what happens there on. What i I can say it truly is a ‘repugnant’ experience. PS, ‘... say a little prayer for me’.
  4. ... smells to high heaven of a ‘Karmic Moment’.
  5. BJ sounds like a Strict Methodist / Baptist, wonder if he practices the unemotional missionary position with the cinematography pathetic small thrusts with the hint of PE. ... heavens forbid he gets any BJ fun
  6. Don’t you just The Police oh wait a moment never had the chance to meet a single member as of yet. Infact are there any Police in the world. Plenty of; grammar police hate speech police litter police repressive Police and now to top it all off a classic; The Fun Police. the institution is over flowing with mental cases and all walks of life and government deparments. Mental !!!
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