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  1. Must have followed the Thames river and turned left instead of right at the estuary Ok, thanks for the information, normally I use a travel agent in Bankok, but this time I am trying online, I will try the airline direct. I looked at cheaptickets,co they prices are in Thai baht , and cheap but as has been said all the exstras adds a fair bit on. thanks .
  2. A quick look at St Loues web site, they say they are a private hospital, but non-profit, that 2000 baht is expensive, try a Thai government hospital should be cheaper. For my driving licence, I paid 60 baht at our local clinic in town, if the summer camp organizers will take one of your forms, with a clinic stamp on, the thing with a local clinic, normal just one doctor ,so a lot less hoops to jump through than a local hospital.
  3. Reading this are you going to try hydroponics?, as for finding wheat and barley grains, not easy, very little is grown in Thailand, wrong type of climate, Thai brewers, Chang, Leo etc import barley for their own use , Some wheat is imported by the big feed companies, ie CP for they own feed mills, the odds of getting some from them would be slim. If you want to try some fodder sprouts, maize would be a better option, it is more readily available, on a cost basis maize would be cheaper, you can get it locally, but it would be seasonal ,so you would have to buy all you need may be in one go and hope the rats do not find it. But saying that, only last week I come across some maize near me, Lopburi, that had come down from Mair Sot, still on the cob ,they where going to thrash it out and sell the grain it to our local Betagrow feed mill,so out of season corn is available ,if you can find it . Look in TV history, this subject has come up before.
  4. I thought Konig rang a bell, they were used very successfully in sidecar racing, in the '70s. A friend of mine had a 750 BSA A65 outfit, used it in club racing, did ok on a very limated budget , at the time a lot of winning outfits where useing Imp engines, as in Hillmen Imp ,and they had a fair bit of sucsess, did once see a Konig outfit ,or heard it first ,it did scream.
  5. I am not surprised it was abandoned, with all that weight how would it take off, and where would all the fule go for 216 cyinders .
  6. Basically OP, do not give up your day job ,goats will eat anything, but they will still need some form of quality feed to make them grow, either growing some quality grass, or feeding a concentrate feed, if you want to milk them they certainly will need some concentrate feed then finding a market to sell your milk, making cheese ,do you have a market for your cheese ,a guy near my makes goats milk cheese and send it all over Thailand, to mainly farang markets ,it took him a long time to get his markets established . Then the billy male goats need to be kept for up to a year, before selling, then you have to find a buyer. For breeding you will need a Billy goat, they can be nasty B's would not trust one with those horns. Then you have health problems goats do not like the wet, soon get sick, and they will need regular worming, then they is the shed needs to be raised so the goats have somewhere dry to lay, so minimising health problems not cheap.As VocalNeal said, think in the pub
  7. I wonder what Google would say if they saw this. A truck carrying chicken feed to a farm, outside our local feed mill," gai", is the Thai word for chicken.
  8. They can thrive almost anywhere, but they do not like being wet, rainy season can cause problems, clostridial disease, worms can be a problem, that is why most goat sheds, are built on leg up in he air, to keep the goats dry.
  9. Crisis? What Crisis ?,a very good LP by Supertramp 1975. The shop at the end of our road will sell alcohol for sure.
  10. I see you are in Surat Thani, way down south where there are a lot of Muslims that will eat goat meat, where I am is Central Thailand, we have a good few goat farms around here. Only today the wife was talking to a friend who rears goats, she said 100 baht /kg, which is up from the last time I heard the price 70-80baht/kg, and I would say a lot of meat would end up in Bangkok, Is it the same price where you are? a different and bigger market than around here, your best and easiest way just ask a fellow goat breeder in your area
  11. They are no front drum brakes on a Wave now, all are disc, brakes fitted as standard, very early models had them, all rear brakes are drum, for me, the rear drum brake is not that good, needs to be well adjusted. About 41 k with electric start and mag wheels. An electric foot, electric start is 1500 baht extra. No tubeless tyers on Waves. Mag wheels are 1500 baht more. As for resale value,depends , your average Thai will put down a 2-3 000 baht deposit on a new bike and pay the rest over 4 years , paying 30% interest , making a 52k 125 Wave about 70k pay back ,so when he sells that bike he wants some of that money back, so for his 3-4year Wave he will want 35-40k . If it was paid by cash you will get it for a lower price, I sold a 4 year old 125 cc Wave for 20 k,it did have 65 k on the clock ,but it was basically in good nick, cam chain rattled a bit, could have been the slipper tensioner, never did use any oil,even had a sidecar on it for a year . The HP buying example was wife's granddaughter's boyfriend's bike.
  12. Have a look at The official farm photo thread 2019, it is a pinned topic. Also, they are several posts on the Maize and Rotational crop thread, also pined. about the growing of cane. Youtube has videos of the processing techniques, we have a sugar mill near here, often thought how it all works, so had a look at Youtube.
  13. I said oil changes, depends if you do them your self or get the shop to do an oil change, all shop will do the servicing for you , as for perks not that I have found ,I brought another new Wave from the same shop, no discount or perks, just a crap crash helmet and a jacket, as for a warranty, I think it is 6 months ?or 6000 km ? cannot remember, with the mileage I use to do in 3 months warranty had run out. A 110 cc Wave it has more pull than you think, note how many sidecars all loaded up are being pulled by a 110 cc Wave. A Thai vet friend of mine has just brought one, he has a lot of work equipment, and does a fair mileage, no problems I said about drive belts on Click's, the ones I see are all in Thai hands, not a genteel one at all, with a farang looking after one it should last a longer. Warranty in Thai is Br-Gun ประก์น. ( same word as insurance) .
  14. I would say wealthy Indians, would go to the USA or Europe to visit son's, daughters .grandchildren ect rather than vist a country, that is not so different from their own .
  15. Is it cost effective, some farmers have not got a lot of choices trying to find cutters to cut cane is getting more difficult, most are Burmese or Cambodian, or in our area, Lao's from Issan, this year more farmers are using machines, they are far from being used sparingly. With the price of a machine of about 350 baht/ton to cut and haul cane to the mill, with a price of 700 baht/ton, not a big profit. Have a look at some photos I posted, on-farm photos one guy bailing some sugar cane straw. this straw is going for making paper, as a feed for cattle, not a lot of protein or energy, in sugar cane straw, probably less than rice straw.
  16. I brought a new Honda wave 125cc with mag wheels for 52 000 baht, the shop did all the insurance and tax, you can get a new 110 cc Honda wave for about 39 000 baht, add about 1500 baht for mag wheels which would suit you just as well. As for paying by credit card, depends where you live in my rural area, shops will not take credit cards, just cash, in a big town /city, should not be a problem ,I would buy locally, not my idea of fun driving 40 km to the shop just to change the oil . Second-hand bikes tend to hold they price when I was looking one shop had a 125 Wave 36k on the clock and he still wanted 35 000 baht for it, maintenance wise I would buy a Wave my local shop are always changing drive belts on these Clicks, and the whole bike has to come apart to do any major work on the engine, ie change piston and rings, something to think about when buying second hand .
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