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  1. I don't know about his locker room attitude, but the QB market is actually quite weak right now; at least half a dozen teams could improve at that position by hiring him. Somebody else here mentioned the Redskins' situation for instance; for reasons that are beyond me, the Broncos just hired Joe Flacco (who actually beat Kaepernick in the Superbowl, but Flacco hasn't had a good year since). So it's more than obvious that something else is going on here ...
  2. Regardless of what one might think of Pence's visit to Auschwitz and what he said there, the fact that he went is news, and it will be reported by Reuters and other media outlets. Who are the "they" you mention in your post?
  3. There’s a pretty good opinion piece by Dana Milbank in the Washington Post about this (“Ilhan Omar’s Tweets Were Appalling”). I guess, sure, AIPAC, like any other lobbying group, contributes to the campaigns of people they like (although they would need to do it through a PAC -- frankly, I’m not sure how lobbying groups operate in terms of funneling cash). It seems to me that the keyword here is “tropes”: god knows how many people I’ve talked to make the leap from “AIPAC lobbies for pro-Israel interests” to “AIPAC dictates US foreign policy.” People perceived that Omar was skirting with such stuff in her tweets, fairly or not. She apologized, she keeps her committee seats, and everything is cool. But I think the bigger picture is, the Democrats want to maintain the high ground in the whole bigotry/racism issue over the Republicans, and mildly censuring one of their own over something like this helps them do that.
  4. I hate to state the obvious, but the word “threat” is not meant as a compliment, as a global acknowledgment of “greatness.” It is rather a reflection of the instability and recklessness of US foreign policy during the past two years. As an American, this is nothing to be proud of.
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