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  1. I said oil changes, depends if you do them your self or get the shop to do an oil change, all shop will do the servicing for you , as for perks not that I have found ,I brought another new Wave from the same shop, no discount or perks, just a crap crash helmet and a jacket, as for a warranty, I think it is 6 months ?or 6000 km ? cannot remember, with the mileage I use to do in 3 months warranty had run out. A 110 cc Wave it has more pull than you think, note how many sidecars all loaded up are being pulled by a 110 cc Wave. A Thai vet friend of mine has just brought one, he has a lot of work equipment, and does a fair mileage, no problems I said about drive belts on Click's, the ones I see are all in Thai hands, not a genteel one at all, with a farang looking after one it should last a longer. Warranty in Thai is Br-Gun ประก์น. ( same word as insurance) .
  2. I would say wealthy Indians, would go to the USA or Europe to visit son's, daughters .grandchildren ect rather than vist a country, that is not so different from their own .
  3. Is it cost effective, some farmers have not got a lot of choices trying to find cutters to cut cane is getting more difficult, most are Burmese or Cambodian, or in our area, Lao's from Issan, this year more farmers are using machines, they are far from being used sparingly. With the price of a machine of about 350 baht/ton to cut and haul cane to the mill, with a price of 700 baht/ton, not a big profit. Have a look at some photos I posted, on-farm photos one guy bailing some sugar cane straw. this straw is going for making paper, as a feed for cattle, not a lot of protein or energy, in sugar cane straw, probably less than rice straw.
  4. I brought a new Honda wave 125cc with mag wheels for 52 000 baht, the shop did all the insurance and tax, you can get a new 110 cc Honda wave for about 39 000 baht, add about 1500 baht for mag wheels which would suit you just as well. As for paying by credit card, depends where you live in my rural area, shops will not take credit cards, just cash, in a big town /city, should not be a problem ,I would buy locally, not my idea of fun driving 40 km to the shop just to change the oil . Second-hand bikes tend to hold they price when I was looking one shop had a 125 Wave 36k on the clock and he still wanted 35 000 baht for it, maintenance wise I would buy a Wave my local shop are always changing drive belts on these Clicks, and the whole bike has to come apart to do any major work on the engine, ie change piston and rings, something to think about when buying second hand .
  5. Hi CLW. As you know I am in central Thailand, and what I hear the beef price in Issan is dropping, it has around here, Foot and Mouth did not help ,I can remember saying a long time ago Thai cattle market is very volatile .we had to give up on rearing dairy heifers market prices too volatile, the classic buying at the top of the market, and selling as the price was dropping . We sold 1 16-month-old beef bull and 2 beef heifers about 16-18-month-old,one was all legs and ears ,some Indo blood from Grandfather found its way in to her the other a fat Brangus ,we got 95 000 baht, happy with that, as I said considering we had Foot and Mouth ,the bull was going for breeding the 2 heifers for the chop. Beef here in Thailand is all to do with breed you have the Thai French company, they cattle are Charolais X Brahman, about 60-40 mix, they do command a premium price Wague cattle will, but they are all cross breeds, the rest will just command local prices ,and with the Thai price structure, your nice looking fat animal will only make a few baht more than your very average animal . We have a Beefmaster bull calf, he would make a good animal, when we sell him our local buyer will buy him, probably for breeding, I would say in the right circle/market he would make some money for beef, but not around here. If you want to get into cattle you could go for breeding, breed some good quality cattle like red Brahman, Beefmaster, and sell the progeny, some guy was selling a very nice red Brangus heifer 18 months old on the internet last year 35k, or suckler cows using good breeds on the cows and sell the progeny on . A dairy farmer near me keeps all his bull calves and sells them for beef at about 2 years, the doses all right. As for the OP he had a good buyer paid over the odds ,if he drops his price he will struggle to make anything, and paying farther -in law 10k /month to look after a dozen head of cattle does not help with his margins ,and what are the odds he is still feeding Nappier grass well past it useful feed valve.
  6. What a lot of people do not realize this idea was one of Thaksin's, this Moo- Bann, housing estate is near me on a 25 rie block, or 10 acre ,they started building at one end ,the finished houses ,and after he was deposed, anything Thucksin related was stopped and this was one project, hence all the overgrown uncompleted houses .I would say 50% are un-compleated And now this government is basically reinstating what Thaksin started, this sign is new along with the other beside the local roads I like the artist impression , they are a promotion running up to the middle of next month 5000 deposit will secure you one of these houses ( compleat with a free chainsaw to clear the vegatation? ). The houses are 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom, a few owners have put on exstetions, at the time they where paying 500 baht /month for 25 years. s
  7. I was out today and found this bailing sugar cane, leaves /straw, the crop was cut by machine not far from me ,I asked him if the it was going for bio fule ,the guy looked at me ,then I said what bio fule was ,he said it was going to make papper? . You can see the rake rowing up the straw and the baler baling the straw, they estimated one bale weighed 300 -350 kg. The guy with the loader, a sugar cane grab had never picked a bale up, the first one he lifted the other way, and it just fell apart the last photo, but once he got the ider he had no problem loading the bales in to a 10 wheel truck. Two guys, they said the big square bales would be better, but I said the square baler would cost a good few million baht need a 130-150 hp tractor to work the machine, and you would need a forklift truck to lift the bale , one bale can weigh a ton , I have heard they is one working in Issan ,that sugar cane straw going for biofuel . As I was driving down the road I had just past a field of bunt cane straw, you could see the smoke 2 km away, this has got to be better, first time I have seen anything like this in our area, hope it is not a one-off .
  8. A pair of Vellocet Venoms, the clubman c 1961, that BRG takes a lot of beating, although most Velocetts where black. The scrambler was factory built, more an MSS engine with Venom insides and carb.
  9. The guys using the fag packet, are obviously not economists if the impairment just half of what they say, inflation will take off the economy would go downhill big time, this lot have spent most of the country's money, then they would have the job of calling in the IMF/World Bank........again But us farangs could be happy, the baht would drop, giving us a better exchange rate. As has been said they will not win, just vote catching.
  10. I thought that was for the new rail track, but I have been told it is the new expressway, Bangkok -Korat, why it had to be elevated I do not know. Not a good photo, but a flyover near me that will go over the new high-speed train line, this is midway between Saraburi and Pak Chong. a good few million baht was spent It has been built as this road is one on the main approach roads for sugar cane traffic to our local sugar mill, I hope they will put in a newline and fence. 30 km up the road at Mortlock Saraburi the new line is all elevated looks very impressive.
  11. I said to the wife this evening about this tragedy, she "Oh yes it was on Thai tv a guy going in and shooting everyone". Only in Thailand .
  12. I am no expert on cassava, and what I have seen it is a yearly crop, growing it twice a year, yield would be reduced , costs would outdo your yield, if you do everything your self, land work, planting, harvesting, haulage, you could make something but you would have to work out when to plant, dry season? and harvesting, will they be any buyers when you harvest . Wifes daughter and son in law ,harested some cassva end of April 2 years ago, by then they was only one buyer in the area buying cassava, about the end of the season, he had a monoply and payed a low price . But if you have to use contractors to do all the work, can not see it paying, contracting chages would take away your profit.
  13. As djayz said almost any time, the wife's daughter and son in law plant cassava, they planted some 6 weeks ago, but around here it is geting hot, farmers are now waiting for some rain, before planting any more , what has been planted is on black land, the growers with light sand land, of which we have a lot are waiting for the rain .and what I can remember of Chaiyaphum it is a light land area. And water is the problem if you have some irrigation, most use a drip feed system, you can plant at any time and water the crop, this year cassava is a paying crop, prices are good 2,50 baht/kg around here, watering a crop does pay ,last year prices where low ,and watering a crop did not pay. But cassava is a long time in growing, waiting for the rains, and if they come late, you could have reduced yields, around here the season finishes about April time.
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