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  1. You are misunderstanding what a visa actually is. A visa is a request for permission to enter a country, not a formal permission to enter. An issued visa basically says that the individual seems to fulfill the requirements to enter the country under the conditions established in the particular visa, but it is up to immigration to make the actual decision regarding whether or not the person should be granted permission to enter the country. You are inferring that an immigration officer who turns away a visa holder is breaking the law, which is not the case. This is applicable both to the Schengen area as well as Thailand.
  2. And every year nearly a million Germans have absolutely no issues holidaying in Thailand. The vast minority who experience issues are the ones trying to live here on tourist visas.
  3. What? If you're going to respond to my comments, please make sure what you're about to write actually has some sort of connection with what I wrote. Thanks. And yes, I have driven a Tesla, though admittedly an older version. Great car, but that has nothing to do with what I wrote.
  4. Never understood the cult following of this guy or why people are branding him a genius. All of "his" ideas were invented years ago, including electric cars, rockets that can land and trains running in vacuum tubes (something invented decades ago, and which he hilariously enough said he wanted to file a patent for in an interview). And no, he didn't successfully popularize electric cars, or his company wouldn't be hemorrhaging money every year at the expense of tax-payers' money.
  5. How can you not understand something as simple as this? Again: this is something my small niece grasped in a matter of seconds. All robberies are theft, but that does not mean that all theft is robbery. All sharks are fish, but that does not mean that all fish are sharks. Once again: the definition of robbery is stealing something using violence. Did the perpetrator use violence in this case? No? Then it is not a robbery.
  6. Never given a tip and have never been expected to. Always get my change back without asking for it.
  7. Are you joking or do you actually not get it? Once again, since you seem to have difficulties understanding: robbery is a crime where you steal using violence or threats of violence. In other words: theft + violence = robbery. If you steal something without using violence or threats, it is not robbery, but just normal theft. In the article in question, the guy stole something but didn't use violence or threats, and therefore it is not considered robbery, but theft.
  8. Robbery is when you steal something using violence. Stealing something with no use of violence is called theft.
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