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  1. That is my bank ... they will supply you with the immigrstion letter stating the value of your deposit. If you use their term deposit you can only get a book update after adding money. I use their Speed Saver as my current account keeping 1M thb plus in it to get their top rate on that a/c. They no longer issue Credit Cards .. but do issue a debit card with a six number pin ... also internet banking ..
  2. So I have just got back home after been out of the Province, for two weeks, and only one Hotel in that time insisted on having a copy of my passport ... that was three days ago ... I assume that they reported my presence to immigration as they should. So do I need to go to Nonthaburi Immigration and if so which form do I need to give them ... thanks...
  3. Ha Ha ..driving from Phitsanulok to Nakhon Sawan this morning saw a few camaras ...I set the cruise control to 90 ... about km post 23 some guy in a big Nussan flashed passed and weaved aroung those in front ...between 21 and 20 there was a police road block and a table set up at the road side in the shade ... Mr Nissan had an invite ...there was a queue to be seated ....
  4. I mentioned previously that the ownership has changed. Today we played ... first time since December. Big changes are in progress... Basically the course is been made somewhat longer, many new greens being built. Also no more sports days although I believe there is 100thb green fee reduction on Mondays and possibly Wednesdays as well. Previously the Monday start was 9am but that is now as per other days at 6:30am. It is looking as though it will end up a really good course and certainly not easy as it is now!... I hear the figure of 50M thb banded about as what is been spent on the total improvements! Maybe our two membership shares will increase in value ... their price hasn't changed since they were bought in 2007. Caddie suggested that if we want to play reasonably early avoid Tuesdays and Thursdays as several slow playing four balls play at that time... as we found out today!
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