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  1. ... how much yours? Thinking digital-camo wrap for the KTM. ... to match riding trousers. Can they do helmets?
  2. papa disagrees. papa owns several oldies but goodies. Inspections every year.
  3. Seems like you are paying almost 10x more than other quoted prices. Up to you. Or maybe you are just poor at math or typing.
  4. Rode mountain today after two-week hiatus to OET. Those tall handle bars are super sweet. Should have bought long before.
  5. ยางนอก Aspira Sportivo (เอสพิร่า สปอตติโว่) 110/80-14,140/70-14 สำหรับ AEROX-155 ฿1,050.00 Good luck.
  6. Made it back down Patty in 2 days ride. CM ==> Saraburi first day; Patty by mid afternoon 2nd day. The mighty Lifan200 running better than ever. Nearly 3400 km trip overall. //// Next trip up north will take train and ceeber.
  7. You are worried because you could have injured yourself by riding 2000km. Better get checked out by doctor right away.
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