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  1. OP enjoy the publicity you may receive from it, or make the most of it. After all it is an ad for a school and not the STD clinic down the road.
  2. The Vatican. I think the Vatican is a bad example to use, if we lived by the standards of Vatican employees (Priests) it would be no holds barred we would all be running amok.
  3. OP sorry to hear what has happened. Question, how did the Market get established on your (wife's) property, plus allowing the stall owners to operate for free ? If the answer is because you wanted to help the stall owners / village, then you can see how they really feel about you. This is of course assuming that it was someone from the market and not a result of something else. Just another reason not to live in a village.
  4. Cooter, can you tell us a little bit about your sister. Is she a good kisser ? What position does she like ?
  5. After it is all over with this girl find another girl. Just to make life interesting find another girl that lives in Phetchabun. Lets us know how that turns out.
  6. Just stop the monthly payments, it will be over.
  7. I think there are many who don't want to know the out come of this TEST. But it is a very good idea.
  8. Every time I have heard the term "Stand your Ground" mentioned it has been in relation to shooting someone.
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