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  1. Bike porn ,or an extra from Easy Ride, this was built here in Thailand by an Aussie guy near me , shod with an XS 650 lump
  2. Can someone say what this is ,the owner said a Jeep ,do not think so, I thought Toyota? is it ex army ?.
  3. Look at patipong .com they sell wood chippers ,they are near Bangkok.
  4. They built the Morchit bus terminal 20 years ago ,and they still is not good public transport link to get they ,buses still having to do a dodgy u-turn to get to Morchit, roads still bad .................You will have to wait a while for Swampy .
  5. Famerjo is right, no government will be buying sugar cane harvesters ,if they did rice corn farmers will be wanting combines to harvest they crops ,when will it end.if they did who would do the maintenance, transport the machines ,pay wages ect a logistical headache. And the cost one second hand imported machine can be up to 3 million baht not cheap ,in our area they are a good few machines ,I hear all the time from farmers "i am waiting for a machine to cut my crop ,it should have been here last week ",as a lot of machine's owners are owned by big growers ,who will cut they own crop before doing Somchie's and neighbor's 20rie ,hence the wait ,they are now maybe one, two machines owned by our local's mill manager who contracts them out . The main reason for burning the crop ,is to make life easier for the cutters ,they get payed by piece work ,they can make a lot more money cutting a burnt crop than an unburnt crop ,and cutters are getting more and more difficult to find ,so machine cutting will becoming more common soon,but as FJ said mills give priority tipping to machine cut cane ,I have heard because as the cane is in billets it drys out quicker ?so the sugar % is less ,so the farmer will receive less money . Anyway in this area it will be a poor harvest no rain crop yields will be down about 30% ,one grower said the local mill/government will be subsidizing the crop 50 baht/ton ,we shall see.
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