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  1. If youve not got the kinda boss who scolds you for being a nano second late I wouldn't worry to much which you choose. Just rely on your body clock.
  2. Whoa baby. Excuse my biased opinion, but I thought that was a very entertaining game. A good sign of things to come this season. Hope Rance is ok. I'm guessing/praying a few weeks rest for him. Lynch will find his feet. A few fumbles. Blues gave a good go at it but as all figured Tigers the stronger team.
  3. Sell all your stuff. Buy again here. Cheaper , quicker and easier. Sorry if you have sentimental stuff. Let us know in a while how it all goes.
  4. I always setup time option to manual and enter myself also with location. On phones usually in the first setup menu, date and time. On computer I right click on time in bottom right of screen for pop up menu and go from there. Scan the screen for manual option or untick use network values.
  5. Whoa. Eerie. Good start for a movie. Titled "Time Interruptions" I love time travel and scifi movies. Waiting for Dirk Gently tv show to restart.
  6. If someone signs up as guarantor what does the guarantee include? Or is there no such official thing? Obviously it would not include the exiting back to home country or the op's gf would have a visa
  7. If that's going to happen you need to put a (better) social security system in. I think Thailand at least had a voted female prime Minister, unlike Australia.
  8. I've noticed on my trip to banpakard that Loatian people are allowed to do the visa 1 month runs as many times as they like. I've been told only two for caulkies.
  9. Well, here I am at a border allowed to leave Thailand. Everything going as normal with agents helping out. Strange how Cambodian side never gets discussed. Did get asked to fill arrival card in properly though this time. Usually the agent scribbles.
  10. You seem to forget my tip on a game where I got even the margin spot on. Actually I got the exact scores and knew the first goal scorer and the color of his undies.
  11. It's like you are living on an aeroplane. How can you travel so much? I guess you have the so called bug. Just go to embassy in home country and get their advice
  12. Half the price of Oz. And an important thing to note must be non imm. Visa and 5 year licence. Corrinium. Thanks for that. Good to see photo.
  13. Ummm. A couple of quickies chaps. 1. I'm guessing if I don't get my tips in in time, they default to home side, right? 2. Only the first game allowed me to select by how much. Why? Sorry in advance if I'm absent from tipping on some weeks. Other crappy things going on. Go Tiger!
  14. Sorry, I do include the government as a silent partner. Same argument for the government alone. Where does all the money go? Frequency lease, labour Income and VAT collected by the government. A freaking huge number.
  15. It seemed so rational that I thought it would not need broadcasting but the next time I watch I'll post a tid bit to backup my point.
  16. Power of attorney with someone you trust. The someone you trust is the sticking point. If a lifetime ban were to happen you'd be gambling the trust. You'd have to be one unlucky bsratad for all things to go against you and lose a condo for example, and just to keep up the line of harrassment to the op. You're ugly and I hate you. Haha just kidding. Ignore the crap mate. The TV moderators are sleeping now. They'll sort out the harrassment late morning.
  17. Tucker has the best reasoning of all political analysts I have seen and he has a cute puppy stare to boot.
  18. Using metv for 8 mths stay then heading back to your home country and applying for another and returning immediately may or may not cause problems. I spend two months back in my home country before returning. Getting visas elsewhere and Not returning back to your home country seems to worry Imm. A criminal on the run maybe.
  19. Where does all the money go? I calculated an estimate of the phone companies income v expenses for the day. My mind blew apart. Don't know why they are increasing now? Maybe 5g equipment.
  20. The issue is with the physical muscle coordination of the cue. Men have more fine tuned coordination. For the hunting and all that.
  21. Because snooker is a physical game and not purely mental like chess or politics where there is no gender disparagement.
  22. If your emotionally attached. AliExpress has s6 LCD with frame for 75 US. A YouTube video and a hairdryer and your good to go. I reckon sell it on eBay and make it someone else's problem. Then buy another phone as others suggest. S6 is a nice phone in the hand though.
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