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  1. You can call me out by name Keith. It's OK. How about that Maguire headlock on Cesar?
  2. Or so the rumors have it. Clearly something is wrong with him.
  3. And while I'm in a bad mood, what the heck has happened to Bernardo? Two seasons ago he was on top of his game. Last season saw a drop off, and so far this season he's offered nothing. Plus, he's apparently a right wing jackass.
  4. A maddening last 10 minutes. So many opportunities and nada.
  5. Indeed. Hard to defend that. Tough first half. Hammers quicker everywhere. City players don't look like they are having much fun. Always a bad sign. That decision not to book Gundogan incredibly bizarre.
  6. Antonio looking like a young version of Danny Glover.
  7. Well, it looks like Mahrez is the starter more often than not and Foden on as a sub. Not always though. Maybe Pep sees Phil finding holes through defenses late when the bus has been parked. I'd prefer to see him from the get go. Still early and will be interesting to see how it plays out during the season.
  8. Quite a show from Bamford. He looked like Mo Salah with those goals.
  9. Nice to see Torres get a goal and abuse dirty Pepe in the process. Foden and Torres look like they could work together.
  10. Eventually you will return to your rightful status as Pizza the Hut.
  11. Leeds was entertaining as always and a pleasure to watch. Wolves turned it up a notch in the second period and got a lucky deflection. I've only started watching Leeds regularly this season. I thought Harrison had a poor game with a number of poor crosses. I'm assuming that was unusual?
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