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  1. Bought new knee-pads B800 & Fingerless gloves 300. Camo both.
  2. papa's 1st bike in Thailand was Nouvo Elegance bought in Chiangmai. Rode her pretty fast 2 days to Buriram. Large and medium suitcase lashed on back. Many fuel stops and lashing cycles. No biggies. CBR150 pretty luxurious tho. Anything bigger, too heavy to pick up. Been there. Screw that.
  3. This weekend. just got back big event lots of cool and weird M/C stuff. Tomorrow also. Opens 4 PM.
  4. papa bought a Lifan 200 a few years back. Had to replace the sucky stock brakes with some Kawasaki squeezers but otherwise a solid DS. B47K. There is a thread.
  5. Outrageous. Just stay there in the shop until they cough up the missing .2liter. Write to Honda headquarters. Don't let them get away with this.
  6. ok thanks. Have ridden it 2x like an hour + each x, on enduro terrain runs great. When it's not locked up, it kick-starts fine. maybe something loose in there. Climber is still down. the sight gauge that was broken 2 weeks ago part did not come in, maybe two weeks more...
  7. accept papa's condolences the overnight train is great
  8. Thanks for the heads-up. Very bad. I see their point tho.
  9. Having a problem with the Cota The last two days getting ready to start the bike, the kick lever won't go down. papa over 90 kg. Like the engine is seized. Shift into 5th gear and vigorously bump her fore n aft until the engine turns just a bit. Then she kicks right over and starts right up. What's happening?
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