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  1. Greetings from Earl's Court Ronnie. Spending a few days in London.
  2. I was loving those 2 last minute goals !
  3. If they let the poor <deleted> have a smoke on the pitch every now and then his thinking would probably get straightened out.
  4. Jesus. Well, I guess Sterling is gone to Spain. Maybe City will get swan diving Bale.
  5. And they actually had a smart and articulate bloke that used to get a bit of air time. Apparently deep sixed and the blondie brought on. And now Mourinho.......
  6. According to this new blonde bimbo on the bein pregame show The Express, Zidane is targeting Sterling for a transfer to RM. Why do I even turn on this garbage ?
  7. I checked out Livesoccertv and the FA Cup games are all listed on beIN. Some good news.
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