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  1. The cold season started on the 22nd? Almost as precise as Father Ted and the Ice Age Ice Age ended...
  2. [quote] the expressway will have traffic flow of 60,000 vehicles per day, [/quote] Think about that number for a moment. That means that every minute of every day, there will be 42 vehicles passing a fixed monitoring point on that road. In reality, the traffic will be quieter at certain times of the day/night. But overall, the numbers quoted are IMHO, completely ludicrous!
  3. Why is this topic illustrated with a photo from Saudi Arabia? Has Oxford University opened a branch office there?
  4. The selfishness of many of this younger generation will result in them being known as the granny-killer generation.....
  5. Listen, I'm in a high-risk group (lung disease, over 60 years old). I wear a mask where there is a risk of catching ANY air-borne infection, such as Covid-19, flu, cold etc etc. I carry a mask when I run, but put it on when in proximity to others. My mask is cleaned regularly or I wear disposable masks. As I mentioned before, my lifestyle is not restricted whatsoever. As to human rights etc, this world owes you NOTHING! Nada, zilch-all, nothing. Stop bleating about human rights and YOUR rights, because in many countries these rights either do not exist or are restricted. Get
  6. Stop living in cloud-cuckoo land! In the 'real-world', that's rubbish. You say that you get dizzy and anxious. Is anxiety a symptom of asthma? Probably not, sounds more like a mental condition... I suffer from a lung illness - aspergillosis (fungal spores in my lungs). I have to walk/jog 5km every day to keep my lungs clear. I wear a mask when entering shops and in close contact with others. It doesn't inhibit my lifestyle one iota. I guess in Thailand, you will be shunned if you refuse to wear a mask. No-one will be the slightest bit interested in your medical
  7. Sorry about your illness, but it is not a human right to get that exclusion letter. You have to live with your difficulties. Have you tried a bubble helmet, which includes fans/pump to ensure that the supply of air is not restricted in volume?
  8. Dead Civit cats are regularly for sale in my local market in Luang Prabang
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