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  1. I did send over 50,000 Euro to my foreign currency at the UOB bank already 2 times in 12 years. The UOB bank didn't accept any transferts to my foreign currency account without receiving before a signed letter from the bank abroad, declaring that the funds are from a bona-fide account (no ill gains). The first time I transferred the 50,000 Euro I did not ask for the signed letter from the bank and the UOB bank did send everything back.
  2. I have purchased a domain, INCLUDING Web Hosting. The domain is setup using WORDPRESS. Sorry, I forgot that this is ThaiVisa where I would get 20 answers NOT answerring my question.
  3. I bought a domain name that would fit my intentions (personal blog). I prepared already some pages (require still some slight adaptations). But I would need some help on setting up everything. I live in Nakhon Ratchasima. Is there anybody willing to help me with that? Eventual renumeration for your services can be discussed. TIA
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