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  1. Happening now all over the place in the US. I suppose the end of the world is near, right?
  2. Since we all need to be so careful, it looks like we are all doomed then, right? There is this little thing called reality. People need to start paying much closer attention to it.
  3. Actually, from what I have observed, the teachers getting paid better are just as bad but they are better at hiding it. I suppose the entire world is like that.
  4. Let me know how that works out for you when there is actually a very bad pandemic.
  5. In other words, the people have to riot in order for the government to do the right thing every once in a while.
  6. They get paid in the ability to stare at black skirts all day.
  7. In other words, the disease is doing the girls and the patrons of these places a favor. That has got to be the worst cover photo for a story like this in mankind's history by the way.
  8. All other things being equal, and a chain smoker and a non smoker get covid. And the smoker's chances are better? I don't think so. But it is interesting they found that. Could very well be true i suppose.
  9. If Thaivisa had an auto response I could just type in "well then stay inside if you feel that way" and it would completely neutralize every one of your posts. Stay inside. If you are not scared, great. I am happy for you. You have the right to be safe as you want and stay inside. Nobody is endangering you... you are inside. Do I need an analogy so it sinks in? If you thought cars were horrendous death machines, you do not get to tell others to not drive them. You can however not drive one. and stay away from them all you would like. Nobody is stopping you.
  10. "Controlling the virus". You really think that? You really believe humans and politicians are "controlling this virus". One person started all this. If everything you believe were true unlocking would be a catastrophe in every country. The truth is that the infection curves we see country to country are very similar, whether strict lockdowns were implemented or not". It is easy to see the difference between you and I. We have an "earthquake" here if I may. You think humans and politicians can control it. You are very much mistaken. If it is going to take off again, it is going to take off again... cowering in your home is not going to save you. In fact, inside a home is looking like it is turning out to be the worst place to be. But yeah, keep believing in those lockdowns.
  11. Keep telling yourself anything you would like. Lockdowns have not been proven to be effective. Likewise, unlocking has not been shown to be harmful in any major way. We do happen to know economic shutdowns kill many. The funny part is you should be jumping up and down at these facts. If lockdowns were actually effective, why on earth would we ever come out of them short of a vaccine or good treatment? I never thought I would see the day: Governments: "stay home or else". People (cowering in fear): "yes sir, what else should we do?" Government: "shame other people who leave their houses, and report them to authorities". People: "yes sir, thank you sir". Government: "you know, I think it is high time to unlock this sucker" People: "why no sir, we love this enslavement, and what we love even more is keeping other people enslaved, you know the ones who think they should be able to go outside and all that nastiness". Government: "my god, what have we done".
  12. It can only be said so many times. There is nobody "insisting on their right to endanger other people". If you are that scared, stay at home. Cower in fear all you would like. Nobody is stopping you. You have the right to stay home and fully protect yourself, and others have the right to go out. What is there not to understand here?
  13. You don't seem to understand why you don't have a comment. It is because people who believe like you do need to stay at home and cower in fear. Have at it, nobody is stopping you. It is your choice, it is what you think needs to be done, so do it. Very simple. That is not my choice however. So, you don't have a comment because you do not have a leg to stand on. Simply follow your own beliefs and leave others alone.
  14. It is his choice. If he wises up, he is welcome to come out when he sees fit. You see how this works yet? People are free to make the correct, or the wrong choices for themselves. I am really not even quite sure what your point is, there does not seem to be one except for proving to purposefully misunderstand.
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