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  1. Sorry but this is preposterous. Cancer is not a virus. And the guinea pigs who took those "cancer genetic therapies"... how many of them are still ALIVE... 3 years... 5 years... 10 years later ? Hum ? Please enlighten us... As for the "50 years old technology"... When it was used on such a large scale ? And on humans ? Please again enlighten us...
  2. How do you know ? You have injected yourself with... a product based on a new technology (read my previous message). Did you know it ? Were you fully aware of those facts when you took the jabs ? So how come you can say now "I've had both vaccination without even the slightest hint of side effect"... ? Do you have reports and data 3 years later ? 5 years later ? 10 years later ? You don't, because AstraZeneca uses a new technology for which we have NO DATA LONG TERM. Why is that so hard to understand and to... accept ?
  3. People focus on Pfizer/Moderna.. and their "mRNA" technology But they totally forget that AstraZeneca (and J&J) use A NEW TECHNOLOGY as well... And furthermore, use a "GMO", aka a genetically modified organism. Both modify genetically... an other virus (for AstraZeneca, a chimpanzee adenovirus) as a vector. This technology has never been used on a large scale. In 2020, they created a vaccine with this technology... against Ebola... Not a very "pandemic" disease. So again, this is the new, and we have no data on long term use on
  4. Zero confidence because... "Zero Covid" state of mind. The panic is created by this policy. And until Thailand doesn't leave it (because it's absurd, it seems by looking at epidemic in north, then south then north then south hemisphere... that the virus, or viruses have become endemic), we will continue to see such erratic behavior. Let's just imagine : july first, sandbox Phuket opens. Tourists arrive... And then 2 weeks later... boum... we start to get some "PCR test positive", aka "Covid Cases" (which is wrong, because those people are asymptomatic, they are not sick
  5. It's perfectly coherent. China has announced the vaccination of kids... starting at 3 years old ! Source : https://www.globaltimes.cn/page/202106/1225639.shtml Thailand is acting... well... more and more "chinese" as far are public policies are concerned... Furthermore, Thailand likes to show off, to overdo. So when it's difficult to vaccine the old people, who really need it, it costs nothing to call for the vaccination of the children (who don't need it). Now regarding the real problem. The chinese vaccines
  6. I don't believe that. And for one very good reason : they are terrified ! At the airport, no one would dare to touch and open the luggages (remember, we even saw "PE men" spraying the luggage with chemicals... like in The Exorcist) Because you know Covid is soooooooo dangerous. In hotels the situation is exactly the same... Terror until you do your first test. There is no way they would "look" inside. So, there is no problem to take 1 bottle with you. And if really bad luck, they catch it... So what ?
  7. Mr. Anutin said that the ministry delivered 500,000 doses to the BMA during the first week of June, adding that more vaccine will be delivered later, when the ministry receives them from the suppliers. Back to the basics : -where are the vaccines ? -is Siam BioScience really producing locally the vaccine ? They are supposed to have made a first delivery of 1,8 million doses, right ? With a PR stunt... the trucks leaving the factory... Source : https://thethaiger.com/coronavirus/siam-bioscience-delivers-1-8-million-local-astrazeneca-v
  8. Rather it's... the right hand is lying. And the left one too !
  9. Sure. But 73 % higher of a nothing... is still nothing. I rephrase : if you are younger than 65 years old and without health issues... then the "Covid risk" is... close to zero. I'm talking about real "Covid risk" (it means a bad Covid). Of course, you can "catch" Covid... Yes, you can have a nice PCR test, flashing like a christmas tree... But you will be -likely- "asymptomatic". That's the way it works all around the world. That's the core of the issue. For the very large majority of people, in t
  10. Like a so called "pandemic" that killed 1 500 people in 15 months in a country of nearly 70 millions of people... Most of those deads were old and already sick (this profil is common, everywhere). Yeah... indeed... scaremongering.
  11. For once, I think the thai laws... are natural, efficient, and coherent with the human history, psyché and behavior. And as a westerner, I would add : it's us who have lost the... plot (No pun intended) It's our ideology of "openborders", of "a country is a hotel", of "globalism" that destroys everything. To welcome a foreigner is good. And it's practised since the dawn of times. But... he should remain a foreigner. A guest. The land can not be shared. You can only invite foreigners onto your land. This idea is not racist, nor bigoter
  12. You didn't read the timeline ? Gardens and swimming were closed and then opened in january/februrary... with a much lower number of cases per day than now... when we do reopen them. I repeat the question : where is the logic ? You can't have it both way : closing in january with less than 1 000 cases per day, and open again with more than 2 000 cases in june. Here is my own hypothesis : those policies (closing gardens and swimming pools) are just gimmicks. They have ZERO EFFECT on the virus.
  13. Great news. But why no one asking : "what did we achieve ?" Let's speak about "gardens" and "swimming pools" for instance (in Bangkok). January 2 : they close Source : https://thailand.prd.go.th/mobile_detail.php?cid=4&nid=10577 February 1 : they open. Source : https://thailand.prd.go.th/mobile_detail.php?cid=4&nid=10743 April 24 : They close. Source : https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/thailand-reports-2839-new-coronavirus-cases-8-new-deaths-2021-04-24/ June 14 : They open. And ?
  14. Will this nonsense ever end? In addition to the ASQ quarantine period being pushed back to 14 days, it has been announced there will now be 3 Covid tests in quarantine, increasing the price by 3 to 4,000 baht. You cant make this nonsense up. Well we are lucky. Look what a poor German has to endure... when he arrived in Shanghai. (article from the famous New York Times... so it's very serious... so they say ) He told The New York Times nurses took his blood twice a day and performed six throat swabs, four nasal swabs and two anal swabs daily in a room that
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