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  1. I have done similar. Just think how bad it would be if any real money was involved.
  2. Wolves finally fold under the incessant City bombardment.
  3. Yep, an entertaining game despite no goals. I particularly enjoyed Rudiger's brief tete-a-tete with young lad McTominay. Very funny that, and Rudiger seemed to be enjoying himself throughout the match.
  4. If Chelsea beat Man United today I figure City will be home and dry.
  5. They plan an attacking onslaught regardless of the opposition. They never park the bus. They are an entertaining crew with Master Pirate Bielsa in charge. That said, I'd say Villa shut them down as well as anybody has.
  6. I never said he wasn't a great centre-back Keef!! I take it you're a fan!
  7. You have to credit Villa for that 1-0 loss, though it pains me to do so. They never allowed Leeds to get comfortable in attack and Leeds never looked like scoring a goal. Villa do look to have a collection of <deleted> players, which comes as no surprise given the existence of John Terry.
  8. An excellent game of football that I thought. Two well drilled sides going at it. I thought City had the best of it and deserved winners, but take nothing away from West Ham. What a great job Moyes has done separating the wheat from the chaff within that squad.
  9. I take it Ronnie, that you did not see your name taken in vain on page 224.
  10. Car park at Maine Road. 1969. City players I am told.
  11. Arsenal vs. Tottenham. 1934. I've been told Ronnie wasn't quite born yet.
  12. You would have never thought it at the beginning of the season, but you could make a case that City's most effective players over the past two months have been Gundogan and Cancelo. They've really upped their game.
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