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  1. Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao New Zealand Slovakia Maldives, Sri Lanka Costa Rica It's the successful countries, the ones that completely (Macao, Taiwan) or almost completely got rid of the virus - they don't like the virus.
  2. They are more discreet, avoiding conflict.
  3. uhuh

    what a pity

    น่าเสียดาย naa (falling tone) sia (rising tone) daai (mid tone)
  4. 1. Expats on an expat package. 2. Digital nomads. They avoid taxes and social security, in a typical European country it's maybe 30% taxes plus 30% social insurance. And, of course, cost of living in a place like CM is cheaper - so in purchasing power your income is higher. 3. English teachers, many of whom would be jobless anywhere else in the world. 4. Rentiers saving taxes (e.g. Swiss) 5. Quite a few people in the hospitality industry.
  5. Chinese come for a cheap exotic experience. Chinese love to watch folkloristic places and races, and Thailand is much cheaper than Austria or Texas. Zero-dollar tours.
  6. I forgot to mention that the Thai elites make their money mostly from the Thais and from Thailand. In this respect, they are not as globalized either. So they are interested in a functioning Thai state and economic system.
  7. The elites in the West have no skin in the game. They are globalized, and live wherever it's suits them fine, they have residences all over the globe and don't get homesick easily. Like Peter Thiel bought a NZ passport. In their home countries, they are isolated from the plebs, much better isolated than the rich in Thailand. In the beginning, some of the elites did catch covid (Hanks, Prince Charles, Boris Johnson). This doesn't happen anymore. It's the expendable who die, a.k.a. the poor. Thai elites mostly really want to live in Thailand. Of course, there is a special case which we cannot talk about here.
  8. The first couple of days, when you are already infected, every test is still negative. You would need a quarantine of at least xxx days, plus a negative test after this time. But this is all cutting edge science. Plenty of studies are still running. xxx is the time from infection to possible detection, so probably shorter than the incubation period of up to 14 days. How many days is xxx? I don't know.
  9. At last an honest one (and quite sensible, too). All these farangs whinging they would happily accept quarantine - forgot how the same farangs wouldn't even wear a mask? Forgot they don't consider Thailand a "civilised country" (cf post #51)? This whole thread mainly consists of posts refusing to accept the legitimacy of Thai rules and regulations - actually a lot of TVF is about this. In quarantine they would complain - it's too hot - room too small - room dirty - CCTV is unnecessary intrusion into privacy - internet is too slow - There is no beer!!! And no treatment for alcohol withdrawal symptoms. - only Thai food - gf is not allowed to visit them during quarantine - no English language TV - staff speaks Thai - breakfast ist served at 7 am - 14 days is too long if fifo and only 4 weeks off and lots of other horrible things. The horrors they complain about every day in Thailand, magnified by quarantine. Very few would accept 14 days quarantine as a reasonable precaution. Most would try to cheat.
  10. You are surely much smarter than they are. BTW https://www.online-spellcheck.com
  11. You cannot fly EVA because you are not allowed to transfer in Taipei. No foreigners are allowed to enter Taiwan, not even as transit passengers. Only Taiwanese and foreigners with residence in Taiwan. The Taiwanese government has stated they want to keep it this way until a vaccine is available.
  12. And that's exactly why they don't let you in. Well done. You want to come and happily spread Covid19 to others. Thais have to rely on their public hospitals. You, instead, will have private insurance, get the best treatment, and if things turn sour you probably get repatriated by air ambulance, insurance pays. Just follow TVF, so many farangs don't believe in corona, don't care about others - even their governments don't care. When 95% in the BTS started to wear masks, back in March, it was invariably farangs who were walking around with naked faces. They feel rules are not relevant. They don't even want to wear a mask - who would trust these people about quarantine? They think they are smarter than Thais. Just peruse TVF to see their racist superiority complex. These people are dumb and dangerous. Yes, Thailand wants their money. But the risks are just too high.
  13. Is this true even if the old passport has been invalidated when issuing the new passport?
  14. There are daily flights out of Thailand. LH flies 3 times a week, others too. Tickets are not expensive. I don't know whether the Thai government allows Thais to leave Thailand
  15. So does Taiwan, which so far is the only country that has successfully eradicated covid
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