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  1. Get Aussie Passport, Loose your Thai house and Thai Citizenship, says Thai Gov . Thai Embasey in Oz is really badgering folks to give them heaps of personal details. There was Gov talk several years ago of abandoning this Racist Law, also as many "Rich" Thais were also effected. Sure you (the person) enter/leaves Thailand on a Thai Passport, you need to flash a valid Oz one (or a visa) at check in often. There is going to be alot of tension when it fires up in the South China Sea, potential putting Thai and some countries into allies issues too that could fire up laws like below. Please read below. "Section 22 of the Nationality Act states: 'A person of Thai nationality who has been naturalized as an alien, or who has renounced Thai nationality, or whose Thai nationality has been revoked, shall lose Thai nationality.” So, according to the strict interpretation and enforcement of this law, any Thai person (man or woman) who marries a foreign national and acquires her husband’s citizenship has technically lost her Thai citizenship. It is important to note that she would need to inform the Thai government of this change for it to be enforced. Should the marriage end in death or divorce the Thai national could then regain Thai citizenship." Sunbelt Asia Co., Ltd. - 10 June 2016 Anyone know the latest Law ?
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