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  1. The World Health Organization (WHO) has granted emergency approval for a Covid vaccine made by Chinese state-owned company Sinopharm. It is the first vaccine developed by a non-Western country to get WHO backing. It said the vaccine's efficacy for symptomatic and hospitalised cases of Covid-19 was estimated to be 79% BioNTech/Pfizer and Moderna have an efficacy rate of around 90% or higher, while the AstraZeneca jab is thought to be around 76%. The above from the BBC ,the way WHO have been dueing the whole pandemic ,keeping the Chinese happy .
  2. So right, the world's longest running soap, The Archers now have a character who is an alcoholic , doing it well . Some years ago they got an award for portraying a character with Alzheimer's ,who had it in real life. As for Coronation street ,not watched it for 35 years ,my ex was in to it ,I think it still tops the ratings.
  3. Fitting a new carb to an old engine, is not the same as a new carb ,new engine ,setting will not be the same. Try adjusting the pilot jet/mixture screw, tightening the screw weakens the air /fuel mix, so decreasing the amount of fuel flowing to the engine ,should help with the plug . Try 1-1 1/4 turns out ,when the screw is screwed right in , most cabs are 1 1/2-1 3/4 turns out . But I would still say an old bike the engine will be getting worn , and it will foul the plug ,a lower compression on the engine worn rings, piston, valves /guides, will not give you a clean burn at t
  4. That would be about right 55k 10 years ago ,young kid puts 1500 baht deposits down on a new Wave say 1500 baht/ month over 3 years ...... You buy a new Wave you will be paying 30% interest ,buying it on the never, never . I have looked before at second hand Waves sold privately not cheap ,owner wants back what he paid ,I could not understand why such high prices ,then the penny dropped ,you are paying for the interest charges.
  5. That still looks a bit black to me especially for a four stroke . If you can ,try and get a compression test done ,Google for the correct results ,I doubt if the guy doing the test will know . Are you sure the engine is not using any oil . I know it is a new carb , but what are the carb settings, try the pilot jet screwed out 1, 1/4-1, 1/2 turns ,check the height of the needle ,Google should tell you the correct settings for the carb . A problem I have had with more than one engine , carb float height that being wrong will not help . Someone told me a long time ago ,
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