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  1. In my experience it comes down to the management of the condo. I personally stay away from Thai company managed condos. Those managed by foreign companies with a demonstrated history do the job well and I have little concerns. Those managed by Thai companies, well there are just too many stories whereby the money is never recovered or not allocated to repair and maintenance as described.

    Just my 2 cents and observations over the past 4 years living in condos myself.

  2. Perhaps contact some of the more luxurious hotels here directly. They may have contacts with companies that facilitate this sort of event. As above, I would recommend getting legally married back home (perhaps after the trip to Thailand) but having a marriage ceremony here. Thats what I did back in 2000 getting "married" here but then returning home and conducting the required paperwork and ceremony to then apply for a marriage certificate. It just means you have to remember 2 wedding anniversaries. One the "real" emotionally attached date and the second the official date.

  3. My understanding of Pattaya Beach is that the vendors are allocated a 15m x 15m stretch of beach space. Payment is made directly to City Hall under contract. There is no opportunity to exploit other businesses as is/was the situation in Phuket. What the operators did in Pattaya though was to simply take over all of the available beach space and establish semi permanent storage areas leaving equipment and chairs etc on the beach overnight. They were also operating beyond the contracted hours (6pm). There has been an improvement since the coup so I would expect with constant supervision (ok now im trying not to be cynical) Pattaya Beach will continue to improve.

    Then again maybe not. Time will tell.

  4. Flying from Sydney to Cairns about 4 years ago I was pulled up for flying with a small allen key/hex key. It was used to tighten the tripod mounting plate to my camera. All my camera gear was with me as carry on. I asked why I couldn't carry a small hex key and the security team told me it was a tool and no tools are allowed on board. I would have to hand it in to them or return to the check in desk and check it in. My response was to tell the security boss I thought he was a tool but I bet the airline would still let you on board. Needless to say I was lucky to fly that day as the resulting searching of my carry on continued right up to my flight departure. On the same flight was a uniformed Army medic with her medical kit. She had her medical shears and decompression needles confiscated also. It was an interesting experience and one that hasn't happened again even flying with the allen key again.

  5. Im not going to enter the debate about whether you should or shouldn't. You will get hammered with these types of responses here unfortunately.

    One of the biggest issues here in Thailand with operating a profitable small business is the lease terms. The landlord has great control of your business and it is difficult to find landlords who are not just reasonable but also understand business themselves. They are often Thai/Chinese and dictate their terms without any real world considerations. Most contracts run for 3 years so after 3 years if you and the landlord have a falling out you may find your key money and/or rent increasing dramatically. Also confirm what your electrical rate will be too come ro think if it as I had a friend who was charged 4x times the rate as it was never discussed at the time of purchase (she paid the first month then threatened to abandon the shop unless the rate was brought back to par the following months- lets just say she no longer runs the shop).

    You also need to discuss the business face to face with the landlord before any payment is made to the owner. Ensure you confirm it is the landlord you are talking too. Confirm all lease terms before settling with the business owner.

    Be prepared to be frustrated by uncompromising landlords and if you do find a good one, develop the relationship even if you dont go through with the deal as a good landlord is half the battle won IMHO.

    Dont invest money you're not prepared to loose (I know I said I wouldn't get into that debate but... yoy do need to know that)

    Best of luck and enjoy the challenge and the journey. If you're not having fun doing it, walk away.


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  6. There are many different views on this.

    My experience moving money from my Aus account to my Thai account is by using Ozforex.

    Exchange rate is generally .24 to .40 baht lower than the spot rate and there are no fees from any institution as I pay òzforex via electronic transfer feom my australian account and receive funds in thai baht into my Kasikorn account. Takes about 3 days.

    If im in a hurry I transfer directly from my australian account to my thai account. Takes 1 to 2 days however there is about a 10 to 15 dollar fee (australian side) and the rate is generally 1 to 1.5 baht below the spot rate.

    Better exchange rates have been found on the street booths in the last 12 months so I have asked friends to carry cash over with them the last few months and I have just exchanged AUD as required.

    Hope this info has helped.

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  7. My understanding is your WP is to be kept with you or located at your place of work.

    Your visa is seperate from your WP. At first I had both but now I only have the non b visa as im not actually working. When my circumstances change I will apply for a WP again. On all occasions entering Thailand on my multi non b visa I have never been asked for my WP. You do not need a WP for a non b visa. Maybe if your non b was issued due to the requirement to hold a WP then I would understand why you would be asked but in my experience I have never heard of this situation before.

  8. Leave it be if you are unsure is my advice as you would not have the experience to deal with it successfully.

    Business here is very very different to business 'at home' especially any business operating any kind of night life.

    If it is a going concern, then I would recommend you discuss it with your BIB contacts. They can find out who is taking care of the other operation. They and your friend can not step on the wrong toes. What goes around comes around and you never know for sure who knows what (and who).

  9. Here in Pattaya last year a Thai girl about 5 years old was hit repeatedly with a metal ruler around her head by her teacher at a local thai school. She required hospital treatment for cuts to her scalp.

    Her mother reported the incident with police who followed up with the teacher and the head of the school. It got some air time on tv here.

    As far as I'm aware the teacher was not charged even with all the media attention. A small campaign was organised to include handing out flyers to children and setting up a Facebook page however it never gained any traction. Thai's seem to acknowledge this behaviour is wrong however do not see an alternative or simply do not want to accept change.

    As other posters have said I think you will have great difficulty seeking a meaningful response from the school. Such behaviour is ingrained into the Thai culture. Thank goodness my kids go to an international school. If my kids were abused in a Thai school all of you would be reading on TV the next news headline "Out of control farang goes crazy at Thai school and assaults teachers, headmaster. .."

  10. Stop the uncertainty both in the age and the trust issue. Just ask to see her id (with a smile). Tell her you just dont believe her. Simple. Can not have a serious relationship if you skirt around thongs like honesty and trust. Nip it in the bud now. I've found brutal honesty with thai girls works best for me and scares off those looking to take me for a ride (well almost all...)

  11. Problem is with Youtube. 3BB was out this morning in Pattaya but is now up and running for me at least. The issue with Youtube is a separate problem I think. Google "is youtube not streaming" and it will direct you to various websites that monitor internet down time. Others from around the world have had issues the last few days with youtube.

  12. To all the TV professionals.

    My friend's brother (17 years old) stole 700 baht on a drunken night out from a Thai girl in the early hours of the morning in Pattaya.

    He was arrested by the boys in brown.

    My friend tried to settle with the police who refused. The brother was sent to Chonburi jail for the day.

    Short story is he is out on 50k baht bail but must report to police or forfeit the bail and face arrest again. He is waiting for a meeting with the victim to settle in cash) and will face court.

    He is Thai with no previous trouble with the police and is employed full time as a welder (good money for a young man).

    Yes he did something wrong and deserves punishment. My point is don't always think it is two sided. Thais are often treated in the same manner, it just never makes the news.

  13. I was diagnosed with Hep C about 8 years agi by my local (Australian) doc. When he checked the second blood samples it was a misdiagnosis and I had glandular fever.

    Maybe run a second test if you haven't already just to be sure.

    And to others I thoroughly recommend hep B shots and for those who have had them get a blood test to confirm your resistance to the strain. Not all people after the shots have gained the resistance.

  14. Request a meeting with the Head of the School. Bring an interpreter. Have a quiet discussion explaining your background and the reason why you lost your temper. Stress that you would like to help ensure the correct use of the pesticides and the safety of the children and the staff. Offer your assistance. Being helpful will get you results if you can do it in an unobtrusive way. Let the school be in control but quietly manipulate the thinking of those in charge. And do it all with a smile! Demanding change will not work. Complaining will not work.

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  15. There are many strong opinions on education in Thailand.

    I have lived in Thailand for almost 2 years. I moved my children here (age 5 and 8) from Australia in December. I only moved them here after thoroughly checking available options including government, bi lingual and International schools. The short answer is it comes down to money.

    My kids are enrolled in an International school. For me there was no option.

    Please keep in mind that my children will be returning to Australia to continue their education in the future.

    I live in Pattaya so there are many options. Remember that there are good and bad schools at all levels.

  16. Really? I think the farang started abusing the motobike taxis after they told him to stop. Do you really think 7 of them would attack a guy over a piece of machinery? Just my guess as to what happened. Anyway its Thailand and this no longer surprises me. Likely all parties had something to drink and aggression when provoked is common. I think there is a definite "stand your ground" mentality by both Thais and tourists here. Better to walk away with a smile and forget whatever issue that bothers you when confronted.

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