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  1. My Lao savings account pays 6% Another reason to live here. My monthly spend is about 28,000 baht, so easy to put money in my savings account each month.
  2. On that graph, although I'm touching 62 years old in real age, I'm happily at a testosterone level of about 1100, thanks to TRT. So I still 'jump about' like a 20 year old
  3. A 'live' sex toy can land you in jail in Laos.... Besides, my sex-doll doesn't have a mobile phone and never uses Facebook.....
  4. After 3 divorces, the best thing that I ever bought was my sex-doll....
  5. <removed> Listen, I learnt years ago that the best way to avoid problems was not to flaunt wealth (easy for me to achieve that!), and not to have any kind of visible security, such as a high wall, dog, CCTV, alarms etc. Those attract thieves. I live in a village in north Laos. My rented house has the usual window bars like all other houses. That's it. I have never experienced any problems in 20 years of living in south-east Asia, no robberies and no threats of violence, other than from my mad ex.....
  6. Dangers of life as a hostess? Was the deceased forced to consume ketamine and ecstasy? I doubt it. If one makes the decision to consume or inject substances that one knows could kill you, then please don't blame others.
  7. I hesitate to comment. IMHO, the military can only be removed by deadly force, which will also mean the death of probably thousands of ordinary citizens. But unless that path is followed, the military will always remain a threat to the country. Banging pots and pans and peaceful protests will do nothing to persuade the military and police to lay down their arms.
  8. [quote] ... I once rented a Honda Jazz for 3 weeks while in Australia, as mentioned above why to low for me, you can feel each bump. [/quote] How many bumps? I need to check news about a spate of hit and run accidents in Australia...
  9. [quote] ... I think back to when I was a kid in a developed country, tossing Snickers wrappers out the car window (like everyone else) [/quote] What country were you brought up in? When I was a kid in the UK, my parents taught me never to drop litter. I have never done so throughout my 62 years. If there's no litter bin, keep your litter bin until you find one....
  10. What happens if they all call you at the same time?
  11. I chose "I left Thailand already. I am a lot happier in my new place.' But that doesn't mean that I didn't like living in Thailand (I moved from the UK to live full-time in Thailand in 2002). Rather, I found a better place to live (Luang Prabang in north Laos), which better-suits my lifestyle. I found Thailand to be intrusive (nosy neighbours, nosey family, nosy officials etc). Here in Luang Prabang, my neighbours are friendly, but respect my privacy. I no longer have to worry about family members The police, government officials etc never even cross my path. I can enjoy my
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