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  1. Charged 850 baht to send an envelope containing five A4 sheets to the UK. Sent home first to get my passport to prove my identity. The counter staff mumbled something about customs.
  2. Good news. Why it took so long to run such a well known high-society madam as Ghislaine to earth has yet to emerge. Hopefully, to save her skin, she will be persuaded to spill the beans on at least some of the powerful and wealthy pedophiles she and her former lover catered for. Maxwell's publishing tycoon father Robert is believed to have been a double agent, who worked for Mossad as well as UK intelligence services, and we know Epstein had links to US intelligence. The Epstein saga is far more than than the tawdry "sex scandal" depicted by the controlled mass media. For an idea of the depth of the swamp the millionaire playboy ran and the subreptary creatures he shared it with, I recommend the meticulous work of YouTube blogger Amazing Polly. Her probe into the mysterious Maxwell connection is a good place to start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7j_JjvKK1VE
  3. Criminal gullibility. Gullibility is a failure of social intelligence in which a person is easily tricked or manipulated into an ill-advised course of action. It is closely related to credulity, which is the tendency to believe unlikely propositions that are unsupported by evidence. - Wikipedia
  4. Nothing would surprise me when playing this numbers game. The entire COVID debate is bedevilled by the lack of reliable data on infections and deaths, resulting from unreliable tests and widely diverging criteria for determining whether an infected individual died OF the virus or simply with it.
  5. In describing the increased number of infections among younger Americans as a "helpful step" towards herd immunity, I deliberately did not speculate on how quickly this might be achieved. The reason for my caution was simple: nobody knows. Experts are divided even on the core question of what percentage of a given population would need to become infected with Sars-COV-2- with some setting the figure at around two thirds and others as high as 90 percent. The tendency of this virus constantly to mutate is another obvious obstacle to attaining this goal - just as it is to the development of an effective COVID vaccine. We have learned the hard way that seasonal flu shots can lose their efficacy over time. It seems likely, therefore, that the virus responsible for the current pandemic will to be around, in one form or another, for years and best contained with a combination of partial herd immunity and a safe, properly-tested vaccine
  6. Thanks for the link. No cause for alarm, I think. As the report points out, because a lot of old people who realise they are the highest-risk group, the virus is migrating to younger folk as they start to mix again. This is a helpful step towards herd immunity so long as numbers can be controlled to avoid strain on hospital facilities. The other good news for these youthful Americans, and anyone else under pensionable age and in reasonable health, is that the chances of becoming serious ill, let alone dying, from COVID 19 is extremely small. But they should be aware of the danger of spreading the infection to older relatives and friends.
  7. Wow! Scary stuff. But let's wait until we get the peer-reviewed version in a respectable journal before jumping off the nearest skyscraper. I wasn't aware that the virus had switched its attention from us golden oldies to the under-40s. Got a link? (Apologies for my two separate bits at this cherry. I thought my first posting had disappeared into the ether. . . a bit like COVID in Thailand?!!)
  8. Blimey! Scared the living daylights out of me. . . .truly creepy Columbia University microbiologist Stephen P. Goff urged caution in assuming that filopodia are necessarily behaving as a second mode of infecting cells with virus. “It’s intriguing and a really cool observation,” Goff said. The study’s striking images show that the filopodia contain a lot of virus and that in the lab, inhibiting their growth seemed to reduce viral replication. This strongly suggests that filopodia are somehow amping up the virus’ ability to infect cells, he acknowledged. “But we don’t yet know what stage [of infection] is affected” by the strange protrusions, he said. “It will be great fun to find out.”
  9. The videos you saw were doubtless meant to be horrifying. The politicians and mass media are clearly intent on scaring the living daylight out of all of us, for reasons not difficult to deduce. Best to look at facts rather than pictures on the telly. Re your remarks concerning the US, your first point about the huge number of young adults considered obese may at least partly explain any rise in serious illness rates among the relatively young.
  10. Logic is obviously not everybody's strongpoint, so I won't bother asking about the logic of dragging the Tommy Robinson into this debate. An attempt at guilt by association, maybe? Do try actually reading the link I posted about masks. It's fairly technical and takes a bit of wading through. But then, as any logical person would agree, effort generally brings its reward.
  11. Assuming the virus still around, the draconian measures being taken at newly-opened schools and colleges, while psychologically harmful to the students, will do little to prevent them becoming infected. All returnees should be tested in situ this week and at regular intervals thereafter, and parents of any infected children provided with quarantine information. Otherwise, many elderly relatives in multi-generation households will be at risk.
  12. I think you need to re-read your own Profile quote about protecting freedom.
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