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  1. You would be safer with a long iron …
  2. I posted this on 1st April in the Golf Section ... as we were holidaying there ... Blue Canyon ... Lakes course 1500thb and Canyon course 1800thb. Canyon is the better one. They also do a stay-play-stay-play, basically you stay there for nothing. Mission Hills ... 2200thb including a meal. Nice course but was a bit dry... not now though as it’s pissing down today. Opinion was Blue Canyon better.
  3. On the other hand, a brand new car should have enough protection already in the paint itself.......I would think!! Actually no... New paint, older paint is just the same... you need to put something on it, and whatever you put on won't last long. Even ceramic coating need 'maintenance' about every three months. One of the biggest problems in Thailand is bird poo ... with the heat some will eat into your clear coat quite quickly. Best way to remove bird poo is to wet some 'unused' toilet tissue and then place it over the poo until it softens enough to allow it to be gently wiped
  4. There are a number of similar apps most also have a paid option. However the picture quality is not as good as if you just use your phone on video. Your phone might get a bit warm so if you can blow the air con on to it. I actually keep one of those dashboard clamps in the car incase my dash cam fails when I am out…
  5. I am from the UK and have used TW for several years. I make a transfer of 65,100thb every month just to satisfy IMM. About 9pm yesterday evening I ordered and paid for the usual. They said arrive on 10th. Just checked my bank account(Bangkok Bank) and money arrived 2pm today….
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