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  1. Congrats ! I didn't see it but it must have been darn impressive.
  2. I bet ol' BBob likes him a CUP a Joe of a morning though.
  3. One trick pony Mahrez. Somebody remind me why City bought him.
  4. Chelsea looked like a side in dire need of an injection of youth and pace last night. Is there enough patience in management for a re-build ?
  5. All the pieces of the puzzle fit last night. A 6-0 shellacking of Chelsea without D Silva until the 75th minute and KDB not a standout. Just shows the depth that Carms loves so much.
  6. Spanish Dave comes on up 5-0 at 75 minutes. Hilarious.
  7. I'm gonna guess BBob was being a tad sarcastic...maybe.
  8. Have you seen how VAR is used in Italy ? Watch what you wish for !
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