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  1. No self-respecting Brexiteer is interesting in tinkering with the dog's breakfast of a non-deal cooked up by Remainer May and the EU mafia. They just want OUT.
  2. Well said. While no individual should be automatically rejected for office simply on the grounds of their sex, the points you raise about the fitness of a trans woman for such high office are highly pertinent. The tiny minority of the population with gender dysphoria - of which, presumably, Pauline is one - often have lifelong physical and mental health issues, as well as a suicide rate many times higher than among the rest of the population. They also tend to be ideologically driven to see the trans community and LBGTQ people generally as victims of the oppressive majority "cisgender" (their made-up name for the rest of us) population. Objectivity, an essential quality of leadership, is not their strong-point. This unlikely contender for the country's top political job is a father of two who only "came out" as a trans woman three years ago. If elected as PM, their mission will be to "educate society" about LBGTQ matters. Can't wait for the polls to open.
  3. . . . as only to be expected from yet another well-heeled, cut-glass-accented Establishment shill. With a salary of half a milion quid a year, and an estimated net worth of around three million dollars, don't expect to see Fiona manning the BBC Equal Pay picket lines any time soon.
  4. They will also, one assumes, be familiar with the "currency development" of the baht, last seen exiting the roof at warp speed.
  5. Alternatively, just follow the example of falang retirees and marry a gorgeous girl half your age. Definitely beats walking upstairs backwards.
  6. Wading through the waves of despair generated by Remoaners, one begins to wonder whether some kind of genetic mutation has occured to rob large numbers of Brits one of our most universally-admired national characteristics. It’s called guts. When I was a lad, this traditional virtue enabled us to stand alone against Hitler, weather the subsequent Bitz, survive more than a decade of real austerity (not today’s welfare-cushioned kind) and build a new Jerusalem from the ruins of the country we loved. The same bulldog spirit was demonstrated more recently when millions of members of the older generations led the charge to escape the clutches of the EU. Hopefully some of the same precious stuff will eventually rub off on those Remainers who continue to snipe from the sidelines, In the meantime, I commend to their attention this snippet from the Immortal Bard’s great play Macbeth, in which the gutsy Lady Macbeth upbraids her spineless spouse. Macbeth: “If we should fail. . . “ Lady Macbeth: We fail? But screw your courge to the sticking place, and we’ll not fail”.
  7. And, clearly, when a lion reclaims the savannah, it takes its pick of the wildlife and leave the leftovers for the vultures. Time for the Brtish lion to come roaring back.
  8. Here's your starter for ten. . . https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/10-industries-benefit-from-brexit-ben-yi/
  9. I assume that's a rhetorical question? But to be clear, I wasn't talking about the man, rather the pledges he made as Prime Minister before and after the referendum.
  10. Calm down. Maybe things are not as bad you seem to believe. The WHO is not an unimpeachable fount of wisdom (otherwise they wouldn't made Robert Mugabe their goodwill ambassador!). In the run-up (sorry!) to the recent Bangkok Marathon, all sorts of horror stories were going around about what would happen to athletes spending hours trudging through smoggy streets with PM2.5 levels way over Thai, let alone WHO limits. The number of medics was doubled just in case. Over the next few days I vainly scoured the print and digital media for horror stories about runners dropping dead half way around, being hospitalitalised or even treated for respiratory problems.Not saying it didn't happen. But if it did, the domestic and international media missed a scoop - and so did the ever-vigilant climate change alarmists. This might help you breathe a little easier: https: //junkscience.com/2016/09/fact-sheet-particulate-matter-in-outdoor-air-does-not-cause-death/
  11. That's just more theatre to keep our eye off the ball. Got to start looking behind, and lifting, that green curtain.
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