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  1. That's right. This insurance scam will soon spread to all long stayers and will eventually be the end of me staying here. People will have to decide if its worth the additional money to stay here for a year.
  2. I'm looking forward to a big Chinese blowout and the desperate measures they will be making to stay above Cambodia. Let's revisit this in October 2020.
  3. Looking forward to see what desperate measure they will be making in October 2020. Stay tuned.
  4. I'm sort of reluctantly considering putting 800k in a bank here for another year extension, but when the mandatory insurance stupidity hits all long stayers, that will be a deal breaker.
  5. I don't agree. I think it's the chinese that have run out of options.
  6. Evil China, the CCP and Xi (Pooh) is feeling the pressure of losing control. All in all I think the world is seeing the real side of China and shifting away from any kind of support. Hope things go really bad for China, the CCP and Xi in the very near future. Nothing good coming out of that SH country.
  7. This is a joke. Drive up to Chiang Rai and most of the way, both sides of the road, fires and smoke in the fields and in the forest, even on the side of the road. Get real. Leaving the north or Thailand in general is the only solution I take. Not worth the health risk. Eventually, in several years, they figure out the economic impact of lost tourism and local health issues AND THEN they will "convene" again... clowns and jokers.
  8. I have been teaching sex education here for many years.
  9. Malaysia and Indonesia, the first and second biggest exporters, have threatened to sue the EU over its palm oil policy at the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Sue away you forest burning nuts.
  10. The only solution is to leave Thailand or the north at the very least. It's the perfect time to go to those places that you want to explore as an alternative to living here. Some just might realize the other places are much better. The only way these people will stop this madness is with massive international media attention by the YouTubers bloggers/vloggers and due to significant loss of revenue. Get out, have fun, it's absolutely dangerously unhealthy to be Feb-May.
  11. It's highly possible that you've misinterpreted what you're reading. Other than the place you indicate, there is no mention of extension of stay, only Non O-A Visa.
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