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  1. As Srinakarin Dam Golf Course is not listed in Golf Directory (Kanchanaburi) and there appears no way of adding then I will post here. Mrs J and I are in Kanchanaburi at present and she brought her clubs. I can't play at the moment due to injury and 'Crossy' very kindly pointed out that if I need it, at the top of every Thaivisa page there is help for me....... Srinakaring Dam is one of EGAT Courses and we have played it many times. The Caddy told us it had very recently rained every day for two weeks. The course looked fantastic, lush fairways and greens. The gre
  2. My wife tried several times to phone the course last week,,,no one would answer. We met some golfers who 'reside' in a well known bar in Kanch who told it that at present the course is closed.
  3. And I think many buy them on the never never anyway. And of course something like the E-Class... the price has dropped about 1 million thb in the last few years .. because now it is built in Thailand.
  4. So pleased that we have just used up all our 10 nights at 40% discount in hotels, and of course 40% off all the food....... We will now spend more of our free time at the golf club and are very lucky it doesn’t have anywhere for overnight stays..... When Steven‘s hero goes will that comic replace him....
  5. Could try getting a friend in the other end of Thailand to give it a test.
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