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  1. Possibly due to boredom. Join a tennis club or temple travel club where psis ups are less likely to happen. Join a gym. Focus on healthy living. Etc.usual advice I think. I don't think you're a true alcoholic if you're not seeking out alcohol every 2nd day.
  2. A few years. The German stuff was enanthate that I swapped too with better affect.Maybe my body prefers that to cypionate now.
  3. Is anybody using cypionax? I'm not sure of its quality anymore. I used to get more energy during workouts from it. I swapped to a German made brand same dose and felt the difference. So either cypionax is not pure as before or .....I dunno. But now I can't get the German brand and trying cypionax again. It's not having much of an affect as before. Any thoughts. Btw. If you exercise a lot then try roids sensibly. Why not. Either way your gonna die soon anyway.
  4. Certainly not needed. By far the best and easiest way to get the computer back to the way it was out of box. Fresh windows, drivers installed, old stuff gone. And legit with key preinstalled. Nothing to lose, check the model number and key press needed. Then if not successful use the other more difficult and time consuming methods.
  5. In Oz prepayment during certain hrs required by some taxis. Simple solutions exist, but life too hard.
  6. Or the laptops factory reset partition. Google which key to press on startup, for the particular model number, to bring up reinstall menu. Usually a function, fn key. If partition doesn't exist then try as above posters say.
  7. Land office are top of the ladder. There is no going over them it seems for an unfair outcome. I guess ask developer for a compromise and be humble.
  8. Scored some discounted mozzarella today. 4x 40 baht 200gm. Will grate up and store in freezer. Hmmmm. How to use in keto diet? Cream mushroom soup with mozzarella maybe
  9. Doesn't really matter. You'll get charged for it anyway. Private corps gouge for the dollar, over pricing, double dipping insurance, and unnecessary treatments. Dr. Google is the best.
  10. As a visitor to Thailand I recommend to the future government more spending on road line painting projects. Thank you for listening and sharing.
  11. The fear put on people is very stressful. Remember to put 5 different virus scanners on your PC, take 10 multi vitamins a day, unplug every electrical appliance when sleeping. And never tell anybody your real name. Just kidding. It's not worth wasting brain cells. Forget it.
  12. Jack reiwoldt won't have his thunder stolen so early. Lynch will.miss JLT. Also 2nd ruck to nanny kervis yet to be named but I reckon just make it roillli. Worked well last . year. And that's the tiger Roundup for now. Yeehaw.
  13. No shame in going back to windows 7. I've used both and just prefer 7. I'm used to it more and it's menu layout. Win 10 trying to do what apple does and get too intrusive and controlling. SSD speeds things up a noticeable amount. Worth doing. Driver booster program good for after a win 7 downgrade install to get all hardware working properly.
  14. I'm a bit nervous when driving through intersections along Sukhumvit. One second I'm between divider lines then on the other side of intersection I'm right on top of a line and have to decide which way is safest to swerve. Still alive. Just go slow. Peace to all on the roads.
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