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  1. simon43

    Help Me Pick My Venue for Next Year

    Restricted, but not illegal I've had a Thai ham licence for about 16 years, very easy to get if you have a USA ham licence, no test to take, just a trip to the licencing office in Bangkok. (In Burma, it took me 6 years of pestering the government department before they finally issued me with the first resident ham licence to be issued in 55 years....) The operating restrictions in Thailand are mainly on power output, but even that has been increased to 1000 W for those with full ham licences. The Thai Radio amateur Society https://www.qsl.net/rast/ can help you to get your licence. I have a rig in my house for HF PSK/FT8 use and another HF rig in my pick-up. Simon HS0ZIB XZ2A
  2. Scot, is it OK to post this link to a job vacancy (ies) with my previous employer in Myanmar? It might be of interest to those teaching in Thailand who maybe lack the qualifications/experience to teach in 'real' international schools in Thailand, and who are seeking a good salary. https://bangkok.craigslist.org/edu/d/10-esl-teachers-neededs-in-the-golden/6797771876.html Briefly, ILBC is a private school in Myanmar (Burma). The salary and working conditions are very reasonable. Although they have about 20 branches across the country, the more remote branches are recommended only for hardy souls! If you stick to Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyitaw, then I think you'll enjoy your teaching experience and ability to save money each month, (I saved about 65,000 baht each month).
  3. For a moment I thought you were talking about Online Teaching.... But then I read the linked article, which refers to a push by Korean teachers to reduce/eliminate the use of foreign EFL teachers in elementary schools - their argument being that since the foreign teachers are only teaching elementary grades, then they can be replaced by Korean teachers. That is a very short-sighted view. IMHO, it is very important that young learners who are just starting to learn English are taught by experienced Phonics teachers, who can ensure that the students master the correct letter sounds. That probably is not going to happen if a Korean teacher were used. I do agree with one point in the article, which mentioned that many foreign English teachers were of low quality. I suppose it's the same as Thailand ==> pay peanuts, get monkeys. I see the same thing happening with online teaching of Chinese students, where it's possible to get accepted for teaching English, with nothing more than a $5 online TEFL certificate courtesy of Grupon.
  4. Just to add that Richard's comment might suggest to some that the Elite visa is only available for those under 50 years old. There are no age restrictions (other than a minimum age of 18 years old).
  5. simon43

    Prince Philip, 97, escapes unhurt from car crash

    My father (RIP) used to drive to and from the supermarket in Leicester (UK) when he was 89 years old and was caring for my disabled mum at home - my father refused all help. Let me just say that it was akin to a miracle each time that he reached the supermarket safely and returned home as well without causing a major accident. I apologise to all those drivers who were forced to take avoiding action when my father was on the roads Oh - when his time came, it wasn't as a result of a car accident...
  6. Maybe Thai Immigration is looking to employ a foreign teacher??
  7. That seems rather drastic action. What she needs is something to cover all of her face so no-one can recognise her, only see her eyes. And disguise her body shape by wearing some sort of ill-fitting 'tent' that covers her body all the way down to her feet. Oh hang on!!
  8. I'm not sure the school in question is a private school. It's Rajini Foundation School (Royally-founded).
  9. You studied in Europe, yet you write using USA spelling ==> 'apologize', 'organize' etc. Hmm.....
  10. I didn't read it in the posts, but how old are you Nyezhov?
  11. Where exactly is that scar/wound? I mostly see a pile of flab...
  12. Just to comment on this point. I don't think TRT will provide you with the energy boost that you are seeking. in my case, I can't say that I noticed any energy boost whatsoever. But I was already fit, healthy, non-smoker, zero stress, contented etc. I started on TRT solely to help me increase my lack of upper body mass as I trained in the gym. Again I stress not to look like Mr Universe, but simply to attain the typical upper body muscle mass of someone of my age who does not have low T. The reduction in ED was a bonus... Maximum Clinic provided me with a prescription for ethanate injections twice-weekly, and that seems to work well for me. I do not have to attend their expensive, ongoing program - I have a T/PSA/estradol test every 3 months and a full blood works every year when I have an extensive health check in Bangkok (exercise stress test, the works etc!). Naturally, if my PSA/T/estradol values went askew, I'd go straight back to the clinic for advice. As for the small pharmacy near Nana Plaza where I buy my Testosterone, the pharmacist initially told me a little bluntly that they didn't have T. When I produced my prescription, his attitude completely changed and he sold me the German T ampoules with a smile! So perhaps he's a bit tired of body-hulks demanding T, HGH etc....
  13. This topic has been mentioned in several previous threads. I'd like a clarification about the government health cover scheme for foreigners who have been legally employed and contributing to this scheme. As I understand things, if I were to be employed for at least six months, I would then be eligible to continuing paying into that health cover, even after I no longer was employed, and as long as I continued to contribute, I'd be covered with no age ceiling etc. Is my understanding correct? I ask more as a 'plan B' scenario. I already pay for expat private health cover, and that's all fine. But I'm thinking of a worse-case scenario where my annual insurance premiums increased significantly as I got old, and where a change in my financial circumstances might mean that I were unable to afford the premiums any longer. At least if I had the government scheme as a back-up, it would provide me with some modest cover. This question has arisen because I currently teach online (and that income is all fine and good). But I've been offered a STEM teaching position at a very respected school in Thailand, with a reasonable employment package. It might be sensible for me to accept this offer, pay into the government scheme and then decide if I want to return to freelance teaching at a later date.
  14. simon43

    Testosterone replacement in Bangkok

    I seem to recall that it was the small pharmacy with the sliding door next to Raja Fashions/upstairs internet shop, just around the corner from Soi 4 Nana Plaza. I had to show my prescription document. I can't remember the cost, but it was nothing to be shocked at, maybe 1,500 baht for 20 ampoules.
  15. IMHO, TRT is absolutely not a solution for all those issues - get them sorted out first before you embark on a course of TRT.