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  1. If you have a local wife or gf it is easy to make it look as though you have a beard ... and it won't have a grey bits...even if you are quite old ...
  2. Used my Yellow Book recently to buy and register a car ... yes I could have got a piece of paper from Immigration but ... Of course it is useful...had it quite a few years now and the Pink ID Card.
  3. In the UK it was long kegs and big tits ...MrsJ is only average in these departments and she normally wins at golf ...<deleted> ...
  4. Sorry I haven't read all nine pages but at crossroads ... It is not illegal to go through an orange light BUT if you don't get through the lights on the other side of the crossroads before those lights change to red you are illegal ...
  5. That should not happen unless you are doing very very short runs or starting the engine when cold for a very short time period .... just a thought have you upset your neighbor and he has shoved his hosepipe up it
  6. One2car.com has car specs and if someone is advertising the latest model you have it cracked ...
  7. Your first line should have been ... I will be leaving Thailand soon and still have 2 years out of 6 years of a car loan outstanding on my 200? white? Make? ...model? etc. and someone would have probably offered to take the loan over ........... I've seen this sort of advert made quite a few times on this forum or you could even make a reference to your classified ad ....
  8. He tested at 100psi ...he must be a 'kin idiot. Always test with water and ensure that all the system is fully vented before commencing the test. It is not necessary to test much above the NWP half as much again would be more that adequate.... on house pipework...but checking for none glued joints (no glue) it might be an idea to give the system a little bit of water hammer and then test again .... we had one and it didn't show up for quite a few weeks... somehow the guy managed to get a few floor tiles up without breaking them ...
  9. but I wonder how it is fixed on the wall ? only putty ? Probably yes as said above it should have a rubber sealing ring but doubt it... just remove the trap and disconnect it from the rusty 'silver coloured pipe' Get a new bit of piping as the end of the old one is probably rotten...these are normally paper thin... Remove the ring at the wall...might need to chisel it Then decide if a new rubber ring will work or just do as before with something like waterproof grout If possible make the pipe slope very slightly downwards from the trap .. just depends if the trap is adjustable Just make sure that when you enter the pipe into the wall that it doesn't touch the rear of the outlet drain line ( if needed cut it shorter or at 45deg) AND as someone said, although quite unlikely check that the outlet drain line is not blocked .....
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