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  1. If there's no second wave of Wuhan flu, I think that 2022 will be when inbound tourism numbers might start to pick up again. I feel that I'm being optimistic with my statement....
  2. LoL, my garden is hidden behind a 2 metre high fence. I live outside the town now, just one neighbour whose house backs onto mine, with no view. Besides, I'm not going to grow for wholesale market distribution! A few tomatoes, bananas and lettuce leaves each day is enough for my lean and bronzed, lithe body... To comment on those who claim that the Globalists (whoever they may be) are out to subdue the masses, none of this affects me. I don't give a jot what goes on politically in the world, (as long as I'm not asked to leave my country where I now live). I can lead my own life in happy and splendid isolation.
  3. And who took the photo? Was it on a fast drone following the plane?? (Sorry, totally off-topic...)
  4. It's taught me that the only person that I can rely on in time of crisis is myself - the so-called experts are (in many cases) either clueless or political shills. I'd rather be in control of my own destiny as much as possible. That means trying to ensure that the most basic of needs (food) are accessible. I'm going to start growing fresh and healthy fruit/veg in my little garden here in north Laos. My source of income (online science teaching) is fairly assured, unless there is a major global crisis and the internet/banking systems close down. I don't believe that this Wuhan flu crisis is over, and I strongly believe that further health or political crises will occur.
  5. Your knowledge of the actions of the WHA are lacking .... It was not the USA that voted Taiwan out from observer status of the WHA. Have a read and educate yourself. https://www.hhs.gov/about/news/2020/05/19/us-statement-on-taiwan-participation-at-the-world-health-assembly.html
  6. IMHO, the WHO has lost credibility. Adopting a stance where their spokespeople don't even dare to utter the word 'Taiwan' clearly demonstrates that they are nothing more than CCP shills. Such a pity, because I'm sure there are many good and dedicated people working in that organisation.
  7. How on earth can you be a 'senior member' after 484 posts and only joining Thaivisa less than 4 months ago? Ludicrous!
  8. Oh, it's OK to racially abuse a black guy if you're from BLM is it??? Bunch of f**king hypocrites......
  9. In another 'life' back in the UK, I earned the equivalent of $40,000+ each month! I developed the AI software and operated adult SMS text chat services in the UK and about 10 other countries, including the US (no 'smutty' chat allowed over there...). Now, quite how I managed to spend/lose all that income is another topic
  10. Now, now - you're not allowed to make jokes about black people - that's racist!!
  11. Yep, sounds like a good idea when your friend isn't visible to you....
  12. I'm not American, no great interest in US politics. But I'd bet $10 that Trump will win the next election hands down! I think that there is a huge silent majority who will vote for him in November....
  13. ... and there was I thinking that they were referring to mainland Chinese
  14. Are you sure that wasn't his large intestine?? [/sarcasm]
  15. I personally don't believe that Wuhan flu is a one-off. I think future pandemics will maybe cause even greater problems, especially for those in western, developed cities who haven't got a clue where milk comes from, or how to wring a hen's neck. I've always been a bit of a 'look after yourself' sort of guy. I hate to rely on others, because often they completely screw up! At least if I screw up, I can blame myself and indeed, learn from my mistakes. I'm moving to a new rented property in a couple of weeks with an enclosed garden. This will give me the opportunity to experiment with growing (and cooking!) my own fruit and vegetables, setting up a hydroponic system, solar water heating, solar panel electrics etc, I already operate my short wave 'radio ham' transmitters off car batteries, so that they still operate in the absence of electricity, (think earthquake, natural disaster etc). I'm excited about my own self-sufficient future.
  16. I'm British, and have no detailed understanding of the First Amendment, and why it seems to be 'sacrosanct' to many Americans. But in my eyes, there are many (not all of course) Americans who: - If I don't want to do something, then I won't - If it inconveniences me, then I won't do it - If I am too stupid to understand the reasons for some requirement, then I won't do it - If someone in authority instructs me to do the above, then I 'lose the plot' and reach for my gun. Here in communist Laos, I didn't have any qualms or concerns about being locked down in my house, required to wear a mask outside, undergo temperature checks and use sanitizer etc. If these actions reduce the risk to me and to others of catching these virus, then the slight inconvenience was worth it. (Interestingly, during the lock down, those who I observed refusing to comply with these rules were all foreigners - no idea what their nationality was though). If wearing a mask reduces the risk by 1%, then IMHO, it's worth it. But I think in the USA, it's not about the medical reasons, but more about personal freedoms to stand up and say "I'm an idiot, so I won't comply".
  17. I see in that Guardian link that the 3 unmasked 'idiots' are all prime candidates for getting seriously sick/dying from Wuhan Flu >>> they are obese. (Mind you, it's not easy to find an American who isn't fat...). As for the First Amendment, it seems the Americans would rather "cut off their noses to snipe their faces". Not just with this virus, but with anything that they don't individually agree with. So-called democracy gone mad...
  18. Are the BLM idiots still toppling statues? I thought they might have moved into toppling status of famous Jewish people by now, judging by the anti-semitic comments they've been making recently.....
  19. Throw the guy into the river...... a fitting punishment.
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