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  1. The wife went to a village meeting last week, all to do with COVID-19 and the vaccine(s) the speaker said they will be a 1 in 1000 chance of a reaction, one woman stood up and said I bet that will be me . At the end of the meeting ,the wife said 70%? said they will not have the vaccine afraid of the side effects. We shall see what happens when it finally rolled out for the masses. If I had the vaccine I think I would react ,twice I have had the Para -Typhoid vaccine and twice it knocked me out for 2-3 days ,but that used to be known a bad vaccine, for reacting.,but been having
  2. I have been using TOT since it started,6 years plus ,I was always having connection problems ,our local office said it was the provider . Then 4 ? years ago TOT did every thing themselves, they had they own provider , we had very few problems with the internet. Then last autumn we got a letter from TOT saying they were changing ?their provider to another company ,they did say who in the letter , it has been since then I have been getting 522's . So, someone needs a word with TOT's new provider .
  3. The spray is an insecticide ,against caterpillars ,that boar in the fruit ,and other insects that that will eat the flowing plants . We have a lot of watermelons grown around here ,see them spraying all the time . I would say they is an organic insecticide but finding it, and it would cost more ,have to be used more often ,hence using chemical insecticides.
  4. Here is a CX 600 cc ,it would do as a base bike, at a bike shop near me deals in 70-80's bikes, never liked them pushrod engine ,very unusual for the time mid 70s, when most bikes were UJM 's ,4 cylinders in line S/DOHC engine, cylinder head has a 16 degree twist radiator looks if come from a Volvo F89 truck ,came out about the same time as the Wing and a Prayer , opp's sorry Gold Wing. Motorcycle News tested a new one at the time and seized it up ,Honda were not happy with that. Like other posts a SR 400 would do nicely ,saw a new one only yesterday about 220k ?
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