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  1. They all do. [When they are not shut down for Covid. ]
  2. Yeah. Inadvertent wheelies on a ceeber 150 is a big problem for papa too. Activating the rear brake to bring the front down saves the day.
  3. = causing great horror or fear; frightful or macabre. ...mmmm...yes. Don't be afraid bro. Hug yourself.
  4. Bike Point and Handlebar might work. Pretty straightforward work.
  5. Hey Randal, extending swing arm will not change seating position at all. Don't worry about front end lightness. Relax.
  6. OP: No, no, no, no.! Thailand has the cheapest small bikes in the world. Many repos now w/ Covid thing. Buyers market bigtime.
  7. Are you seeking shop to do the work, or do you want to buy the parts also ?
  8. falang tink too mut bla bla bla
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