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  1. I'm like that. I actually need to go to a gym with other people there to get in the swing of it. I think if I had a home gym, it would just gather dust. I go to Fitness First in Q House in Bangkok. Question to OP as you seem experienced. I've been doing a full body workout for the last few months every other day but have "plateaued" as they say and am bored with it. Do you do that kind of a routine or do you do a different muscle group on consecutive days and then rest a day? I ask because I think I need to change things up a bit.
  2. That is a little weird. I wonder why she wouldn't encourage you to speak Thai. I'd help anyone who was having a go at improving their English by taking some time to speak to them in English.
  3. I put it off for years, just knew enough to get by, and then I took the plunge. Went to a school for a year (part time but did a ot of work alone), and then did another year with private teachers. It wasn't easy but after two years I was finally able to have normal conversations with people on pretty much any subject. I had no Thai g/f to practise with and my two Thai friends at the tine spoke English with American accents (that's how fluent they were/are) so had little patience to speak with me n Thai at first. So, I had to really go out of my way to engage people regularly every day to practise. I started taking a lot of taxis and became the annoying chatty passenger!! But it all paid off. It changed my life here leaps and bounds but I can understand anyone being reluctant to take on a second language with the aim reaching a high level of fluency. It's tough, but is rewarding in the end.
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