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  1. A superb service , and price. Thanks for sharing the info.
  2. ^ I believe there is a recent thread on it. KTM importer has pulled out of Thailand. Lack of sales , due to the politics and import duties. It looks a good bike , but the price maybe more than most are prepared to pay.
  3. Are they the original tires ?. If yes , there will be a date stamp on them. Will tell you when the bike was assembled. Some times , when recall work is completed , an identifying marker or paint spot will be applied to the revilent component.
  4. These service intervals arent too bad. Every 1K , oil change. The valve shim adjustments are going to be the regular pain , but if you are not using the bike hard / high revs , my guess is that the valve service intervals can be stretched. As long as the valves themselves dont stretch. Even if you manage to import the 40 BHP parts , this bike is still some power short of the 450 X. You will invalidate the warranty with these modifications , but if thats not a worry , i would learn how do do the shims yourself , or become best mates with a decent mechanic. And by mechanic , i mean a technician , not a fitter. Priced too high , with 24 or even 40 BHP , people are put off. Just look at the KTM saga. My fear is this may well be a sales disaster , and will put off Yamaha and Kawasaki. Otherwise , tempting as this bike is , its just a CRF 250 with adjustable suspension and less weight.
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