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  1. I hope you are wrong, i think there must be an answer.. The government should invest heavily in infrastructure, yes it costs but it will pay back and move the country forward.. i think preparing the country for post pandemic and aiming to crush the SE Asia competition is the only way, at least the only way i can think of.
  2. I agree, I didn't say it was Thailands fault did I, read my post properly before you have a dig at me. What I was saying (which i thought was very clear) is the the Thai government need to do something and might be a good idea for infrastructure development as tourism is obviously a long way off,, do you get it?
  3. Surely time to act, if Thailand allow the situation to go much further they will put themselves decades behind in economic recovery. I really fear for the people of Thailand, it's going to get ugly, people are going to get desperate. I can see increases in homelessness, suicides, burglary, muggings etc, horrible situation. not sure what the answer is but the government needs to do something,, perhaps invest in massive infrastructure projects to create employment and put the country in a better place when recovery comes so they can compete in SE Asia,,, announcements of doom dont help anyone,
  4. European countries do not have dual pricing to my knowledge, i have travelled to many EU countries and not seen it... Dual pricing does not work. The whole point of going to a cheaper country is enjoying the lower pricing,,,
  5. I think your Mother was right. Spain fleeced tourists, took them for granted, dropped the service and started to create an anti foreigner attitude, it killed their tourism (sound familiar). However Spain has reinvented itself and does not have those problems these days, people are very friendly and service (at least for me) was excellent. Spanish people are genuinely very friendly people as Thai people are when they really know you, however until they do there is an attitude that perhaps was not there 15 years or so ago, the last 7 or 8 years the attitude has has rapidly declined and the increase in complaints and moaning are just confirming that for me. Perhaps meet your old Mum in Vietnam,,, lovely people,, cheap, great service and attitude.
  6. Fine but you you should look at each case on it's merits not just turn a blind eye to obvious abuse just because PETA raise the profile. I know they have had some criticisms, I don't really know too much about that but I do know that all organisations that go against the grain to instill change get discredited at some time, it's the way of the world.. However in this case it is right to deal with it as the abuse of the monkeys and snatching them from the wild for commercial gain is just wrong,, full stop.
  7. I don't know how long you have been in Thailand. I have seen with my own eyes lots of cases of animal abuse in the name of commercial gain, including the drugging of tigers so tourists and locals can have their pictures taken with a tiger! Elephants being forced to play football for viewers entertainment, again all in the name of commercial gain, I could go on.. So what you call selective reading I simply call confirmation of what I know already goes on, cruelty to animals for commercial gain. I have seen the monkeys paraded up and down the beach posing for tourist photos which i am very sure are just plucked from the wild. The world is a small place, we all trade together and with that brings certain standards that every country must adhere to, if you don't you will be called out on it and rightly so, don't really care if you think it is "grandstanding". Thailand is not exempt from this no matter how important it thinks it is. If Thailand does not comply it loses out on International trade and gets left behind, (hence the start of people boycotting coconut products) simple as that, if Thailand don't acknowledge and deal with it then trade will get worse. So call it nosey if you like but it is here to stay, your view is old fashioned and dying out. It's the way of the world and it will never, ever go away, get used to the 21st century fella..
  8. i guess thats what they call circumstantial evidence. Of course Thai authorities would say something like the coconut business attracts people who like to keep pet monkeys and it's nothing to do with the harvesting of coconuts..
  9. eyes wide open fella... and not "says me" says the press and multiples of other sources if you care to read, dont get why you guys cant see that its wrong,,, i would have thought anyone would think this practice is cruel and wrong,,,
  10. If they are it's wrong too. Action has been taken, the supermarkets are refusing to stock Thai products until they get a handle on this and stop the animal abuse. What the heck has BLM got to do with it? I assume you disagree with that as well?
  11. PETA are the biggest animal rights activists in the world. As for an ineffective litigation team that's a complete load of rubbish,, I quote "It’s the first legal team from an animal advocacy organization to earn Corporate Counsel magazine’s prestigious nationwide Best Legal Department of 2017 honor. In the history of this award, only one other nonprofit organization has ever won." I won't be buying Thai coconut milk. Neither will people all over the world soon by the looks of it. You won't be dragging me anywhere hear the heartless lump nutcases.
  12. I think the point is that these monkeys are not treated well. They are snatched from their families in the wild and forced into animal slavery, beaten, mistreated and a lot end up going insane. That's why the supermarkets have banned their products. A bit different from the treatment of a police dog don't you think. You do get the difference right?
  13. Oh please stop talking nonsense, it is so tiring. Nobody would agree to extremist actions, however that is not what is happening here is it... Please think.. Actually think about this issue properly, I am confident anyone with a sensible, compassionate head would see this abuse is wrong and should be stopped.
  14. How many monkey lives does a croissant cost? PETA are not extremists, they are not violent in anyway. They are the type of organisation that actually get things changed. Most thinking people see the logic in what they say and change our behaviour, it takes time though because we all have to drag the rest of you along which is why societies consciousness takes so long too change.
  15. Well said. Some people are just racist and use any opportunity to make their silly point. Another lesson in history that we haven't quite tackled yet.
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