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  1. I was in the USA last week and wanted to get an OA long stay visa. I am currently on an extension but prefer to leave my money in a US bank. The website for the Consulate in NY said they needed three copies of everything including the medical statement proving that I don't have syphilis stage 3. (Is stage 2 allowed?) Before heading to NY, I was in Miami where i lived before moving to Thailand. I contacted the local authorities and was told to obtain a criminal background check from the Clerk of Courts for the county, which I did. Went to the consul with all my papers and of course was given back a bunch of copies because they only needed 2 of each contrary to what was stated on the website. FWIW, other Thai consuls in the US ask for 4 copies. After going through my papers I am told that the background check is no good because it didn't come from the police. I tried to explain that the courts stood over the police but my explanation fell on deaf ears. Went to the NY police but the background check would take 10 days and I was leaving the US in 2 days. Tried with other local police but in New Jersey I was told that local police could not give a background check. Very frustrating to say the least. It amazes me that I have been in Thailand for 5 years both working and then retired and no criminal check is necessary but they won't accept the perfectly valid and notarized background check I provided. Now I will have to try and renew my extension with the income verification letter I got from the US Consulate on Dec 31 and hope it works. If not I will have to return to the US and start over. Fun, fun, fun.
  2. fforest1, this is Thai immigration we are talking about....
  3. I was wondering if anyone has used an income verification letter since they stopped issuing them? I got my letter on Dec 31 from the US Embassy. Supposedly they are good for 6 months. I will need to renew my extension soon and I wonder if this will satisfy immigration.
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