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  1. JAS21

    Mae Moh

    Yes ...we are heading there now ...will play tomorrow ... I was wondering about what is the latest ...I will find out ...
  2. Hell Don ... we left the UK for good in 2007 ..decided not a good place to get old in ... my wifes exact words ... Whatever you think of the rule changes, if you can accept them, this place is okay for your latter years BUT YMMY of course.
  3. Out of interest I googled ... seems oil base over water base is no problem ... so Wash it Lightly sand to provide a key Undercoat Lightly sand is a good idea Top coat ...using quality paint
  4. No ... No ... Mrs J holds a pile of their shares .... great company ... does a lot for Thailsnd ... their chicken breastsbare ok too ..
  5. We drove up from BK to Uttradit the other day. Mile upon mile of 90km speed limits ...enough to bore you to sleep. Mrs J downloaded an app which warned you of km posts where you need to be careful ... only problem someone had painted over the numbers. In the end decided to follow those who seemed to know where to be careful. A 90km/Hr convoy for a couple of km and then speed off again ... I don't tend to drive fast anyway but on straight duel carriageway through the country side 90km/Hr does seem unnecessary slow.
  6. Have just used it to get to Sirikit Dam from Bangkok ... no problem until the last bit where there was a choice of two ways ... it choose the shortest way ... bad news ...so if it suggests you take a road with four numbers ... look for an alternative that has three or less .... roads with four numbers can be narrow and have many many bends.
  7. MrsJ told me if they kill everyone over thirty years old and.start again ...corruption might be stamped out ..I think many many years ago there was a preceedance set somewhere ....
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