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  1. Maybe it was the same Tom IO moonlighting....
  2. I gave up on growing a beard because it grew through grey and white, not the least bit 'hansum'. In any case, I'm very happy that I seem to identified the root cause of my skin rash. I still have slightly pink cheeks, but use concealer to cover these up (I teach online, so the use of a small amount of concealer to take the years off my face is acceptable to me). Last week, a new student said I looked about the same age as her dad (she offered this comment without prompting). Then she told me her dad was 40 years old.... Obviously, I now award her top marks for all her scholarly efforts
  3. Just an update to this thread. I think I finally found out what was causing my face rash! My skin does seem rather sensitive, and it is necessary to use a new razor and shaving foam. But the underlying cause of this rash does seem to be a food allergy. While living in Myanmar, I started to regularly eat tinned tuna, because it was difficult to locate fresh fish in Naypyitaw, and eating tinned tuna was recommended by Dr Google as a good source of minerals/vitamins etc. Since leaving Myanmar, I continued to eat tinned tuna. I never linked tuna to my face rash until a month or so ago when I exhibited a rapid allergic reaction after consuming a tin of tuna in Thailand. My face became red within a few minutes of eating the tuna..... I Googled this problem and found links to a bacteria (Scombroid poisoning) that can be found in tuna if it is not kept sufficiently cold prior to the canning process, and this bacteria also survives that canning process. Allergic reaction includes hives... https://www.acsh.org/news/2017/08/09/toxic-tuna-its-not-mercury-11656 So, I stopped eating tinned tuna for a few weeks. My face rash cleared up completely and the red skin coloration on my cheeks has greatly reduced Now I no longer eat tinned tuna. I do eat fresh fish in restaurants (now I live in Laos by the Mekong river, with plenty of fresh fish available). I don't get any allergic reaction from eating these fish. So it looks like either I am allergic to tinned tuna, or that this bacteria that causes the allergic reaction is often present in Thai tinned tuna.... (which is rather worrying, since it suggests that the processing of tuna prior to the canning process is not up to scratch).
  4. I'm so happy that I recently moved to live in a UNESCO-protected town (Luang Prabang). No factories starting up next door.....
  5. This ^^^^ Ditch the women for a while (may I suggest perhaps 5 years?). Clear your big head and start thinking with that, as opposed to your small head
  6. [sarcasm] Don't forget to include a family tree of the builder of your house and a detailed biography of his professional career... [/sarcasm]
  7. Good heavens no! There are no beer bars, no go-gos, no soapies and no happy ending massage parlours (in plain view). Stay in Thailand if that's your thing There are some karaokees on the edge of town which cater for the Chinese railway workers and are staffed by Vietnamese women. The law is that Lao women cannot have a sexual relationship with a foreigner before marriage. You can bet that you (not the Lao woman) will be the one to suffer fines/jail-time if you're caught. Remember, this is still a communist country with a night-time curfew. But if like me, you prefer nature, healthy food, friendly company etc, then LP is an attractive and easy place to live
  8. Replying to the original post: How long is a piece of string? It all depends on your lifestyle of course. Wife/family, smoking, drinking, loose women/men, owning a car, medical issues etc ==> will all contribute to an increased cost of living, sometimes substantially so. But you can still have a very enjoyable lifestyle on $1,000 a month if you eliminate all/some of the above. I comfortably live on $1,000 a month, although my income is about three times that amount. I have an 'expensive' $500/month house in Luang Prabang, within walking distance of bars, restaurants, local market, supermarket etc. I opted to live in an expensive house because of it's character (200 years old hardwood house) and proximity to the historic old town. It has air-con, fibre internet (all utilities included in the rent). My $1,000 outlay includes '5-star' medical insurance, (just in case). I eat out every night in the local night market for 50 baht. I can safely cycle and jog. I can watch all films etc on Youtube for free. If I want to splash out, I have the income to do so. I am totally at peace with the world :) So IMHO, it's very possible to live like a minimalist, yet still enjoy life to the full.
  9. Why's that? You take out an insurance policy in your 50's with a decent expat insurance company, such as Cigna or BUPA. Your policy insures you for life - they cannot refuse to cover you in future years, regardless of how many times you claim or how many illnesses/diseases you acquire in later years. They cannot increase your insurance premium because of all these illnesses you acquire - they can only increase your premium in line with all other insurees in your age band. Am I missing something here?
  10. Rural life as I cycled yesterday through a village just outside Luang Prabang, north Laos.
  11. Saving funds for a Thai retirement visa was not top of my priority list, because there are alternative countries to live where the visa financial requirements are not as stringent. Top of my priority list is having enough funds to pay for top-notch private medical insurance. After that, having funds to legally live in whatever country I reside in. Since posting previously, I have completed my move to Luang Prabang, Laos (where I previously lived). My one year business visa and work permit cost me about 15,000 baht each year, no 90 day reporting, no TM30 etc etc. Life is good As to the OP's original post 'expat worries, what next?', I would suggest compulsory medical insurance for all 'retirement' visas and increase in financial requirements from 800,000 baht to 1 million baht. Both are coming, mark my words!
  12. What relevance is that? You're not in Kansas now. In Thailand, proof of guilt is not necessary to obtain a conviction. Stop thinking like a Westerner! You will end up in very hot water. I know from personal experience that being guilty or not of a crime is not what decides the outcome of a prosecution. You should take the good advice given to you by other posters and drop this girl without delay, before you get dragged into this expensive problem.
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