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  1. I have a FCD bank account with UOB in Bangkok where I deposited 800,000 Baht (25,000 Euro) for Visa purposes long ago. I never needed this option as my pension was always enough to get a Visa extension. But with the low exchange value of Euro-Baht, my income would drop below the 65,000 Baht range and I might be forced to use the 800,000 Baht option. Problem is that Immigration requires that the Bank Statement would be not older than 24 hours. UOB Bangkok needs at least 3 working days to provide me with a legalised bank statement. The bank statement need to be made in Bangkok as this is the only UOB branch to provide FCD accounts and I live in N. Ratchasima. All contact with the bank regarding the FCD account need to be made at the issuing bank and can not be done trough another UOB bank. My Visa extension is due in May and the time to open a bank account (FCD) at a local bank is not an option anymore. How to handle this situation?
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