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  1. https://www.lazada.co.th/catalog/?q=weed+mats&_keyori=ss&from=input&spm=a2o4m.home.search.go.43e61aa3WHkSif. Try this from Lazada might do the job.
  2. Bit like shutting the stable door after the horses has bolted, you would have thought that the DLD , Department of Livestock Development ,would have know that importing a wild animal from Africa would have to be blood tested and put in quarantine. But the DLD probable looked at the Zebras and said how are we going to handle these things ,they can kick and bite ,and then just let them go ,they can barely handle a stroppy beef cow ,so a Zebra no chance. Now they would probably use a knock out dart.
  3. I would like to know what the OP uses a grinder for ,we have a small holding rearing a few cattle and my Makita grinder has had a lot of heavy use mainly grinding steel ,have done a few blocks ,cut then with no problem ,must be 6-7 years old now. Try another Makita, we have a local guy who repairs grinders drill etc , and not expensive ,see if you have a guy locally'
  4. I think it is a Long Striped Tiger Moth บุง Boong in Thai. We regularly get them mainly crawling across our pathway ,be careful about touching them those hairs can make you itch not certain if they would cause a rash.
  5. Maybe my tea I ordered in the Uk at the end of March will be one of these flights,or if I remember right? BA is the carrier of UK post, and they will not be flying here for a while yet, and I asked at my local post office today about sending a letter to the UK ,the girl said no flights, sea routes only.
  6. To true here in Lopburi we have Mini Bear ,they make all parts for computers and now parts for I phones ,they work 24 hours 3 shift system I am 40 km from there factory ,and buses pick up workers from all over this area a big employer in the area if they ever stopped production it would hurt the whole area. The parent company is Japanese , they pay a fair wage, you know when the shift is changing ,you see all the workers in they gray uniform waiting at lane ends for they bus to pick them up
  7. Watching Thai TV ,if any Thai speaks any good English they all have an American accent, never heard a Thai speaking English with an English accent ,and some Thai's speak with that American droll, that sets my teeth on edge.
  8. OK class, hands up those who know what quay is in English.
  9. No, they is no way to check them, semen straws are stored in a tank of liquid nitrogen, taken out and immersed in warm water for 25-30 seconds, then put in to the breeding gun and the cow is served. Semen when collected is checked for quality ,the DPO at Mortlec Saraburi, the milk producing arm of the Thai Denmark milk group ,collect the semen from there dairy bulls ,I think they still do it at 5 AM, on a Friday, the cool of the day, I looked at one of they chart's once and the fresh semen was 75% fertile. But, by the time it gets to the cow who knows what percent it is having been transferred from semen tank to semen tank the percent of active semen drops ,and the way Thai's handle semen it is a miracle anything gets in calf. A good few years a go I looked at a DLD paper it said with they figure's, it took 3.5 service's to get a dairy cow in calf ,not a good very high conception rate, I would say that it would be more to do with the cow not being very fertile, mainly due to a poor diet, than the semen being not being very fertile.
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