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  1. You are in Issan ,I am in Lopburi ,this year we are the same, the past 2 months , when normaly we have the most of our rain, we have had 404 mm of rain ,190 mm of that has come from named storms /typhoons ,very little from the rainy season ,today's storm has so far given us 62 mm of rain, last time we had that amount of rain that was not a storm/typhoon was back in March 71 mm . This is the second year with very little monsoon rain ,this area is mainly a corn sugar cane, cassava ,not a lot of rice is grown ,with very little rain and the Fall Army Worm, no corn farmer has made any mon
  2. Like wise the Passk dam in Lopburi is only full 40% at the most ,unless Petchaboon ,150 km north of us ,has some more rain ,where most of the water comes from .it will struggle to make 60% full . They have dug a big hole about 100 rie on the edge of the dam to try and catch /save more water at great expense ,that is just a large puddle.
  3. A Zephyr or a Kawasaki 750 , made in 1992-93 a Kawa back to basics , They were 400,550,750 1100 cc in the range ,engine developed from the all conquering Z range .
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