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  1. Indeed, but difficult to do with my other hand in my pocket... Usually I would always isolate the supply to work on the wiring. Very occasionally, with the hotel full of guests, I worked on it 'live'. Happy to say that although I have had many electrical shocks in my life (I'm a radio ham, previously working with valve transmitters with 2,000 v DC on their top caps), I never got a shock when working on my hotel live circuits.
  2. Hi, Yes I'm the same person who built 4 little hotels in the south (Phuket). One of my ex-wives still successfully runs one of those hotels. I sold another, my other ex sold the 3rd and the 4th was 'stolen' from me by druggies LoL. I did have some smallish legal problems maybe about 12 years ago - that was all sorted out at the time. I haven't considered to return to retire in north Phuket because it has changed beyond all recognition. I built the first hotel at the airport (Phuket Airport Hotel), but now more than 100 hotels and guesthouses are listed by booking.com at the airport.... I went through some dark times with one of my ex'es - I came out the other side a better person Thanks for your good wishes!
  3. Rob, I'm a country lad. I don't like living in the city (I lived in Bangkok-Saladaeng when I first moved to Thailand). I prefer rivers and hills, and there is plenty of that in north Isaan and just across the Mekong in Laos. A quiet location also usually means quiet 'electrically', which is good for ham radio, (although I have to say that ham radio is one of the most frustrating hobbies on the planet - things rarely seem to work properly). I feel lucky that I not have to consider anyone else's opinion as to where I live and what I do with my life - I spent too many wasted years putting my previous partner's wishes first and getting little or nothing in return! I wouldn't consider a rural location if I didn't have a car - my trusty pick-up will be putting on many miles as I go to visit some of the rural locations, (my Canadian friend who loves photography is not allowed to drive for medical reasons, so I'm sure he'll make an excellent map-reader..). I certainly do not intend to 'cut myself off' from the outside world or the local community. I need to travel regularly to Burma to visit my old school and students etc. I have about 8 weeks to pack things up in Ranong... Now the question is - should I find some sweet lass in Phon Phisai to look after me?
  4. Thanks all for the comments. Having lived in rather remote regions of Burma for a few years, I can assure you that I will not get bored. I keep myself busy running my own little charity that donates school-books to poor Burmese students (in Burma). When I left Burma late last year I arranged with the text-book publisher in Yangon that he would manage all the packing/posting of the books to the schools. I receive a salary into my Burmese bank account each month and simply use the banking mobile app to transfer some of that to the publisher's bank account, and then he sends out the books that I specify to the school. Apart from that, I'm a licenced shortwave radio ham in Thailand (and Burma). My Canadian friend is also a radio ham (albeit not with a Thai licence). Of course I know Nong Khai very well, having previously lived there. Phon Phisai is close by car, no problem. I didn't know about the new friendship bridge at Bueng Kan - that is interesting news. I must admit that I'm not big (anymore) on drinking beer, going to bars or eating western food. That all changed a few years ago when I lived in Burma, with only access to the beer part of the above. I decided to get fit and healthy and changed my lifestyle completely. So now I eat like a rabbit (veg, fruit, nuts etc). I do like a bit of Isaan karaoke though
  5. I hope this is going to be the last time that I move in Thailand I came back from working in Burma and have been staying temporarily in Ranong. But my plan was to relocate up to live in Isaan. Although I've been through 'the works' while living in Thailand, the happiest times have always been when I previously lived or visited Isaan - I used to live on the Rim Kong vin Nong Khai and visited Phon Phisai many times. There's no woman involved in my decision to move to PP - I 'ditched' those problems years ago and have very happily been living alone in both Thailand and especially rural regions of Burma. I speak/read/write Thai to a high level, understand Isaan Lao and speak/read 'Lao' Lao to an intermediate level. One reason for choosing to move to PP is that I have a very good Canadian friend who recently moved up to that region with his Thai wife. They are very happy to have me as a neighbour (well, about 30 minutes drive away). Anyone else live in that region? I'm moving up in the middle of April. My friend will find a little house for me to rent in PP while I find my feet and see if I need to rent a property in an other location in the town/near-by. I need to dig out my khaen... it's in a lock-up in Bangkok
  6. I have this checked every 3 months, mid 20's and stable. Your question probably wasn't aimed specifically at me, but I'll explain specifically for me. I have a generic low T level in my body, (as did my Dad and as has my son). One side-effect of low T is a lower than average upper body muscle mass. My lower body is fine in muscle size, but because my upper body lacks muscle mass, I look (as you commented) out of proportion, but the other way round to your comment. But there's a serious reason to increase my muscle mass. I'm hitting 60 and older people lose muscle mass as they age. For me, losing what little muscle that I have up top is not good - I need to try to maximise my muscle mass so as to retain some muscle for as long as possible. I don't want to look like Mr Universe, and I have zero chance of coming within a million miles of that body type. All I want to do is to increase my upper body muscle mass to what would be typical of a man with normal T levels.
  7. Presumably you mean 'haven't actually tried'? I assume many posters are retired. There is no route for PR or citizenship if you are retired. For those who are working in Thailand, you need a work permit of course. In all my years of living in Phuket I never managed to get a WP because the Labour Office either demanded an under-the-table payment to issue the WP, or refused to issue a WP for a legal entity other than a Thai ltd company.
  8. A double-barrelled surname? I bet that confused the Amphur
  9. I had a jab for Japanese Encep before I went to work in rural Burma - the disease exists in many rural areas of that country.
  10. Right now there are no more floaters, no blood and very few light flashes. My eyesight in that eye is about 99% normal again, with full periphery vision. I understand that Rutin is the best eye hospital in Thailand, but that doesn't mean that a specialist eye doctor in another province is unable to identify a problem or potential problem. I'm resting my eye and will monitor it closely. For sure, my retina could still tear or detach - I know that. But the very careful examination today by an experienced eye doctor found no evidence of a tear or detachment, (and my current normal vision supports that result).
  11. Do you mean you or me? If me, then I've lived in many rural areas of Thailand (Nong Khai, Isaan, north Phuket, Phang Nga etc etc), as well as several years in rural Burma, and am very used to the remoteness of some areas. But this time I'm looking for somewhere that is rural but still has the basic modern amenities, such as a mini-mart and local clinic. Electricity would also be nice, as would the opportunity to drive my car. Can't achieve that on Koh Chang.
  12. The thing about speaking Thai is that maybe they don't expect you to be speaking Thai, and they try to figure out what English words you're saying. Case in point today - I went to a new clinic to book an eye test. The receptionist couldn't understand me at all! I saw the optician, chatted in Thai to her and then went back to the receptionist who was now 'tuned in' and was able to chat with me in fluent Thai
  13. OK, just got back from the eye clinic. The doctor did a very detailed examination after dropping drops into my eye to enlarge the iris. She checked all areas of the retina and cannot see any detachment or tear. But she can see a small amount of blood, which I actually saw yesterday as a pink string like a floater (but which I don't see now). The cause of that little bit of blood is unclear, because the two main possible causes are diabetes and a blow top the eye. I have neither. Today there are very few flashes and only a small increase in normal black floaters. The doctor told me to come back in 7 days for a check-up, but to monitor my vision etc every day in case there is some degradation. (I can read the eye chart fine). She also gave me a written explanation of her diagnosis to give to Bangkok Phuket Hospital if I need to visit for surgery.
  14. Just when you think that you're 100% fit and healthy, something pops up! Last evening, as I was driving to a restaurant, I noticed very rapid flashes of light on the right side of my right eye. At first I thought the flash was coming from lights in the street, but then realised that no external light was causing the effect. Being concerned, especially after I noticed some new 'floaters' in my eye, I checked with Dr Google who recommended an urgent eye check-up. This morning, I still see the occasional flash, and some small floaters. I have full vision in that eye, but it is possibly slightly more blurry than before. I will go to my local clinic this morning to see if they can spot anything amiss. After that, I will have to drive about 5 hours down to Bangkok Phuket Hospital, where there is an eye specialist. I do have medical insurance, but with a $2,000 excess. I don't have $2,000 cash on me (expensive month buying a car etc). I'll resolve that problem as needs be.
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