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  1. That's certainly true in the countryside. In Bangkok, most people have Social Security and many of them go to a private hospital (of course, the private hospitals participating in Social Security offer different levels of care for Social Security patients and for patients who pay out of pocket). And many people try places like the Police Hospital (that's where the patient from Korat I mentioned before ended up), the Military hospitals (BritMan mentioned Fort Suranaree hospital, which is just as good as Bangkok Hospital - but your average Isan farmer cannot just walk in there) or the university hospitals. They belong to the government, but they are not always easily accessible and they are not free.
  2. It seems we know different people. Pretty much all Thais I know try to get private medical care (but often it would cost too much). The poor because they know how they are treated in the government hospitals. The middle class wouldn't consider anything but private. One reason for the difference may be location, I know places that fit Sheryl's description very well. Another reason maybe age. I know mostly young people, they do not like government hospitals. Many of their parents would hardly consider a private hospital, that's true.
  3. I agree. Since 2015, the hospital is obliged to write a prescription so you can buy the medication outside the hospital.
  4. I beg to differ. Considering that Thailand is a middle income country, not a rich country, the quality of care is surprisingly good. But compared to care in rich countries, many hospitals in Thailand are not good at all. Some are deadly. One thing all poor Thais, especially from the ethnic minorities in Isan, know: The Thai (Chinese) doctor in the public hospital looks down on them. - Most old rice farmers suffer from back problems - paracetamol is good enough. - 76-year old with broken limbs? Going to die soon anyway, don't invest much effort. - Broken vertebra of a middle aged housewife? We have bigger problems. That's why even the poor try to get the money for a private hospital. Even without a farang who pays.
  5. I know that. But they went there and that was the cost. They moved the patient very soon somewhere else. BTW do not imply that they were just stupid. Maybe the military hospital didn't accept the patient, or their ICU was full...
  6. Private medical insurance is indeed rare, but many do have some kind of benefits from credit card or employer, usually some kind of accident insurance.
  7. Many private hospitals don't care whether you have farang relatives or not. When a friend of a friend's (no farang whatsoever in the family) father needed treatment in ICU 2 nights in the best private hospital in Korat cost almost a year's salary.
  8. 10000 for a night in private hospital is not expensive at all. It depends a lot on what hospital it was and what has been done. Bangkok Hospital chain breaks even when they get 20000 - 50000 Baht per person per night.
  9. Where to move in Thailand to get away from the smoke? Bangkok has poisonous air since december. It covers the whole surrounding areas, all the way to Pattaya. After that you arrive at Mapthaput, basically an open air gas chamber. Isan has only 2 stations measuring AQI, one of them is broken. Khonkaen has consistently measured bad air quality, especially last week. There are plenty of reports of toxic air due to agricultural fires. I haven't seen many though, maybe southern Isan is ok. In the north, burning season has started. AQICN is read all over the north. So go to the tourist traps of the south, enjoy the Chinese visitors and the fresh air as long as you can (i.e. until burning season on Sumatra starts).
  10. Thais are smart. So the staff at BTS Onnut told us you cannot register yet, you can only register starting tomorrow. This way they avoid the problems described above. Of course, you can register today, just not at a busy station staffed by smart people (like Onnut). And of course there are ways to protect your privacy, see above.
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