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  1. Quote from OP: “It said that people aged 55 and over were more likely to get arrested for having sex in a car than any other age group – and that includes “where else can we go?” teenagers.“ Judging by the photo and the above quote, it’s seems to be two old bangers banging away in some old banger.
  2. If that’s what you “assumed he meant”, then why did you post such a snotty comment on a public forum? If you wanted to check what he meant, you could simply have asked him. Ever heard the English expression ‘giving someone the benefit of the doubt’? If not, google it.
  3. He did not mean ‘poor’ in the sense of ‘no money’, but in the sense of ‘deserving sympathy’ (the Frenchman is 72 years old, after all). https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/poor Let me guess, you didn’t read the original post properly as you have no time to learn how to use an English dictionary.
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