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  1. Thanks for pointing that out I knew that that's why I attached about religion in Bali
  2. now I don't know about the US I lived in Thailand for a number of years my wife and I decided to move back to my home country Australia a few years ago we got divorced and I now live on my own I do not have a house witch I lost when I moved to Thailand had my superannuation paid out and wasted that as well in a business which did not take off but anyway this is beside the point I live now in a rented 2 bed room unit not far from the city center of Perth the only income I have now is my pension I pay rent every 2 weeks have an old car (petrol registration) electricity, food and so on and every year I still can afford to take a holiday so living back home is not to bad for me
  3. crap What is the main religion of Indonesia? The Indonesian Constitution guarantees freedom of religion. However, the government recognises only seven official religions; (Islam, Protestant Christianity, Roman-Catholic Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and the Bahá'í Faith).
  4. you can't tell that to the bloke from Melbourne he went on a diet just eating potatoes for one year but he lost 58 KG
  5. well I guess you should stay in Nakhon Nowhere look up the dictionary what Farang means
  6. I lived here for 45 years and have some Aboriginal friends I know how they look like
  7. I know you would say that but he does not even look close to an Aborigine
  8. correct he does not even look close to be an Australian and why call him a farang?
  9. especially the ones with Russian names
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