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  1. We are not islands .... People who are injured when not wearing helmets have impacts on others. Friends and family end up as carers or mourners....family income is lost. The rest of us? ......well, we end up paying ever higher insurance premiums and taxes for the services these victims require. Not wearing a helmet isn't an individual freedom or right, it impinges on others, friends, family and society.
  2. Attempts to boil down road safety to simple dichotomies is in the long run, counter productive. It seems that some on thus thread don't understand the true purpose of crash helmets and their limitations. They are part of a plethora of measures to make roads safer. That is the next point it is ROAD SAFETY, not just "driving". Attempts to blame drivers and driving alone indicates that the proposer is unaware of the full range of issues that confront road safety. Remember 94% of accidents are the result of human error....but one needs to understand what that actually entails..... it doesn't just mean huge gaffs or criminal acts, it includes tiny momentary diversions of concentration or even inappropriate reaction to anothers "bad" driving. These are things we ALL do on a daily basis......usually we get away with it.....but think back and you'll see how they could have gone horribly wrong. Once human error has started the process, it is WHAT HAPPENS AFTER that is so crucial. By now events are not under control of the driver...things like road quality a environment kick in. Seat belts, crash helmets, vehicle construction, emergency services all play a part in your chances of survival.....will it be minor injury, serious injury or death?
  3. These figures are junk. The internationally recognised way in Fatal Serious Minor There are, if you care to look them up quite clear definitions for each category. There are also set parameters for compiling the stats which these don't comply to........ the WHO has a paper on how their stats are collated adjusted and interpreted. There is also a list of sources from which the international stats for Thailand are compiled. It is not possible for the stats above to conform to this either.
  4. Not how you analyse RTIs and I admire your blind faith in the statistics and especially causes. Certainly have little scientific merit.
  5. Same ol', same ol' nonsense rolled out every time....single issues blaming Thais for being "bad drivers". If this was the case it would have been solved years ago......... Until the authorities adopt a scientific approach to ROAD SAFETY (not just "driving") nothing will change.
  6. 20 to 30% is the world norm for accidents involving alcohol - BTW - the figure refers to alcohol being detected at the RTI, it does NOT refer to "drunk driving" which is a totally subjective phrase.
  7. Every year the same headlines the same comments about "Thai bd Drivers" - yet nothing changesWHY? Because TV members and the authorities alike just don't understand the first basic principles of road safety - they just roll out the same archaic causes every year.......if they were barking up the right tree there would have been a change, but blaming other drivers and dictums from Nabobs doesn't work. Change can only be achieved by a holist approach to road safety that has worked throughout the world - unfortunately in involves critical thinking and funding - two things the authorities don't want to engage in.
  8. Again a Brexiteer confuses non-sequitur with and argument.
  9. it's also very sad that Brexiteers lack of understanding of both current affairs and history presents them from realizing how far right Brexitism is......
  10. More evidence of Brexitism being a far right movement...... https://www.channel4.com/news/revealed-brexit-group-covered-up-its-targeting-of-right-wing-extremists?fbclid=IwAR0h__kmgeS7lRn61-HVQrsUi-nyRC5oJy3pcaCszYGj5LdKjOyP7JmUCMg
  11. It seems you are not thinking clearly....the comment is criticising the headline not crash helmets.....didn't think id have to explain that
  12. Therefore we, conclude that wearing of helmets is a,waste of time?
  13. People usually pay a fee to join a club because they want the benefits of being in that club. Just looking at the fees is facile, look at why we joined.... The UK benefits in trillions in trade commerce and I.dustry by being in the EU. Don't be blinkered, look at the whole picture.
  14. Does this look or sound like a, dictatorship? More like a union looking after individual low paid workers. All this and other workers' rights will be swept away under the far right Brexit plans. It not the UK that is being told what to do by the EU, its the far right being thwarted so often that makes them want Brexit, vote leave and the ice Wall will be breached, winter will come and the Brexit far Right walkers (sorry can't type the letter N!) will pour in........ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/world-europe-47947220?fbclid=IwAR2meYfEQolx3kWDt1Sm0WFUhIsdVwlmT0Bh3eBixW2pM20AoqLGuy7J1uk
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