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  1. We are up there for a couple of days and staying in their accommodation. Have always liked the course although as have got older it seems more hilly and the walk up to some of the tees definitely seem more steep. Used to walk the course but giving that a miss now! The course is always in good condition, on many holes you need to get help from the caddy (some speak a bit of english) else you may get a bit of a surprise. There are at least four ravines that you need to get your ball over and over one is an elevated green. Greens were a bit slow I thought. Green fee f
  2. Guys… next week MrsJ and myself are considering making our way up to Chiang Mai, on the way playing Sirikit Dam, Mae Moh and Grassan Khuntan. We have played them all before so know what to expect. Might stop a day or two at Sirikit as we like the course. Also what is the air pollution like at Sirikit and Mae Moh, seem to remember last time you couldn't see the sky or the hills. Can anyone offer updated advice about playing in Chiang Mai…promotions etc. Last time we were up there did a ‘stay and play’ at North Hills (bit pricy if I remember), played Summit Green Valley and Doi In
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