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  1. I have been together with my partner for 11 years and we have a young son who is coming up to 5 years old soon, we have a house a car I have a good job well paid job and played a good game for 10 years in pattaya with the girls before I met her. As a family we have done well and visits to the UK, the boy in a private school and a farm aswell which makes money but not massive amounts. The house was built in view of my son having a steady home and of course it would be his in the future. its been a case of good living which I have no regrets and love my son more than anything. enough of that now down to the problem, GAMBLING! she just wont stop playing cards for money everyday and obviously she is losing and tell lies to me all the time. I have threatened her with losing me and the money source but it has not worked. I have to leave her and cut the money but I am worried what will happen to my son. She says she will not let me see him again and she will go back to working in the bar scene which means the family will have to take care of the son which obviously I do not want as my job is working away for periods of time. I have tried everything to help but she just keeps on gambling to the extend when I send money for something like the school fees she gambles it and pays it off monthly so I am paying it twice. I need some advice as MY heart is heavy and I cant take no more. its the boy that worries me so much. thanks TV and go easy on the abuse this is a serious question. we are not married.
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