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  1. The British govt has taken Marie Antoinette's words (allegedly spoken when there was no bread available for the peasants) to heart - "Let them eat cake".
  2. It's good to see you are still reading, and responding ! I think we got out at the right time ! I see they are advertising for a massive staff intake now ! I'm hoping that the Embassy might respond, as they must have some awareness of the expat community's frustration (especially as we see France actually doing something for their tax-paying, albeit overseas, citizens). Stay safe my friend.
  3. It must surely be becoming more difficult to justify the British Govt's inaction on this. All we have seen, or heard, is that there was a single meeting between the Ambassador and the Thai Prime Minister. At which meeting, the Thai PM stated that non-Thais would receive equal treatment to Thais. That is clearly not happening, and all statements from the Thai govt seem to mention such things as "when 70% of all Thais have been vaccinated". It's like we non-Thais don't exist. It's still difficult, if not impossible to register for any vaccine, either in short term or long term. My concern, or
  4. So you're quoting a post from 6 weeks ago ? Things have moved on. So are you saying that you don't know anyone who has not been able to register ? We know that some ex-pats have been able to register. What's your point ? And, what vaccine did you get ?
  5. The original contract confirms the length of employment, permanent employment, etc. Submit that. The employment letter should be recent (preferably within 28 days of the date of application), and is evidence of the applicant's continued current employment and current salary level, a kind of updated contract.
  6. Thank you. They must have read my post, and got scared about me turning up to ask questions...........haha
  7. It's all very vague. Some have already signed up for this and paid the 4,000. I haven't, as I'm in two minds like the OP. Has anyone who has signed up thought to ask any questions ? For instance : Why aren't doctor's fees included in the 4,000 THB ? Why isn't insurance priced or even mentioned ? What is the total cost, including fees and insurance likely to be ? Why, when the attached was published by the Private Hospitals Association of Thailand, is the price, without fees and insurance, higher than the published cost ?
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