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  1. the gay for pay scene in Th is basically just formed after how the str8 sector works. -but on a much lower scale. So yes, BKK has around 30/40 such massage m2m places, some advertise on a site like thaimassageboy or the Thai gthai.net, many more used to farang are listed on sites like travelgayasia or the quite new bkkmassages.wordpress.com (has changed to new name-will lead on) with explanation. In short: you pay the shop the normal fee for the massage-dep. on time and form and after tip the service provider, min. tips are usually also listed (mostly 1000 for ''everything''). In these times however, most such shops rely on LINE
  2. asanee

    What time do the buses to DM finish

    from near Lumpini that would be the 2-hourly limo, which has www and posted times. former 504 has about completely stopped-lack of staff. The A1 from Mochit BTS (farout of furthest stairs) runs in prinsiple 24 hrs, but after around 22.30/23.00 or so only sparsely-think ev 30 mins at best. Normal bus 510 runs later and the 29 (from Hualampong-Vict.Mon-mochit) also 24 hrs-they do all normal stops on Vipavadee.
  3. This of course is not the best forum to ask this Q. Try TA=tripadvisor, probably the answer is already there. In short: these 2 are quite opposite from centre-town, DOm has a electric TRAIN (=NOT metro) link, I think from Sher you first have to take bus/taxi to metro stop most out of town. Think of roughly to travel between land at Gatwick and travel to Luton if you know London, so short: makes no sense really, unless those ''mateys'' to pick up are complete analfabetics. How much time is the difference between the 2 arrivals? If its less as 3 hrs, it makes no sense-you wont make it. There are on www extensive advice about how to get into town from both airports, so simply instruct the other party and make up to meet centre town- which even is also huge in Mockba.