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  1. [quote] ...Again, it seems that no one here is aware of basic human rights, which is very disappointing. [/quote] Basic human rights?! You're living in cloud-cuckoo land Forget about such things in the vast majority of nations on the earth, because they either don't exist, or are habitually-abused and ignored. You want to clamour for change? Go right ahead. I've learnt from personal experiences that if I want a peaceful, stress-free life, then to keep my mouth shut and to look after myself first and foremost
  2. I get 8% pa interest on my savings account with a French-Lao bank in Laos. Contrary to old wife's tales, no Lao bank has gone bust in the past 20 years... Oh, I also have some ETH, which is doing OK. Anyone want to buy my 100,000 Pandacoins?
  3. I teach science online. BBC Bitesize provides many excellent resources for stimulating, online lessons
  4. Lol, buy a new instrument! According to the US healthcare website "If your home SpO2 reading is lower than 95%, call your health care provider"
  5. Having a backbone, (as you put it) in Thailand and similar countries can be the fastest route to stress, high blood pressure, violence committed against you and potential jailtime. (I know, from personal jailtime experience...). Some of us just like to have a quiet life and not rock the boat. Their country, up to them.
  6. [quote] ...then it drops to say 80% [/quote] Actually, if it drops to 80%, then you are probably already dead! I think you mean a value of 80 mm Hg, which is indeed low. Normal % value is around 96-97%. A reading below about 94% is cause for concern.
  7. Here in Laos, our one-party government provided free vaccinations (AZ for older), Sinovac/Sinopharm for younger, Sputnik V for front-line workers etc), for all people, expats and Lao. I've had my first AZ jab a few weeks ago. The country was free of Covid-19 until 2 infected Thais illegally crossed the Mekong and brought the infection with them... Right now, there is a strong lockdown in all provinces, in a bid to contain the spread of the virus. I'm very happy with the response of this one-party government
  8. Does anyone actually believe that Lazada sells genuine brand name products? The whole site is just cheap, Chinese fakes and copies! So long as you are aware of that, then you take your chance and purchase the junk.... I can't believe some people actually write and complain that their purchase failed or is not genuine. The Lazada staff and sellers must be laughing their little Chinese socks off!
  9. Prostate issues doesn't mean prostate cancer, although of course, it is wise to have your PSA value and trends monitored regularly. I have had an enlarged prostate for at least 15 years. Sometimes I pee every hour, sometimes I almost can't pee at all ! My symptoms haven't changed in 15 years. The symptoms are easily manageable and I see no reason to take any medication. I eat a healthy diet and get lots of exercise, and my prostate seems happy with that
  10. Kudos to you for this initiative. But I see some problems: - I suspect that most native English speaking teachers can't string more than a few words of Thai together. - You offer a WP only for full-time positions. Who would risk jail and deportation for working without a WP? - I suspect that many teachers are rather 'weary' of teaching initiatives. Thailand has a well-known history of failed English language teaching initiatives... Not trying to be negative - just realistic
  11. Being very pedantic, a virus is not an organism, in that it is not a living being, such as a bacteria. A virus infects the cells of a living organism, and increases in number when those cells biologically divide. Anyway, it's just words
  12. Lottery numbers? Perhaps they hope to identify some lucky numbers in the blood and brain bits splattered on the road...
  13. If Australia bans its own citizens from returning, due to Covid fears etc, then I understand that decision. But IMHO,. the Australian government should then pay for those citizens to remain in India until they allow them to return.
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