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  1. It helps to have been Internet banking on your phone. No problem paying bills or sending money to an account here in a Thai bank. My pass code key from the bank stopped working so my phone now,can generate a pass code itself. Big improvement I bank with HSBC back home so to say and they have not sent a card over here for years. I get it sent over by a third party..
  2. Choose your vaccine carefully.. Oh sorry no real choice as yet. Still worth having Sinovac but get a third jab of a vaccine which has better effacy when you can.. https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/hundreds-indonesian-doctors-contract-covid-19-despite-vaccination-dozens-2021-06-17/
  3. Wrist bands will just not happen. They will be thrown in the bin or left in a taxi as soon as they are given out. I do hope tourists will he told about them before they book a flight. I can see all hell breaking loose when someone tries to put one on a tourist after a LONG haul flight.. Going to make some interesting videos on YouTube.
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