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  1. 1-4. Easier to throw in the towel without the home crowd noise?
  2. Levers' keeper having a horror show.
  3. But Lucas Alario starts for the Levers. An intelligent striker from Argentina who has been capped a few times.
  4. We will see if Mourinho can gather some points with Kane and Son back. If not....will Levy eat another contract?
  5. Coach in name only really. He's there to sell tickets.
  6. Serie A defender of the year in 2010.
  7. He is an ex-Boca Junior. Also played for Roma and Real Madrid.
  8. Nope. Here's a clue-the player in question had a nickname that was related to his position on the pitch.
  9. That's three so far. Milito was a tremendous striker for Inter. One more to go. If nobody jumps in I'll give a clue.
  10. Seems Metro went to the country. HAHAHA!!!!!! OK then, continuing my Argentina related questions: Name the four Argentines on Inter Milan's roster during their 2009-2010 Champion's League winning season. NO <deleted> CHEATING!
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