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  1. Dont insult Uber ,it is GRAB. Do not slur GRAB by calling them UBER
  2. Are they allowed to publish passport details of a visitor or foreign residents in Thailand?
  3. Good election campaign STUNT though. Obviously the guy is a loser and he knows that he can't pull any birds and that was the only 1 he found to put up with his limited intelligence if any.
  4. OMG, I thought I saw that headless woman walking into the river holding her head then disappeared. Definitely it was a suicide.
  5. Strange guys. It is neither your country nor your election ,so stop being an A.H
  6. Why BJ was not there? I don't think anyone will dare to question him to about his statement that no more overstayers in Thailand. BTW, can I ask him what made him say that and on what ground and where are all these new guys were before?
  7. Poor guys..I hope they will not send them back to those killers Commis chinks.
  8. What kind of love Thailand offers and that walking street? Love for you £€$
  9. Very strange as every store has security staff and control room with very good quality CCTV system in place .Alarms wi go off once unpaid item goes through the doors.Each store has a manager,Assistant and a Supervisor. The same all stores in a district/region come under regional supervision and Management. Security is still in place after closing hours.
  10. Very plausible story. Another suicide case according to police thorough and professional investigation. So Thailand is the place to go to commit suicide? I am sure it deserves the world Top Ranking in that respect.
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