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  1. How do you know 95 petrol is cleaner? Any actual evidence? ?
  2. So trail riding here has been fun. Great Colorado weather. Have been thinking about selling my old '97 KLR650. Its just too heavy / big. ++400lbs. Have been happy with Lifan-X 200 in Thailand so am thinking about buying a Chinese DS dirt bike for here 200-250.cc Crate bike available from $1300- $2100 delivered.. Next June prolly.
  3. papa acquired a trials type motorcycle about a month back. These bikes are best for going slowly over difficult terrain. The bikes are ridden standing on the pegs. Quite a challenge for an age-challenged biker. Exercise and fun are the goals. Been riding on the undeveloped parcel behind the condo. Dumped piles of dirt and concrete provide the problems. The bike, a 142cc 2T is working well, since set-up & sorted for my needs. papa actually attended a FIM trials training camp in Chiangmai weeks ago. Instructor was a 10-year veteran of world competition. English-fluent Spanish hombre. Papa was the onliest beginner. The 20-odd other trainees were pretty skilled. pap would be willing to post some anecdotes related to all this if reader interest is expressed.
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