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  1. Out on the single-track trail today, the Climber quit about 4 km in. Throttle funky. Pulled the assembly apart and found broken cable. Pusher her ~km, mostly uphill up to the paved road serving Wat Tham Prathun. Sweating like a hog. Parked her at the trail-head and walked 1/2 km down to Rt.3240. The 10th vehicle by, an Ozzy on a PCX, gave me a 4km lift back to base-camp. Noonish. The Landlord with his songtaow & ramp achieved the recovery ez peasy and we dropped her off at the mechanic shop. Busy there, but by about 3:30
  2. papa acquired a trials type motorcycle about a month back. These bikes are best for going slowly over difficult terrain. The bikes are ridden standing on the pegs. Quite a challenge for an age-challenged biker. Exercise and fun are the goals. Been riding on the undeveloped parcel behind the condo. Dumped piles of dirt and concrete provide the problems. The bike, a 142cc 2T is working well, since set-up & sorted for my needs. papa actually attended a FIM trials training camp in Chiangmai weeks ago. Instructor was a 10-year veteran of world competition. English-fluent Spanish ho
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