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  1. Cry me a river, snowflake. Unless he was sent her by the U.S. government, I fail to see how it's their responsibility to make sure he gets his vaccination. Get it yourself by travelling or wait for it to be made available in Thailand, just like literally every other person in Thailand.
  2. Probably differs from province to province, but I doubt it's very enforceable, especially if you drive by yourself. I suppose they could have road checkpoints, but even then, what are they going to do if you just say you visited a friend 20 minutes away? The only problem I can see is if you actually get covid and start spreading it, and they manage to track your whereabouts after that. Personally, I prefer to play it safe and just do the quarantine. I wouldn't want to be the guy who spreads it to a ton of other people.
  3. Exactly, it expires in the coming months and I incorrectly assumed I would still be able to do a marriage extension for a full year (and then transfer the stamp to a new passport). That turned out not to be the case, so now I'm in a bit of a hurry to get my passport renewed. Some provinces, including mine, have started demanding you do home-quarantine if you've been in certain places, such as Bangkok. It's 14 days, but since I have to apply for the passport and then return a couple of weeks later to collect it, it's 28 days in total.
  4. A related question, ubonjoe. I'm currently on a marriage extension that expires in the beginning of June. If I do a covid extension now, since I have to renew my passport in Bangkok and quarantine for a total of 28 days (two visits to Bangkok), I won't have any problems doing a marriage extension after that, right? Also, is the affidavit all you need or do you have to fill out a TM.7 as well?
  5. Oh, the sweet, sweet irony of contemplating moving to Sweden because of your government's poor handling of covid...
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