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  1. Been noticing Thais out in the reserve. Gathering mushrooms ?? Along a section of trail have noticed holes by the trail, like a dog would dig going for chipmunks. Today saw a big lizard, like meter plus, prolly the cause. About 6 km out today, went to restart the Climber after passing a gate, and surprise, kick-start lever missing. Backtracked trail all the way out but couldn’t find it. [Maybe lizard absconded with it, 5 5] Luckily the Climber bump-starts real EZ. Bought a new lever in Patts, B140
  2. True. Yamaha TW200 is popular USA. Costs like $6000.
  3. Just lash it crosswise behind you. ////////////// MT15 CB150 Many for sale slightly used cheap.
  4. Scratching the head on 'Non-peds', Feeling ignored as trials bike fan.
  5. Let us know when you have the list that conforms to your way of thinking.
  6. 5 5 yea. That be more 'Adventure' bike or dual-sport maybe. Missing: -Underbone/Wave/Cub type -Trials bike. No offence K but all seems kinda silly. papa prefers red or black or both.
  7. What about Lifan 200cc dual sport bike?
  8. That makes sense. Wait, no it doesn't. What sport would be there? Touring bike maybe. GP, general purpose.
  9. -Where do dirt bikes fit in? -How about 2008 CBR150?
  10. Papa is clueless RE bike categories. Kindly list.
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