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  1. At Nonthaburi that would have been a problem .... and of course exchange rates vary ... and that may help or the other way!
  2. I don't bring all my pension over every month ... just 65,100. If you can show that your total pension is at least 65,000 times 12 each year and you bring over at least 65,000 each month and the transfers show FTT then that should not be a problem... it might take a little bit of explaining though!!! BUT you must bring it over every calender month. If your transfers don't show FTT then you need to go to the bank and get the paper chase ... how to do has been talked about in several topics.
  3. I gave him a copy but he gave it back. I think normally that is only needed for marriage Extension. PM me your e-mail address as file might be a big big
  4. A post with an unnecessary comment removed
  5. Yes they do but TIT No it is a special form ... the one that is normally used to prove transfer of money to buy a Condo. I had to sign some forms they gave me ... about overstay penalties Let me know if you want a copy. I use Bangkok Bank
  6. My wife phoned Immigration this morning to book an appointment (my due date 2nd May).. they said ‘walk in this afternoon we are quite’. I had all ready except the letter showing that I own the bank account and the last few months bank printout...so a dash to the bank to organise. So I gave them …. … Completed TM7 form … 13 Months of Bank printout. ( About 10 months from BB HQ, organised a while ago and then rest from my local branch) I did underline all my FTT's … Letter showing that I own the bank account and total today.. … Standard form listing all my FTT’s
  7. As stated above it is the dealer delaying. My wife always registers our cars herself ,,, tells the dealer that she wants the paperwork and gets it within a few days. Quite often car dealerships actually charge you for registration ... think Honda wanted 3000+ and Mercedes more. If you get fined ... give the ticket to the dealer!! Just make sure that you fill in the Brown Book every time you use the car ... and use a pen ... that will put one up the dealer ...
  8. I just found this (https://www.eaanywhere.com/maps) but I wonder how much per kwh. Electric is relative cheap in Thailand compared to say the UK but so is diesel and gasoline. Thailand need much more renewalable generation but is planning mainly large coal and gas. Some interesting comments ... WIKI 'Energy in Thailand' if you care to look it up.
  9. We had a 2007 520d and the oil change kms counter started off at 30,000kms and counted down. I don't remember exactly how many kms it actually did between oil changes. Sold it at 50,000kms and don't recall many oil changes, definitely not every time it went in. Later BMW reduced the oil change interval. When you bought a BMW service was included in the price so any money BMW could save I guess they did. I do know that this 30.000kms was dropped sometime later ... maybe based upon experience. I believe Mercs are one year or 10,000kms and Ford SUV nine months or 15,000
  10. How lucky you are ... my GP in the UK needed to see me every year before he would renew my script.
  11. We have stayed at six different hotels in the last three weeks. At only two of them did I see every person wearing a mask when they went to choose their food at breakfast. Of course many had their mask dangling around their neck..... Given that for the past months Thais have been wearing masks like members of a zealous religious cult ... I wonder if this has been the case recently at certain entertainment venues and night clubs ....
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