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  1. How many anti foreigner campaigns do we have to hear about before we all get the message. "Thais do not want foreigners in their country". They will not be happy until they are like North Korea and pretty much shut the borders. i know these guys have done wrong and should be punished but the Thais never miss an opportunity to reinforce the anti-foreigner message. they are just fuelling the ever increasing lack of basic human respect shown to foreigners every day. There must be millions of corrupt cases in Thailand I am sure, which they could focus on and actually do some real good, but they won't. Instead splash all over the press about the minority foreigner crackdown. I've gone and i won't ever step foot in that country again, but i have many friends still stuck there, some are trapped and cannot easily leave. For the rest of you, smell the coffee and get out asap is my most sincere advice.
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