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  1. I was thinking "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" (LSD) might be closer to the truth......
  2. Having followed various posts from you over the past week or two, I am now convinced that you do not have all your marbles......
  3. USA - what a basket case! The place has gone mad. Not much worse than the UK actually.....
  4. Those of us who live here full-time would disagree with you 1 year business visa, work permit, ID card all for $600/year. No 90 day check-ins, no money in the bank required, no police visits or checks..... no problems! (But not a good destination for the OP if good hospitals are required).
  5. When I owned my Honda GL1000 in the UK, I needed a small crane to get it upright if it fell over!!
  6. (My highlighting) Presumably those are the routes that he travels on to see his mum...
  7. I just bought a secondhand Kawasaki KLX140 I live in north Laos and an off-road bike like this is great fun to ride in the hills, and also to reach some hilltop Hmong villages (I do some educational charity work and donate teaching resources etc). When I lived in Burma in 2015-2017, I had a Honda 125 off-road bike for similar purposes, but had to leave it behind when I moved to Luang Prabang. The KLX140 is a small bike, but fits me just fine. I used to ride a Honda GL1000 when in the UK, but nowadays I prefer small, 'nippy' bikes - I can't drive fast in the Lao hills anyway.....
  8. My ex #3's hotel at Phuket Airport is still empty - there are no customers, not even domestic Thais. She can hold out for maybe 1 more month, then the business will have to close. Sad, because I built that little hotel around 2011 with my own hands....
  9. Can someone please remind me how many people have died in total from Wuhan Flu in Thailand, and how many people died yesterday in car/motorbike accidents in Thailand?
  10. Writing talent??!! I'm maybe one of the longest-serving members of this forum (member #174). In all the years of my membership, I have found very (VERY) few forum members who I would consider to have a writing talent. (I won't embarrass them by naming them, but currently I recognize only ONE member as having decent writing talent.... and it certainly is not me). For the most part, posts are simply bar-stool talk, tin-hat nutters, political extremists, wimpy snowflakes, extremist religious loonies, ex-SAS liars, health-freaks, marketeers, those who are unable to recognise sarcasm when it smacks them in the mouth, and of course Americans...... ... and that's fine, because that's what this forum is for...
  11. Web forums are past their prime, little money to be made IMHO. I don't know about superior expats in Laos, since I don't speak with any foreigner here who looks miserable, which to date seems to be almost 100% of them. But it was the same when I lived in Nong Khai, full of miserable or loony foreigners
  12. I have a Masters degree from University College, London (UCL) in Microwaves and Fourier Optics, as well as a First Class Honours degree in Electronics & Communications Engineering. I worked for about 15 years in Europe as a designer of space flight hardware and integration manager of spaceflight and ground-based projects, mainly for European Space Agency science projects. When I moved to Thailand around 2002, I applied for a vacancy as head of space research, a position that I was well-qualified for. I was rejected out of hand because I wasn't Thai... Although I no longer work in the space sector (I'm an online science teacher), I still 'dabble'. I've designed and am currently building a Cubesat in my living room (it's a small satellite that's about the size of a Rubik's Cube). I'll give Thailand a miss with assistance. I now live in Laos
  13. I have 1 Thai student in Surat Thani. I have about 50 other one-on-one students in the USA, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Israel, Brazil etc etc. I teach ESL-with-science to elementary grade students, also some robotic, Arduino, maths and French lessons.
  14. 100,000+ thb, but I limit my teaching hours nowadays - used to earn about 150,000 thb per month, but it was tiring!
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