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  1. Maybe i have it wrong but your car is 3y old and already had new tires after 2y? Or you have it for just 3y? A Chinese brand?! And you expect same handling as a Michelin, Continental or whatever premium brand???? I read tire reviews for sedans or non-suv or pick-up cars sometimes and Chinese tires never be better then mediocre at best in those tests. So it would surprice me for your car they would be great. Don't forget a pick-up is build for driving with a load on the back. Not empty. You can fill it with 200-300kg in the back and it will drive already alot better. You will not have, or at least less, that problem when you buy a SUV because they drive more like a big car.
  2. As if he cares. He showed that already a short while after SA gave their second or thirth different statement. He goes for the money and that's just it. Next!
  3. Let's see if you still tell the same if you had your car parked there or your store and it is being ruined by those buttheads. You are 100% right. They better use snippers to "eliminate" those buttheads. And if shown up with any kind of mask, so they think they could do those things unseen, immediatly arresting and jailed for 1 month. If you are not happy with the things you can protest and i will be understanding. But if you start to attack peoples, destroy others properties and wanna start a war they can not be harsh enough against those who think they can do.
  4. What's wrong with the 50bht foods????? I prefer eating in those little shops next to the roads where many peoples come. Mostly we can eat and have 2 bottles of water or coke included for 80-150 bht/2 persons. And eating on the floor is still common in some families or parts of Thailand. My ex Isaan gf's family Always did eat on the floor even they had a nice big table. My now gf's family Always eat at the table but they prefer to sleep on the floor. My gf too. At her home or in her condo she sleep on the floor but when i am around she never complain about the comfy bed.
  5. My experience; Bum mostly not clean and i use even more toilet paper for dry my bum then when i just use paper. BUT i am a big fan of using those wet toilet tissues after paper.
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