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  1. The prices start from approximately THB 35,000 to the most expensive being THB 144,000. These prices include 14 days of stay, 3 meals a day and tea/coffee. They also include 2 Covid tests and a visit by a medical staff coming to you everyday to check your temperature etc. How does that equate to USD 1000 per night? 



  2. 8 hours ago, wpcoe said:

    What brand(s) do you consider to be similar?  Camel Active clothing was well-made with quality fabrics.  The things I bought from them lasted for years and years.  Also, their sizing was a little on the large size, which was good for me, who is also a little on the large size.

    Nautica is a good choice.

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  3. 2 hours ago, HuskerDo said:

    "over thinking".... also known as worrying. I read an article a while back where they were interviewing older folks and asked them "what is the one thing you wish you would have done less of in life". The predominant answer.... worrying. Worrying won't change a single thing other than give you more stress and a shorter lifespan. 

    I have had to give up my business which I had been running for the last 27 years as I relied on the Europeans and the Americans. I do not see them coming back soon in quantities. My rents and the staff salaries are huge. I paid out of my pocket for the last 3 months. Now suddenly 'forcefully' retired, I went into a depression, had been over drinking. Decided not to 'over think' and hope fully be back on the track. Like I said, Gratitude - to be able to afford a roof over my head, have enough to eat and good health. Rest of course, small bumps in the road of life will come. Up to me to handle them or become a depressed person. The CHOICE is mine.

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  4. I unfortunately had this Anal Fistula in June last year after almost 7 years. Went to Samitivej, was checked by the doctor. Appointment made for the operation the next day. Reached there at the appointed time. Was given general anesthesia, which I found strange as I had done some research online, where just local was sufficient. Anyways, the operation done while I was in slumber land. Woke up 3 or 4 hours later in 1 of their rooms. The doctor came to check me after about an hour. Told me I had to stay over night, but I told him I was feeling fine so I would like to check out. Take home medication was provided and I was presented the bill. Around THB 140,000. Almost fainted, luckily have insurance. They paid all. 7 years back the bill was approximately 30,000.

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  5. My Hoya progressive lenses cost me THB 8000. And yes there is a vast difference between cheap progressive and expensive ones. If getting single vision like for reading , lenses are available from THB 500 which work absolutely fine.

  6. 19 hours ago, scorecard said:


    The 1 year extension of the re-entry date I mentioned is specific to foreigners holding Thai PR (Permanent Residency).


    I'm not aware whether there are currently extensions on re-entry for other visas, perhaps you could post a specific question on this to get advice from the experts.


    Good luck.



    Thanks, and yes she has Thai PR (Permanent Residency)


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    - My Thai PR re-entry stamp expires 17 Nov 2020 but PR holders are now allowed to go up to 1 year beyond the re-entry deadline stamp.


    Is this confirmed news, as my daughter is stuck abroad and her yearly re-entry stamp expires on 19th July

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