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  1. US President Donald Trump’s plan to take down social media sites for their perceived bias against Republicans and conservatives appears to have hit a snag after a Federal court didn’t agree with him. https://www.news.com.au/technology/online/censorship/president-trumps-plan-to-shut-twitter-threatened-by-freedom-watch-court-decision/news-story/3f4ecd1e4a86f52ef5d28c136e8f5aa2 And without Twitter how will he broadcast his lies to his followers?
  2. why has that tread not being closed just a lot of nonsense
  3. Maybe he had, but he would not have died without contracting covid-19
  4. Tell that the family of an Australian guy who died yesterday at the age of 30
  5. Just to inform you this is a international forum and I am sitting in my 3 bedroom apartment and having some nice Australian Cabernet Merlot
  6. he is not talking about Tassie he is just talking nonsense Rotnest Island was just used for isolation and not a penalty for breaking the law.
  7. Well New Zeeland and Australia must be stupid countries then nobody wears a mask and it is not recommended by health authorities and they have the lowest infection rate. In Australia, the current advice from the Federal Government is that the majority of people won't benefit from wearing a surgical mask and if you're well, you don't need one.
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