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  1. Try again. I think the op is going over the top ,a high percentage of the raw ingredients for chicken feed in Thailand is imported ,I can remember reading in the English farming press a few years ago ,the UK was sending 75000 ton of feed wheat to Thailand ,all bound for the livestock feed ,mainly pigs and poultry . Europe and the USA and probably Australia have very high standers about chemicals and fertilizer residue in their raw ingredients ,and they will not be allowed ,the odds of the manure being toxic from imported ingredients is very slim ,to non at all . Again the odds
  2. I think the op is is going over the top ,a high percentage of chicken feed in Thailand is imported ,even the maize ,we have a big buyer of maize in my area ,he s
  3. Anywhere in your town that has พรบ sign plenty about I have never been to a DLT office to renew my registration.
  4. You have Fifty rie, a fair bit of land here in Thailand, you have the land, if one crop does fail ,or the selling price has dropped ,you have got something else to fall back on, The op only has three rie ,a completely different ball game not many options as has been said water could be a problem . I have a Thai friend who is planting hardwood trees Teak, Mahogany ,he will not be around for the harvest ,Teak could be an option ,a 10-year cycle ,low maintenance once they get going , as has been said Eucalyptus ,always a market.
  5. You have got to ask the OP where he is ,Durian will not grow any where ,most are grown down south ,also Chonburi and Chantanarburi . Mango's are a better bet.
  6. Hi FJ Impressed with the sesame seed oil ,would make a good salad dressing, or forget the heathy bit ,fry some fish and chips . You have your reasons I know ,why the late drilling of the sesame seed ,around here it is drilled this time of year ,some rice farmers have drilled it as a catch crop before they plant their rice crop , like you sowing sun hemp now before the rains come in July time ish ,or maize as the second crop . Also, sesame seed does not like wet conditions shallow root system if it is sat in water roots will rot out ,unless your land is Kee -Pet ,ver
  7. Hi FJ I did think that Kubota was imported ,it has a cab on ,unlike Thai made ones . This is what I am try to stop this corner sits low any heavy rain this happens ,and during the rainy season water can sit they for some weeks ,all to do with the field being ex rice fields ,I would like to put in another two lines about 20 meters apart ,it covers about 2 rie altogether It was all natural run off ,I did think instead of the other 2 lines as you said use a mole plough ,I have the subsoiler ,I could soon make another tine with a mole plough parts ,which would basically
  8. In another forum I posted it has been a few years since we have had some rain at Songkram ,,this year last Sunday we 83 mm ,with it threatening to rain most days . A lot of farmers are out in force drilling maize ,these are two very near me from yesterday . First two photos a guy with his relatively new outfit ,the tractor is a Kubota? ,he is also applying some fertilizer ,not often that is done around here at drilling time ,third photo ,more traditional for around here old Hino tractor and a 2 row drill, drilling seed only . The first guy said to will it rain ?,or do you know t
  9. Looking through my vet book they are a few drugs that can be used ,but are they available in Thailand. The simplest for you would be Gentian Violet solution available from chemists . Undecyenete ointment, Isosquinolinum chloride lotion would work ,but like I said are they're available here . Before treatment cut the hair from around the outside of the spores, clean the spores ringworm spreads from the centre out ,so it is important to make sure the edges are well-dressed . And beware, ringworm can spread to humans from animals , I had it once many years ago ,I was tre
  10. You also have to ask who does the repairs ,outside out small town is a row of shops all fix fridges and washing machines and TV's . My guess would be ,if is it over 10 year old they can fix it ,our old fridge lost its gas pipe burst ,the local lads soon fixed it 900 baht no problem With these modern day inverter's I would say it would be out of their comfort zone ,they will say yep we can fix it ,but it will be a bodge . Our all singing and dancing LG washing machine would not fill up ,inlets valves blocked ,I got on to LG's office in Bangkok ,they sent one of their filters out f
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