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  1. I avoid these types of problems: - I'm happily single now - I don't have car, I walk or cycle for exercise - I never clean my house.....
  2. I know this suggestion might come as a shock to some. But have you ever considered that Thailand doesn't want 'farang' immigrants?
  3. I had rotator cuff injuries to both shoulders - fell off a ladder onto a concrete floor, landing on my shoulder to avoid hitting my head. The next day, while I relaxed in a hammock, it broke (!) and I fell onto a concrete floor on my other shoulder..... Both shoulder injuries were painful and limited my physical movement. Rather than surgical treatment, I began to exercise and to GENTLY stretch my shoulders through careful exercise. Today. several years later, I have zero pain from either old injury. My range of shoulder movement is about 95% of the norm and I'm aware of what exercises NOT to do which would overstretch those old injuries. The point being - IMHO, thinking you are too old to exercise or because you have previous injuries is absolutely the wrong attitude to take. Ignore those who tell you to 'take it easy'. Get out of the house, walk gently, move your arms (gently), slowly bring your body back to the state it was in your 30's and 40's. It can be done, it won't happen overnight, it shouldn't require surgery or expensive medications. It DOES require a positive outlook
  4. The only country that has its eyes on Thai territory is China, and a few military ships ain't going to stop them - they are already halfway here.....
  5. I assume that the answer to that question really depends upon when 'push' changes to 'shove'. Relocating between countries is a stressful experience (I know, I just did it!), and surely no-one wants to make that move unless it is really necessary or sought-after. In my case, my visa was coming up for renewal, so it seemed a good time to move. But I only moved across the border. To relocate from Thailand to south/central America? I wouldn't want to even think about the planning/hassles/stress/cost.....
  6. @Saltire, I too had no problems with HCI customer service. The reason why I switched policies was because HCI had a compulsory $2,000 excess, and I had to pay the premium annually. Paying annually would stretch my meagre income for the first payment, (thereafter, I can save up over the year). The $2,000 was the killer because I considered worst case scenario where I might be 90 years old and living in a mud hut in Issan, with a few thousand baht monthly income... I really wanted a policy with zero excess. Right now, having looked around and checked a few other companies, the April policy looks reasonable ==> monthly or quarterly payment, high cover, medivac etc, all arranged through AA brokers.
  7. This morning, I've asked around and got some quotes for comparable insurance, all which have higher premiums. So it begs the question how Davidshield can offer such low(ish) premiums....
  8. @topt, I often have problems logging into their mobile app. When they hadn't sent the renewal reminder invoice, I was able to log in and it flagged up that my payment was overdue, but I could pay via the app with my Visa/Mastercard. So I tried and .... it was rejected, even though that card is valid for online purchases. I'm still covered in their notice period for overdue premiums, and I've urgently contacted AA Insurance Brokers to swap (if possible) to an insurer who looks after their customers.
  9. Hi Sheryl, they send me emails. I also have their mobile app, which theoretically allows one to pay any outstanding payments 'online'. Well, it doesn't work with my Thai debit cards, even though I use these for other online payments... Yes, I'm still within the notice period, but it irks me that the invoice/reminder seems to be sent out manually by DS. Update: As for the broker, I'm now living in Laos. The sole broker in this country is slow and incompetent...
  10. About 6 months ago, just before my 60th birthday, I swapped my medical cover from HCI to Davidshield. I paid the first premium for 3 months and the company said they would send me the next invoice 2 weeks before the expiry of the policy, (since I need the invoice copy to show my bank to send funds overseas). Well, that invoice arrived just days before the policy was due to lapse. I had to rush around to send the funds to their UK bank account. I reminded them to send the next invoice renewal in good time for me to make the transfer. Guess what? They forgot to send the invoice for the next renewal! I had the funds, but couldn't send them without a copy of the invoice. My insurance cover lapsed because these idiots don't seem to have an automatic invoice/reminder set up on their system. Right now, I have no medical cover. I'm going to try to switch back asap to HCI, or any other decent insurer who works on 'ethical' terms. IE - my premiums only increase for all in my age-band, and not because I make a claim. I'm covered until death, regardless of any claims, and so long as I pay the premiums. I know Cigna is another option. Any others who work on an ethical basis? Thanks.
  11. If you go directly to that website, there's a warning from my browser not to proceed, because the website may be fake... I didn't proceed
  12. I agree with Rumak. These new angels look more masculine than feminine, (well the middle one looks OK). The other 2 look like aggressive dykes (sorry for the totally non-pc use of words, but that's my opinion).
  13. Refusing the order and return to sender doesn't always work. I ordered a radio antenna last year from the USA, just a small collection of wire and plastic supports. I told the US company to send it by US post office service because I was well aware of DHL and their 'ransom' tactics. The company ignored my request and sent it by DHL... DHL, as expected, kidnapped my wire and plastic and demanded an import licence. I provided paperwork to show that no licence was required. DHL refused to budge. So I told them to return the package to the sender. Get this! They refused to return it to the sender in the USA, because they said it needed a Thai export licence, even though it hadn't yet entered Thailand! I 'abandoned' the package
  14. Not sure if this question has been asked before. Do any of the mobile networks in Thailand offer an unlimited 4g data package that can be used with a pre-paid (not a monthly account) SIM?
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